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Fashion walk, sculpture by Xu Hongfei 362. Fashion Walk, original cast bronze sculpture by Xu Hong Fei (许鸿飞), 2010 [series of 10]

The title, Fashion Walk, is one way to look at this sculpture.  Indeed, there are many racks of women's clothing for sale, even on the sidewalks, sometimes, in Guangzhou.  However, it also reminds me of both my childhood, growing up in the country, in the Pennsylvania Dutch area and another part of my present.  Back then and there, and here, in China, now, you could see the wash hanging from the lines.  In China, wash is hung from everywhere: from lines on balconies of apartments, to bamboo pole trestles, to the electric lines stretching between the buildings on our small walking street, in Dongshan Kou, in old Guangzhou.

Xu often pairs tall skinny women with the voluptuous ones, for contrast.  The details in all of the thinly-sculpted clothing on the line makes this one quite exquisite.

  $60,000   20x45x38cm  
Moonlight Melody, sculpture by Xu Hong Fei 376. Moonlight Melody, original white marble sculpture by Xu Hong Fei 2010

This is a bed scene with, one would guess, a chubby woman on top of a skinny man, but their heads are covered by the sheets, so we can't be completely sure.  But knowing Xu Hongfei and his appreciation of chubby women, we guess that is the case.  As the man's toes are curled, he is apparently discovering the joys of voluptuous women, too.

As always, the piece, even in it's simplicity, rising from a slab of white marble, has dynamism.  It is a beautifully sculpted piece that displays well in many venues.
  $42,000   18x28x44cm  
Springtime Story, sculpture by Xu Hong Fei (许鸿飞) 366. Springtime Story, original cast bronze sculpture by Xu Hong Fei (许鸿飞) 3/10

This is a really fun sculpture from Xu's large woman series.  It shows one large woman pulling up 3 smaller women on a rustic seesaw.  The hanging girls are in different positions, enjoying the ride. 

Like all of Xu Hong Fei's sculpture, it is filled with movement, fun, and dynamism.  The finely done bodies and clothing show Xu's technical skills, as a sculpture, and the compositions shows his creativity.

  $100,000   106x48x20cm  
Woman on Windsor Chair, sculpture by Xu Hong Fei 331. Woman on Windsor Chair, original wood sculpture by Xu Hongfei

This piece is made in parts.  Then woman is carved separately, and the chair and footstool are made of separate pieces, like a Windsor chair and stool would be.  Of course, the woman is slightly plump, as Xu is famous for his sculptures of chubby women, who he finds are more full of life.

The wood is a very special type of wood, commonly known as Chicken Wing wood.
  $50,000   37x18x20cm  
Poised to Strike, sculpture by Xu Hong Fei 357. Poised to Strike, original cast bronze sculpture by Xu Hong Fei (2010)

One of the great things about Xu Hongfei's sculpture is that it shows movement.  The women from his chubby series also show gracefulness because, even though they may be large, chubby people are often also very graceful.

She looks like any tennis champ, ready to return a fast serve.  Her ponytail toosed up, one can feel the power of her movement and can visualize her return.
  $30,000   30x25x38cm  
The Window, sculpture by Xu Hong Fei  382. The Window, original marble sculpture by Xu Hong Fei 

This is a really cute sculpture from Xu's chubby series.  A chubby woman peeks through the curtains of her window, her breasts framed by the curtains, her body fully visible from the rear view.
  $60,000    50x22x45cm   
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