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Sculptor Xu Hong Fei

Xu Hongfei (Hongfei Xu, 许鸿飞) Bio

Born in 1963, in Guangdong Province (Canton), Xu Hongfei graduated with a degree in sculpture from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, in 1990.  Given his age, he is part of the younger generation of modern Chinese sculptors.  He says that he does art because it's fun, and one can see the fun, in many of his sculptures, especially in his chubby women series (chubby series), which is a tribute to voluptuous women, showing them in many fun situations.  Xu thinks that chubby people tend to be more fun and more animated, and it adds to the dynamism of his totally fun works.  To be fair, however, he does, sometimes, pair chubby women with skinny friends or competitors. 

Today, his sculpture studio covers 10,000 square feet, and he employs a number of craftsmen to assist him in the job of creating large-scale sculpture, which adorns public spaces in Guangzhou and beyond.  His sidekick, Huang Yongyu is an older artist, known for his traditional Chinese painting, but since their friendship began, in the late 1990's, Huang has also begun creating his own fun sculpture, some of which we also have, in the Leona Craig Gallery.  In turn, Xu picked up pipe smoking from his mentor, and, always holding his pipe and appearing quite serious, he plays a perfect straight-man to his own, fanciful and animated works.  At least we got him to crack a small smile when we took his picture for the website.  Xu has also made friends outside of China and has held exhibitions in Europe and the Far East.

One of the most important features of Xu's work is that it is always filled with movement.  We like his ability to make exquisite detail, while doing his own commentary on modern life.  His sculpture has a fresh and fun appeal, and we are pleased to have it among our collection.  Many of them have been created in large, sizes, too, and adorn the fronts of new buildings and public spaces, around Guangzhou.  So, if you are also looking for something fun and interesting for a larger corporate art space, we can assist you with that, too.

You can see more photos on our Xu Hong Fei Sculpture Facebook page.
Large Women by Xu Hongfei (许鸿飞) Flying Flowers, sculpture by Xu Hong Fei Chinese zodiac by Xu Hong Fei Chubby polo player by Xu Hong Fei
Mouse by Huang Yongyu Leap frog by Xu Hong Fei Wash day by Xu Hong Fei worker at Xu Hong Fei Sculpture studio sculpture at Xu hong Fei studio
Summer by Xu Hongfei Ayu at Xu Hongfei Studio Bull skeleton by Xu Hong Fei Duck and woman by Xu Hong Fei
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