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bronze casting furnace, in Xian, China

Xian Bronze Sculpture Studio

This studio, in Xian, China, produces works done by various artists and art professors, in the Xian area.  They make both reproductions of famous ancient Chinese bronze sculptures, as well as originally designed art.  In fact, they are responsible for making much of the bronze public sculpture around Shanxi province.  The number of copies of each piece varies from as few as one to as many as several hundred, so, they are limited editions.  We included them in the Leona Craig Art collection both because of their beautifully-rendered reproductions of famous bronze sculptures from China past, which represent a fine way to add some Chinese details to your decor, and because both their copies of antiquities and their original pieces are high quality bronze sculpture at reasonable prices.


 phoenix lamp bronze casting and mold picture of "Rhinoceros": cast bronze sculpture
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We may have other works by Pan Fen, in our gallery, that are not shown on the website.  Please, inquire about our recent offerings.

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