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Song of the Steel Workers, sculpture by Pan He  389. Song of the Railroad Workers, original Cast Bronze sculpture by Pan He (潘鹤) [1974]

This is a weighty piece, dedicated to a massive job: building a railroad, in China.  Pan made the piece as a tribute to the hard working men who finally completed the China Railroad.

The one that we currently offer is number three of a maximum of nine renditions of the final version, made and regulated by the family.
Bust 1, sculpture by Pan He, Leona Craig Art 360. Bust 1 from the bed ridden series, cast bronze sculpture (original artist's proof) by Pan He (潘鹤)

Several years ago, Pan He was bed-ridden from illness.  Never one to waste time, He produced about fifty small busts of men and women, sculpting them from clay and having them sent to his studio for casting in bronze.  Indeed the media has spun its own story about these pieces, dubbing the male busts as the 18 heroes.  That is not actually the case, and there were more than 50, including both men and women, many of which are still in He's possession.

Recently (Summer 2012), the Guangdong Museum had an exhibition of these heads from the bed-ridden series.

Recently (summer 2012), the Guangdong Art Museum had an exhibition of some of the works from the bed-ridden series.  As this is one of the few that has come onto the market, it offers a rare opportunity to own the work of this great Chinese sculptor, the Rodin of China.

  $15,000   18x15x11cm  
Einstein, sculpture by Pan He  361. Einstein, original cast bronze bust (1-of-9 series) by Pan He (潘鹤), Guangzhou, China 

Made in the late 1970's, the inspiration and meaning of the piece is the opening up of China under the rule of Deng Xiao Ping.  Pan made only a bust of Einstein because he wanted the focus to be on Einstein's mind.  He made his hair even more wild as a means of showing the freedom that his mind had.

The original larger version was made for Shandong Petroleum College, and it was widely reported, even in the Western press, who pointed to it as a symbol of China's opening itself to Western thoughts and ideas.  This is one of the original artist's proofs.  None has been made in the final series of nine.

Deadwood, sculpture by Pan He at Leona Craig Art   Dead wood, original cast bronze sculpture by Pan He (潘鹤) (1983)

The sculpture shows a bull pulling up dead wood.  Pan tells us that if you look at his front leg, it is already faltering because the job of pulling up all the deadwood in China is an enormous task.  This sculpture was made for the city of Shenzhen, the mainland sister city of Hong Kong, and is now the sculptural symbol of that city.

Pan he always has interesting commentary to make with is sculpture, and was especially like both the execution and the message.  This is one of the few artists proof in existence.

  $750,000   84x25x17cm  
Buddha, sculpture by Pan He   Buddha, original cast bronze sculpture by Pan He       38x18x9cm  
We have other sculptures by Pan He available in the gallery, which have not been included in the on-line gallery.  Please call or email for further details, and will will email further information to you, directly.
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