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Pan Fen Exhibition, including his father, Pan He, in his 1st First Gallery exhibition,  Aug 14- Sept 30 - Press Release

photo of Pan Fen

Pan Fen (潘奋; Frank Pan) Bio

Born in 1964 to an already artistic family, Pan Fen eventually attended the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, known for its tradition of fine art teachers and artists, to study sculpture, like his father before him.  Initially, after graduation, he went to work for Zhujiang General Enterprises, a real estate company, where he was involved in planning the design and layout of building complexes.  For him, it was like sculpture of a larger scale.  His hometown, Guangzhou, whose Baiyun Hotel was the largest building, in China at the dawn of the new era of China's openness under Deng Xiao Ping, was a perfect breeding ground for such urbanization sculpture.  It has been continuing that tradition of modernization in design, most recently with it's creation of Zhujiang Newtown with an opera house designed by Zaha Hadid, a floating stadium for the 2010 Asia Games, a financial center which will also house a Four Seasons Hotel, a new Museum and beautiful public spaces with green and sculpture.  He also helped design the new Guangzhou Modern Museum of Art, which opened in spring 2011, including an outdoor fountain area with some of his sculptures.  The Guangzhou MOMA is located on Ersha Island, which is also home of the not so old Guangzhou Concert Hall and Guangdong Museum.

In more recent years, he has been concentrating on sculpture, both smaller indoor pieces as well as major outdoor pieces for a number of cities around the country.  Indeed, in his more recent concentration on more tradition sculpture in stone and metal, Pan Fen has been called upon to make public sculpture for some of those areas of Guangzhou's current urban renaissance.  Indeed, we can see his father's influence, in his work, as many combine nature and people together as one, which is a theme that has also appeared in his father's work.  However, Fen, unlike his father, has also ventured into more abstract, modern sculpture, too, in which he has produced some fine work.  He was also the first mainland sculptor to win a competition for a piece of stainless steel public art for Hong Kong.  His sculptures are also in sculpture parks, in several locations, in the U.S., on the east and west coasts and in the heartland.  He is also in charge of his father, Pan He's, sculpture garden, in Guangzhou, which is still under construction and which will eventually include an indoor museum of his father's watercolor paintings and some smaller sculpture.

His work was part of an an exhibition, August to September 2011, at Leona Craig Art Gallery, in Guangzhou, which also includes works by his father.  You can see more of Pan Fen's works on our Pan Fen Sculpture Facebook Page.


Member of a council of Chinese Artists association

Member of National Urban Sculpture Committee

Member of China Sculpture Committee

Holder of authoritative right to design sculptures for major cities

Vice director of Guangzhou sculpture association research department


 Ox, sculpture by Pan Fen We're all one People Under the Shade, sculpture by Pan Fen Wind, sculpture by Pan Fen
Pan Fen, Craig Mattoli, and Ayu Chen Pan Fen and Pan He at Leona Craig Art Gallery Pan Fen and wife with Ayu Chen
Pan Fen and Harvest at Leona Craig Art Pan Fen at Leona Craig Art Gallery Happy Family and Shade by Pan Fen at Leona Craig Public sculpture by Pan Fen Pan Fen and Nature Girl at Leona Craig Art Gallery
New Life being filmed for TV at Leona Craig Art Human and Nature by Pan Fen, original Ayu Chen, Craig Mattoli, Pan Fen and Pan He
sculpture by Pan Fen Pan Fen sculpture sculpture by Pan Fen, Leona Craig Art Seahorses by Pan Fen, Leona Craig Art
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We may have other works by Pan Fen, in our gallery, that are not shown on the website.  Please, inquire about our recent offerings.

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