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Sculptor Pan Fang and father, Pan He

Pan Fang (潘放) Bio

The oldest of three sons of famous Chinese sculptor, Pan He, Pan Fang was born in Guangdong, in 1957.  Fang was, as fate would have it, born at the wrong time, in China, which meant that when he reached college age, there were no colleges as a result of the Cultural Revolution.  He did learn sculpture: growing up with Pan He as his father, how could he not?  He also studied painting at the Guangzhou Youth Culture Palace from which he graduated in 1977.  After graduation he worked for the Guangzhou Cultural department at the Guangzhou Fine Art Company where he was in charge of producing paintings and sculpture.  In the late 1980's, he finally attended the Guangzhou Fine Art Academy, again, in painting, and in 1994, he took a course in public sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Art.  Thus, like his father, Fang is both a painter and a sculptor. 

He only began his career as a private artist in the 2000's, and we are pleased to help him in this new career.  His memberships include: Chinese Sculpture Society, China Building Decoration Association, and the Artists' Association of Guangdong.

Exhibitions and Awards


Confucius sculpture collected by a U.S. sculpture park and the Guangzhou Sculpture Park


Sculpture, Fire of Fate, wins 1st prize in China National Grand Theater Sculpture Exhibition and is collected by the National Grand Theater

Works win second and third prizes in China Cultural and Creative Fair


Pan He Bust, sculpture by Pan Fang Nan Yue Museum facade Wisdom, sculpture by Pan Fang

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We may have other works by Pan Fang, in our gallery, that are not shown on the website.  Please, inquire about our current offerings.

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