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Catalogue Number   Price   Approximate
(1 cm=0.4 inches)
The Helmsman, sculpture by Pan He 395. The Helmsman, original cast bronze sculpture by Pan He (潘鹤), Guangzhou, China

Pan He says he only creates sculpture when he has something to say.  While some may look at this sculpture and believe that it means that the country is being steered by a strong hand, the real meaning is a question: in what direction will my country eventually be steered?

While some artists create statues of monotonous red faced men and call it social commentary, we like the more subtle social commentary that Pan He makes in his sculptures.

To see more of the art of Pan He, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Pan He Pages.

  $650,000   83x46x32cm 

Kneeling Warrior, small cast bronze sculpture 320. Cast Bronze Kneeling Warrior from Terra Cotta Army

A major archeological find, in China, in the latter half of the 20th century, was the thousands of terra cotta warriors found buried with the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, outside Xi'an.  Most of them have been left in the ground as they were found (in fact, the project of uncovering them is ongoing, as the burial site covers a vast number of acres), but the original of this one, kneeling, is actually on display in a glass case at the complex (see pictures on the hyperlink to the picture, shown here).  You could buy a small terra cotta replica of this kneeling warrior from the site of the buried terra cotta army, or you can have this more durable cast bronze version.  This warrior measures 7 cm long, 8 cm wide, and 18 cm high, and weighs 2.2 kg.  You can also buy a larger cast bronze version (see page 1 sculpture) or a beautifully done embroidered portrait version of this kneeling warrior in the wall art section of the Leona Craig catalogue (or you can buy both version).  You can also see more pictures from the burial site of the terra cotta army in the photo gallery of the In Country China section of our website.
To see more art by the sculpture studio, in Xia'a, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Xian Sculpture Studio Pages.

  $350   7x8x18 cm  
Pan He Bust, sculpture by Pan Fang   Pan He Bust, original sculpture by Pan Fang (2009)

Well, it certainly is a proper subject for a son of a famous sculptor, like Pan He, to make a bust of his father.  This sculpture, indeed, captures the Pan He that we know, today, with his expressive eyebrows, his moustache, and his beret.  We can almost hear his gravely voice.
Mother Love, sculpture by Pan He 338. Mother Love, cast bronze sculpture from the Hakka Series by Pan He

A mother provides love, nourishment for the soul, and roots.  Her arms are outstretched to always welcome and comfort you.  She is someone you can always turn to for a hug, advice, or a place to stay when you feel the whole world is against you.  In this beautiful, thoughtful sculpture, the mother is portrayed as a person, in her upper half and as a solid tree with solid roots for her bottom half.

Pan He always has an interesting statement to make with his art, and this sculpture is a great example of his work.

This is one in a series of studies of the Hakka, in sculpture, by Pan He.  We also offer the final version, which is more detailed in its finish.  Eighty copies of the final version were made, fifty of which were given as gift to people associated with the project.

To see more of the art of Pan He, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Pan He Pages.

  $70,000   15x25x45cm

Dive by Xu Hong Fei 393. Dive, original cast bronze sculpture, by Xu Hong Fei (许鸿飞) (2010)

To see more of the sculpture of Xu Hongfei, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Xu Hong Fei Pages.
  $30,000   22.5x22.5x41cm  
Liberation, sculpture by Pan He 388. Liberation, original cast bronze sculpture by Pan He, Canton, China c. 2003

Why yes, of course, this is about the liberation of the Chinese people from the chains of tyranny of the former democratic China by the Communists.  The strongman has broken his chains of bondage, and the child on his shoulder represents the hope of the future generation. 

The large, final version was made as part of a larger memorial for the city of Beihai, in Guangxi Province, next door to Guangdong [they used to be one province until an emperor cut it into two because the Guang's have always been a seat of rebels in the empire]. 

Again, the style is very classical, even down to the loincloth worn by the man, and the physique is certainly more Western than Chinese.  What is even more funny is that Pan inscribed C.I.A. on the man's arm bracelet, as a little inside joke with himself, as, for him, the U.S. represents the epitome of capitalism, which is what the Communists were supposed to have freed the people from, although, today, that same communist party has now embraced capitalism, itself.

To see more of the art of Pan He, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Pan He Pages.


13.5x18.5x10 in
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