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Chameleon Gongchun teapot by Sun Jin Li 62. Chameleon Gongchun: original teapot art by Sun Jin Li

This is a teapot from Sun Jin Li's forest series.  In this series, the focus is on the animals, which are done in extreme detail, in miniature.  If you look at them with a magnifying glass, you can see detailed etching of "fur", and features of ears, mouth, nose, eyes, paws and claws, and body are all done with great precision with different colors of clay (see close-up on hyperlink page).

This one is on a tree stump with an unusual shape, more like a gong chun style teapot, and three small feet.
  $12,000   400cc  
Moonlight Melody, sculpture by Xu Hong Fei 376. Moonlight Melody, original white marble sculpture by Xu Hong Fei 2010

This is a bed scene with, one would guess, a chubby woman on top of a skinny man, but their heads are covered by the sheets, so we can't be completely sure.  But knowing Xu Hongfei and his appreciation of chubby women, we guess that is the case.

As always, the piece, even in it's simplicity, rising from a slab of white marble, has dynamism.  It is a beautiful piece that displays well in many venues.

To see more of the art of Xu Hongfei (许鸿飞), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Xu Hong Fei Pages.
  $42,000   18x28x44cm  
Ram with dragon and phoenix cast bronze sculpture 310. Baby Dragon & Phoenix on Ram's Back (Cast Bronze sculpted vessel)

This Ram vessel, originally from the Zhou Dynasty (1122 to 256 B.C.), has really beautiful and intricate details.  The curved horns are so well done, and the body is covered with not only the larger designs, visible in this picture, but also with smaller line-design details, in between the larger ones (see detailed shots, in the linked pictures).  The ram was considered precious and was a delicacy, in ancient China, and bronze objects were only able to be possessed by royalty.  In fact, the dragon and phoenix, who are riding on the rams back, are also symbols of the emperor and empress.  The head and the back are a separate piece that can be lifted off, so that you can put things inside of the sculpture.  Made by our favorite bronze casting studio, in Xi'an (Xian), it comes in two sizes: 17 cm long, 14 cm high, and 6 cm wide, weighing 1.2 kg; or in a large size: 36 cm x 14 cm x 27 cm.

To see more of the sculpture by the Xian Sculpture studio, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Xian Sculpture Studio Pages.




17x14x6 cm

Einstein, sculpture by Pan He 361. Einstein, original cast bronze bust by Pan He (潘鹤), Guangzhou, China 

Made in the late 1970's, the inspiration and meaning of the piece is the opening up of China under the rule of Deng Xiao Ping.  Pan made only a bust of Einstein because he wanted the focus to be on Einstein's mind.  He made his hair even more wild as a means of showing the freedom that his mind had.

The original larger version was made for Shandong Petroleum College, and it was widely reported, even in the Western press, who pointed to it as a symbol of China's opening itself to Western tough and ideas.

This is one of the original artist's proofs.

To see more of the art of Pan He, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on line, please visit the Pan He Pages.

  $   28cm  
Deng Xiao Ping bust by Cao Chong En  371. Deng Xiao Ping, original white marble sculpture by Cao Chong En (曹崇恩), 2011

This is a large marble version of Cao's famous Deng Xiao Ping, who was so important to the development of China, as a whole, and Guangdong Province (Canton), in particular.  Deng's vision included two major port cities, Shenzhen and  Zhuhai, the sister cities of Hong Kong and Macau, respectively, all located in Canton.  In the sculpture, therefore, Deng has his hand to his ear, listening to the sea.

There is, only one copy of this marble version.

To see more of the sculpture of Cao Chong En, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please visit the Cao Chong En Pages.

  $54,000   25x45x18cm  
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