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Catalogue Number   Price   Approximate
(1 cm=0.4 inches)
Terra cotta horse bust sculpture 306. Terra Cotta Horse Bust with metal bridle

This is a reproduction of the head of one of the horses, found in the terracotta warrior dig, outside of Xi'an, China, the burial site of Emperor Qin Shi Huang (Wang).  Specifically, it is from one of the team of horses that pulled the emperor's personal carriage (see photo of the original carriages from Xi'an, in the hyperlink to the photo).  The studio in Xi'an that makes many of the cast bronze items, included in the Leona Craig art gallery, was commissioned by the Chinese Central Government to make an authentic reproduction, complete with chipped paint (the original Terracotta Army was completely painted, but after being buried for several millennia, most of the paint wore off: thus the remaining flecks on this horse head) and a silver and gold colored metal bridle, exactly as the horse was found at the of the terra cotta army burial site, outside of Xi'an.  It measure 19 cm high, 20 cm long, and 8 cm wide, and weighs 1.8 kg.  You can also see more pictures from the burial site of the terra cotta army in the photo gallery of our In Country China section of our website.
To see more art by the sculpture studio, in Xia'a, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Xian Sculpture Studio Pages.

  $400   19x20x8 cm   
Tough Times, sculpture by Pan He 394. Tough Times, original cast bronze sculpture by Pan He, c. 1980

Mao called for Chinese artists to make tributes to the "liberation of Hainan" by the communists, in 1956.  Through his own research, getting hold of secret documents, Pan found that 40,000 soldiers forced fishermen at gunpoint to ferry them to Hainan and, thereafter, killed them to silence them.  Moreover, out of all of those original troops, when reinforcements arrived many months later,  only a few dozen had survived.

Pan was amazed to find that those survivors, two of whom are depicted in his sculpture, still remained dedicated to the cause.  He made this tribute to them and sent it along with his knowledge of the truth to Beijing.  After which, he fully expected to disappear, but, instead, one day, his sculpture was on the front page of hundreds of Chinese newspapers, renamed as a tribute to the Long March, spun by the communist propaganda machine.

This version of the sculpture was made at the request of the Chinese government, in the 1980's, as gifts to other communist countries, and a total of 8 copies were made for this series.

To see more of the works of He Pan (Pan He), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Pan He Page.



Wisdom, sculpture by Pan Fang   Wisdom, original wire sculpture by Pan Fang (1/5)

Many people are smart but few have true wisdom.  You make a decision too quickly, and when it was yes and should have been no, later, you are filled with regret.

Thus, Pan Fang has made this sculpture as a tribute to wisdom and truth.

Pan has agreed to limit the production of this sculpture to 5 pieces, of which this is number one.  Each piece, because of the uniqueness of construction, may be slightly different.

To see more of the works of Pan Fang, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Pan Fang Pages.
  $34,000   62x44x38cm  
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