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Catalogue Number   Price   Approximate
(1 cm=0.4 inches)
Talisman zisha clay teapot sculpture by Sun Jin Li studio 19. Chinese Talisman zisha clay sculpted teapot art

This little beasty is a Chinese talisman, used to ward off ghosts.  Zhao Chun Yu, the wife of Sun Jin Li, makes this is one.  As we understand it, the ones that are made by her are stamped with the chop of Sun Jin Li, as are other zisha clay teapots made in his studio, in Yixing, by other artists who work there.  As with most of the beasty teapots made today, this one is formed by mold and finished by hand.  We have seen quite a number of this particular beast done by different artists, and this is one of two that we have chosen for inclusion in the Leona Craig catalogue because its detail and craftsmanship are up to our standard.  Although this beasty is pure Chinese, it will have no problem integrating with Western art and decor.

To see more of the art of Sun Jin Li, featured in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, on-line, please, visit the Sun Jin Li Page.
Young Sun Yat Sen by Cao Chong En 327. Young Sun Yat Sen, original cast bronze sculpture by Cao Chong En

Cao Chong En was surprised that we even have a copy of this one.  In all, he made six sculptures of Sun Yat Sen, chronicling his life from the time he was a child until he was older.  This is the second sculpture in the series, depicting him at the dock [there is a post for tying up boats behind him], his long braided queue running down his back, carrying his little wicker suitcase, ready to go off to Hawaii to study to live with his older brother and when he was thirteen years old. 

Only several copies of this sculpture were made, most of which are in museums, in China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Indeed, Cao thought that they were all in museums, but, at least for now, there is one that is not.

To see more of the sculpture of Cao Chong En, included in the Leona Craigh Art Gallery, please visit the Cao Chong En Pages.
  $35,000   50x16x23cm  
Snake cermiac sign of zodiac plate by Han Mei Lin   Snake zodiac plate, original ceramic sculpture by Mei Lin Han (Han Mei Lin), 1984

This is the snake plate from the series of twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac plates done by Han.  We also have a complete set of all twelve on th Mei Lin Han Page of the website.

To see more of the art of Han Mei Lin, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Mei Lin Han Page.
  $1,000   16 cm/diam  
Full size Qing Dynasty Zodiac rat head reproduction  350. Rat Bust: cast bronze reproduction of Qing Dynasty sculpture

If you could not afford to bid on the original that went to auction from the Yves St. Laurent estate, perhaps this one will better fit your budget, and you might fool your friends. 

The original was part of the zodiac (Chinese twelve animal zodiac; 2008 was the year of the rat) fountain at the summer palace of the Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799) of the Qing Dynasty.  His additions to the old summer palace included architectural work by an Italian, Giuseppe Castiglione, and fountains by a Frenchman, Michel Benoist.  This rat head and the other, the rabbit, shown below, were part of the spoils of war taken by European soldiers, in Beijing, in 1860, at the end of the so-called Opium Wars.

We also offer the rabbit bust that was sold from the same collection.  They both have a beautiful folk art appeal, and they will definitely be recognizable with the originals in the news, this year.

The bronze casting studio that we represent in our gallery is making these from detailed photographs of the originals taken by one of their friends.  They made 6 of these full size versions, so far, and they are going to make another small batch, in the near future.  We have only one pair left for sale, now.  They each are over 20" tall and weigh over 40 pounds.

The studio is in the process of making a limited number of exact copies of the originals in three different sizes: original size, which is around 20 inches tall, down to a more manageable version.  They will be available soon.

  $1,999   30Lx34Wx41Hcm  
Yang Yin, sculpture by Pan He 336. Yang Yin, original cast bronze sculpture by Pan He

Born in the late 1800's, Yang Yin was a compatriot of Sun Yat Sen and joined his revolution.  Eventually, he joined up with the next revolution, the communist revolution, and is considered to be one of the founding fathers of the Chinese communist party.  As it happens, he is also Pan He's uncle.

He is shown here with hands bound, shackles on his ankles, and mouth wide open, singing The Communist Party anthem, while on his way to being executed by the other party.  The larger version of this sculpture is in Guangzhou's Martyrs' Park, as one of several martyrs of the Chinese communist cause.  It brings to mind the gunslingers of the Old West with their flowing long coats.

Pan He's sculpture is never what you expect from a Chinese artist, but Pan He's idols were, after all, Michelangelo and Rodin.  The flowing robes of Yang gives the sculpture a more Classical Roman feeling.

To see more of the art of Pan He, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Pan He Pages.

  $60,000   46x14x16  
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