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Catalogue Number   Price   Approximate
(1 cm=0.4 inches)
Horny Beast: sculpted zisha clay teapot 27. Horny Beast: sculpted zisha clay teapot

This horny-skinned beast is purely from the fantasy world of Zhao Chun Yi from the Sun Jin Li sculpture studio, Yixing, China.  It looks a little bit like some kind of prehistoric reptile with its horned skin and weighty body, but the face is more like that of a Grinch.  So, if you are fond of  dinosaurs, horny beasts, or other monsterish things, you'll love having this little beast in your collection.

It's frighteningly good for serving tea, too.

To see more of the art of Sun Jin Li, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Sun Jin Li Page.

  $500   16 cm long  
Summer by Xu hong Fei 334. Summer, original wood sculpture by Xu Hongfei (许鸿飞)

Summer in south China can be hot and draining.  Indeed, many businesses close for a lunchtime siesta, and see ing people taking little naps everywhere is quite common. 

It is a nicely done piece, and a piece of social commentary, made as part of Xu's famous chubby series to make it more fun.  Carved from a single block of wood, it is an exquisite piece of art; the darkness of the wood gives it a richness.

To see more of the art of Xu Hong Fei, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Xu Hong Fei Pages.
  $34,000   18x18x21cm  
picture of "three-legged toad" cast bronze sculpture 322. Lucky Money Three-legged Toad Cast Bronze Sculpture

We have heard various stories about the origin of the three-legged toad.  In one, he represents the moon and yin, the receptive.  In another he is the pet of a god.  The one we like best is this.  The three-legged toad, from Chinese mythology of the Ming Dynasty, started out as an evil monster but was changed by one of the gods into a three-legged toad who does good deeds.  His new job became to help those in need by spitting out money for the needy, and, pictured here, he has a loop, in his mouth, strung with the type of old Chinese coins that had a hole in the center.  Today, these lucky toads are seen in businesses and homes to help bring luck and prosperity to the occupants.  In fact, we also offer this lucky toad, in a teapot version by two different teapot studios, in the teapot art section of the Leona Craig Catalogue.  If you buy all three, you could get three times the luck.  P.S. Ayu informs me that you have to place it facing into your home or office so that it will bring money in.  Don't make the mistake of pointing it out of the house or office or it will cause money to flow out.  Of course, we have even heard variations of which way it should face: into the house to bring in money; facing out to catch money in his mouth.  Whatever the truth, it is a very cute and differnt piece of statuary, and the latest version from the bronze studio that we get them from has a gold-plated coin in his mouth.  This cast bronze version is 13 cm long, 10 cm wide, and 7 cm high and weighs 1.5 kg and is made by the bronze casting studio, in Xian, whose sculptures we feature in our gallery.
  $199   13x10x7 cm
Woman on Elephant, sculpture by Pan Fen 386. Woman on Elephant, original cast bronze and white marble sculptures by Pan Fen

It is a matter of seeing a figure with in a rock and carving it out, freeing it from its stone bondage.  Thus, is the look of this piece with a woman riding an elephant.

In the original form of this sculpture, there was only a woman rising out of the rock.  When it was seen by a member of the Laos government, in China's Inner Mongolia, he asked Fen, if he would make another with the woman on the back of an elephant, as elephants are a symbol of that country, itself.

To see more of the art of Pan Fen, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Pan Fen Pages.


Rhinoceros zisha clay teapot sculpture by Sun Jin Li studio 33. Rhinoceros zisha clay sculpted teapot art by Sun Lin Li

Even though this is also a teapot, we wanted to include it in our sculpture section because it is also an interesting piece of sculpture that just happens to also be a teapot.  It is made by the Sun Jin Li ceramic studio, in Yixing, China, molded from zisha clay.  It measures  approximately 16 cm long.  We also have several other teapots in the shapes of monsterish things, in the teapot section of the Leona Craig catalogue.  So, take a look and see the others.

To see more of the art of Sun Jin Li, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Sun Jin Li Page
Zhou Dynasty bronze wine cup 347. Ya Jue Three-legged Wine Cup: cast bronze sculpture

These three-legged wine cups, complete with handles and spouts, are called jue's and hail from the Zhou Dynasty (1122-226 B.C.).  There is a spout for drinking and one for pouring; it has a loop handle on the side, and two post handles on the top edge for two-fisted drinking.  They were on legs so that drinks could be heated, which is much more convenient than the elaborate set-up to heat a modern brandy snifter.  This one was unearthed, in 1980, in Henan Province, in the town of Erlitou, which, itself, dates back to the Xia Dynasty, five thousand years ago, when the was a cultural center.  Such Jue cups were usually a gift from the emperor to nobility, so like many bronze artifacts from ancient China, possession of them was a symbol of power, nobility and wealth.  This one was dubbed the "Ya" jue because the original was inscribed with the name, Ya You Kou (Ya is the family name).  It is made by the bronze casting studio, in Xian, whose work we feature in our gallery.  We offer it in two sizes.


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