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Catalogue Number   Price   Approximate
(1 cm=0.4 inches)
Funky Sailfish: sculpture by Bo Liang 324. Funky Sailfish (8): original one of a kind black marble sculpture by Bo Liang, 2007

Fish 8 of Bo Liang's series of eight one of a kind fishes sculpted from black marble is a sailfish.  On its sides it has a whimsical design, so, we call it funky.  He weighs in at 7.2 kg (about 16 pounds), and he measures 47 cm long and 17 cm high (almost 20 inches long).  His eyes are popping out; he has a cute snub nose and a smile on his face (if fish can smile).  All in all, he is a very charming fish.

To see maor of the art of Bo Liang, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Bo Liang Sculpture Page and the Bo Liang Wall Art Page.
  $1,500   47x17cm  
old stump with leopard: one of a kind teapot by Sun Jin Li 79. Old Stump with Leopard: original one of a kind teapot art by Sun Jin Li, Yixing

This is a teapot from Sun Jin Li's forest series.  In this series, the focus is on the animals, which are done in extreme detail, in miniature.  If you look at them with a magnifying glass, you can see detailed etching of "fur", and features of ears, mouth, nose, eyes, paws and claws, and body are all done with great precision with different colors of clay (see close-up on hyperlink page).

This one is on a gnarled old tree stump, giving it extra character.

The other thing that we like about the teapot art in the series is that Li has committed to making only one teapot of each that he makes in the series.  So, each is complete unique: one of a kind (Li, himself, has sold teapots from this series for as much as $10,000).

To see more of the art of Sun Jin Li, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Sun Jin Li Page.
  $12,000   400cc  
Stroll, sculpture by Xu Hongfei 391. Strolling, original cast bronze sculpture by Xu Hong Fei (许鸿飞) (2010)

To see more of the sculpture of Xu Hongfei, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Xu Hong Fei Pages.
  $30,000   32x30x39cm  
large cast bronze kneeling terra cotta warrior 321. Kneeling Warrior (large) cast bronze sculpture

A major archeological find, in China, in the latter half of the 20th century, was the thousands of terra cotta warriors found buried with the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang (Qin Shi Wang), outside Xi'an.  Most of them have been left in the ground as they were found (in fact, the project of uncovering them is ongoing, as the burial site covers a vast number of acres), but the original of this one, kneeling, is actually on display in a glass case at the complex (see pictures on the hyperlink to the picture, shown here).  If you want to really impress your friends, this larger cast bronze reproduction is a perfect choice.  It has a height of 77 cm, length 40 cm, and a width of 38 cm, and weighs a full 38 kg.  If you like him, but you are looking for something a little smaller, you might consider the smaller cast bronze version, offered on another page of the sculpture section of the Leona Craig Gallery, or the embroidered portrait version, offered in the wall art pages of the catalogue.  You can also see more pictures from the burial site of the terra cotta army in the photo gallery of the In Country China section of our website.
  $7,000   77x40x38 cm  
zisha clay turtle   Zisha Clay Turtle, in 3 parts, Yixing, China

When we saw this, traveling around the country, we liked it.  It is made of zisha clay from Yixing, famous for its teapot art.  The body, head and shell are made of separate pieces, so, the head moves into the body, like a real turtle (almost).  The usual technique for making zisha objects is to use different colored clay for colors on the objects, not paint.

He is even more significant to us, now, because we opened our gallery on Gui gang street, which means the turtle's back.  But don't worry, we have plenty of other turtle mascots, now. (1.28 kg)

We also have turtle shaped teapots by Sun Jin Li, if you prefer them, instead.
  $250   24x14x10cm  
Glass owl sculpture   Glass Owl

The glass maker, in Sichuan, from whom we get our glass art, makes small numbers of all of their pieces, which include vases, vessels, and some fun figures.  In this owl, the colors making up his body are trapped inside the glass, and orange glass is used for his beak and his legs, and his eyes are applied as two different colored disks of glass.

We like much of the art made by this small studio, in Sichuan.  We thought that this owl was very cute when we saw him. (2kg)
  $200   25Hx10diam/cm  
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