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Catalogue Number   Price   Approximate
size 1 cm = 0.4 inches)
Fisher Girl, sculpture by Pan He 403. Fisher Girl, original cast bronze sculpture (artist's proof) by Pan He (1979)

The original marble Fisher Girl, made in 1979, can be seen on a rock, just off the coast in the north of Zhuhai, China, the sister city of Macau, and is the iconic symbol of that southern coastal Chinese city. 

Even legends have grown up around her.  One has her lover sneaking over the border from Macau, each night, and walking up the long, seaside Lover's Walk, in Zhuhai, to see her.  Another has him coming down from the mountain to the sea to meet her.

Pan likes to make sculpture that will eventually draw people to areas that have few visitors before.  He also makes his tributes, not to the government, but to the people.  The fisher girl holds a pearl above her head.  The true meaning of the sculpture is that the Chinese people work hard and gather many of the natural resources that China has, while Beijing gets all of the credit and the benefit.

This smaller version artist's proof was made around the same time as the original marble version.  We also offer a much larger version (3 meters high) which is the second casting of one made as a gift to Sichuan after the earthquake in 2008.

We have also recently had someone try to sell us a fake version of the Fisher Girl, which we show a picture of, for comparison to the real one, on the hyperlinked page.  Notice the larger base on the fake.  The person even had a picture taken with his fake sculpture and Pan He, but Pan told us he told the guy it was a fake; then, he tries to use that photo as proof that it is real. Beware!

To see more of the works of He Pan (Pan He), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Pan He Pages.
  $69,000   40x15x10cm  
Fashion Walk by Xu Hongfei 362. Fashion Walk, original cast bronze sculpture by Xu Hong Fei (许鸿飞), 2010 [series of 10]

This reminds me of both my childhood, growing up in the country, in the Pennsylvania Dutch area and of my present.  Back then and there and here, in China, now, you could see the wash hanging from the lines.  In China, wash is hung from everywhere: from lines on balconies of apartments, to bamboo pole trestles, to the electric lines stretching between the buildings on our small walking street, in Dongshan Kou, in old Guangzhou.

The details in all of the thinly-sculpted clothing on the line makes this one quite exquisite.

To see more of the art of Xu Hong Fei, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Xu Hong Fei Pages.

  $60,000   20x45x38cm  
Big World, sculpture by Pan Fang   Big World, original wire sculpture by Pan Fang (1/5)

Zhang Da Qian, a member of the first generation of modern Chinese painters, is a man of individuality in the art industry.  He was so talented in making the old Chinese traditional paintings that he made many fakes of famous paintings that even the experts could not distinguish from the real ones.  Indeed, he would even use paints, brushes and paper of the earlier periods for his copies.  In his own work, he did not rigidly adhere to painting forms, and his works are flowing, great, grand, and they focused on the erudite parts of history.  For him, the world was very big.  All of it made him a well respected famous man.

Pan does this sculpture as a tribute to this great Chinese artist.

Pan has agreed to limit the production of this sculpture to 5 pieces, of which this is number one.  Each piece, because of the uniqueness of construction, may be slightly different.

To see more of the works of Pan Fang, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Pan Fang Pages.
  $34,000   85x44x35cm  
Bruce Lee, sculpture by Cao Chong En 368. Bruce Lee, original terracotta sculpture by Cao Chong En (曹崇恩), 2009 (series of 70)

Cao was commissioned by Lee's family to make an 18 meter sculpture of him for his home town, in Guangdong (Canton) Province, and he made a smaller, 2 meter version for Avenue of the Stars on the waterfront on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong.

This is a larger version done in terracotta (also available in cast bronze) from a series of 70.  Cao says these are considered more valuable, as they are more delicate, and some will not survive.

With this sculpture, it is like having your own modern terracotta warrior.

To see more of the art of Pan Fen, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Cao Chong En Pages.

  $13,500   42x20x15cm  
chameleon on tree stump: one of a kind teapot by Sun Jin Li 24. Chameleon on tree stump: one-of-a-kind teapot art by Sun Jin Li

This is teapot sculpture from Sun Jin Li's forest series.  In this series, the focus is on the animals, which are done in extreme detail, in miniature.  If you look at them with a magnifying glass, you can see features of ears, mouth, nose, eyes, feet, and the bristles along the chameleon's back, and the body is all done with great precision with different colors of clay.

The other thing that we like about the teapot art in this series is that Li has committed to making only one teapot of each that he makes, in the series.  So, each is complete unique: one of a kind (Li, himself, sells teapots from this series for as much as $10,000).

To see more of the art of Su Jin Li, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Sun Jin Li Page.

  $12,000   360cc  
Buddha, sculpture by Cao Chong En  328. Xuan Wu, original cast bronze sculpture by Cao Chong En (2007)

Cao Chong En is famous for his Buddhist and Taoist sculptures, and he has done all (over 100) of the sculptures for a famous temple in Chaozhou, called Xuan Wu Shan (Yuan Shan temple), built in 1127 A.D., and this is a smaller version of one of those sculptures.  He is the Taoist deity, Xuan Wu, for whom the temple is named, and he is the patron saint of the Cantonese people.

In this sculpture, the Xuan Wu is seated in a dragon throne with a snake under one foot and a turtle under the other; two dragons are on the back of the throne, and dragon heads are at the tips of the back and on the ends of the arms of the throne.  The dragon theme is continued in his armor and dress.  The details in his armor and his throne are exquisite.  See the hyperlinked page for details.

Cao makes very few smaller sculptures, as he is always so busy making larger ones, and this one is a great piece to collect.

To see more of the art of Pan Fen, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please, visit the Cao Chong En Pages.

  $10,000   16x25x15cm  
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