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 Flying Flowers, sculpture by Xu Hong Fei Cao Chong En sculpture studio Guangzhou ram sculpture by Pan He bronze casting furnace, in Xian, China Bruce Lee by Cao Chong En bronze casting and mold Sculpture studio in Xiazhou Pan He sculptures in his studio Sculpture Studio at Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy

Sculptor Xu Hong Fei Guanyin, sculpture by Pan He Pan He at Leona Craig Gallery Wisdom, sculpture by Pan Fang Sculptor Cao Chong En and Craig Mattoli

Sculpture can liven up, adorn, or add texture and depth to any decor.  We, personally, have always been attracted to it: art in three dimensions is just so much more interesting and offers so many more possibilities than two dimensional paintings.  Indeed, many famous painters, like Michelangelo, Miro, and Picasso, were also sculptors, probably, for that very reason given their desires to express themselves, artistically.  Moreover, sculpture can be made from all of the basic elements: wood, clay, stone, metal, and glass, sometimes in combination, so that the result can be quite varied.  Because of our love for sculpture, we, at Leona Craig, want to bring fine sculpture to a wide audience.  Therefore, we offer a variety of items, all of the highest quality and able to fit in with many decorative themes.  Some items are made in limited editions by small studios, some are reproductions of famous Chinese sculpture of the past, and some are original one-of-a-kind pieces by established artists.

We offer original sculpture by several well-regarded contemporary Chinese artists, in cast-bronze, stone, clay, and wood, including Pan He, the Rodin of China, Cao Chong En, famous for his sculpture of Bruce Lee, Xu Hongfei, who is renowned for his chubby series of voluptuous women doing fun things, and Han Mei Lin, who created the 2008 China Olympic mascots, as well as in jade, for which China is renown. Most of those types of pieces are one of a kind, although some sculptors may make a very limited number of certain pieces or even series of similar pieces, like the marble fish that we offer by Bo Liang (a total series of eight different one-of-a-kind black marble fish sculptures).

Cast bronze is an opulent medium for sculpture, and the Chinese have been famous for bronze art for thousands of years, many of which were unearthed, in the 20th century.  Our gallery also represents a bronze casting studio from Xian (Xi'an), the old capital of China.  They are the most famous bronze casting studio, in Xian, which has a number of such studios.  They use top artists from the Xi'an art school to design their sculpture, and they have been responsible for creating much of the public sculpture, in all of Shanxi Province where Xi'an is located. We offer both their reproductions of famous Chinese bronze antiquities and their original designs.  They also do commissioned works, if you would like a unique sculpture, designed only for you or your business.  We use another bronze casting studio, in Guangdong, for several other pieces. 

We also offer the art of several small studios that make sculpture pieces in a variety of other mediums.  One, in Sichuan Province, makes glass objects, including traditional and modern sculptures.  Another, in Guangdong Province, makes particularly interesting and beautiful world globes from inlaid slices of colorful stone, marquetrie-style.  The globes have an appearance that reminds me of the colorful antique maps that I had in my collection at the  internationally-recognized inn that I owned, in the 1990's, but they are even more interesting, artistically, in that they are three-dimensional.  A final category of sculpture that we offer is carved jade from Xinjiang Province, in the West of China, which is famous for its so-called He Tian jade.  That jade ranges in color from a dark tan to deep greens.  We select only high quality jade that has been carved with interesting and well-executed designs: they are virtually one of a kind pieces.  We also have some jade items from the earlier half of the 20th century, which we have not put on the website: please call or email to see additional items.

Sculptures by individual artists are available for viewing at one of our locations, in Guangzhou.  Please call to arrange an appointment at the correct location with Craig or Ayu.  Some of the other items that we include in our gallery, like some of the cast bronze sculptures, glass art, and teapot art, may be commissioned from the artist or studio when you place your order: most of those special orders can be done in about two week from the order date.

Although it is a wonderful feeling to own one-of-a-kind, original sculptures to decorate your home or office, the cast bronze, zisha, and glass art, which we offer at Leona Craig Art Gallery, is made, in extremely limited editions, and offers a means of rich, diverse, and tasteful enhancement for any decor: they also make a perfect gifts.

Please check back from time to time to see our latest offerings.  If you have any questions or comments, or if you are looking to commission a work by one of our artists or studios, please contact us by phone or by email at 086 20 37625069 or  

Thanks for visiting us at Leona Craig Art. 


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