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Although we still have two teapots, in the gallery, by this artist, we will no longer represent him on our website for further business.  You can read details about why we have decided to drop him on our Leona Craig Art Blog.
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Pistachio: zisha teapot by Zhu Qiu 58. Pistachio: original zisha teapot art by Zhu Qiu

This is the first pistachio nut teapot themes that we have seen.  The body is shaped with a sharp ridge around the center to mimic the sharp edge of the shell of a real nut.  It has tree branch themes in the handle and spout, and added touches include that the bark is crackled, as happens to certain types of tree bark, there are knot holes and "tears" where smaller branches were "broken off", and the branches have little offshoots that also connect to the body.  Smaller pistachio nuts and berries are used for both the lid-pull and for two of a tripod configuration of feet.  The decorative nuts lid-pull is even slightly split along its front edge, as pistachios do when they are ripe.  The lid is in the shape of a leaf, and more braches and leaves are overlaid on both top and bottom (see more pictures on the hyperlink page) with folds, in the leaves, to give them dimensionality.

We enjoy the innovative artistic themes that Zhu Qiu imagines for us in his teapot art.  This one has a soft, streamlined, brightly, yet subtlety colored to give it an unobtrusive but eye-catching affect.  The artistry is fantastic with no skimping on the details.
  $500   400cc
Pine Stump with Blue flowers: teapot by Zhu Qiu 85. Dark Pine Stump with Blue Flowers: teapot art by Zhu Qiu, Yixing, China

We are always attracted to artistically-executed teapots in the tree stump theme.  This one is nicely done with two different colors of clay to give the appearance of a tree stump with its bark partly stripped off; the top edge is as if chopped by an axe.  In addition, there is much fine work on the body with knot-holes and details, in the "wood" and the "bark", to give it a more realistic appearance and texture.  There are rings and other detailing on the lid, and the lid rim is shaped in a wavy ring to match the other rings; there are delicate little blue flowers on the lid and on the body, near the handle.  This is a darker version of this theme; we also have a lighter version with red flowers (number 46).

Zhu Qiu not only understands the technical aspects of zisha teapot sculpture, about which he has written papers, but he also believes that teapots should be works of art.  
  $500   400cc
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