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teapot artist Sun Jin Li, Yixing, China

Sun Jin Li

We like the fact that Sun Jin Li has been focusing on making animal sculptures.  His animal teapots are innovative themes for teapot art, but the more amazing are the miniature sculptures of tigers, chameleons, and leopards, which he sculpts in extreme detail with multiple colors of clay, to adorn one of a kind teapots with tree themes.  Other of his teapots have animal-monster themes, which themes first became part of Yixing teapot art, about a century ago.

He makes other nice teapots, too, because he always dedicates detail to making zisha teapot art true sculpture.

 Horney beast sculpted zisha teapot Lotus Seed Pod teapot by Sun Jin Li Sea Turtle teapot by Sun Jin Li Tiger on tree, teapot by Sun jin Li
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