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Qian Jian Sheng Bio

Qian Jian Sheng is a member of a famous teapot art dynasty family, in Yixing: he is the nephew of the late Jiang Rong.  As such, he learned the art from his aunt, starting as a very young boy, and you can see her influence in the designs of his teapots, some of which emulate hers and others that are variations on themes of her and hers father's, Jiang Tan Ting, as well as other classic designs.

He not only makes beautiful teapots but he has also been very helpful to us at Leona Craig Art and he has shared his knowledge, his contacts and evem unpublished references about teapot art with us.  Moreover, even though he is from a famous teapot family, his prices are not like those of many other artists from famous families who charge unreasonable prices based only on a name.  We like Qian Jian Sheng as both a person and as an artist.

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Jiang Rong Chayote teapot by Qian Jian Sheng 76. Buddha's hand citron: zisha teapot by Qian Jian Sheng, Yixing China

This Buddha's hand citron teapot theme was made famous by his aunt, Jiang Rong, who recently passed away.  We even have another smaller teapot in the same theme in our gallery, made by a less famous artist, and it also has a lesser price.  On the other hand, other members of Jiang Rong's family, who make this teapot, charge three or four times as much as Qian Jian Sheng, and he has done a nice rendition.  The handle is nicely finished as a branch with leaf scars, and there is nice detail in the leaves, which is one thing that distinguishes a good teapot artists from one with lesser talent.
lotus blossom: teapot by Qian Jian Sheng 77. Lotus Blossom with Frog and Insects: zisha clay teapot by Qian Jian Sheng

His aunt, Jiang Rong, made the lotus blossom teapot theme famous.  The lotus plant has pads, like lily pads, flowers, a large tuber-like root, and separate seed pods that contain lotus "nuts".  When the seeds are ripe they become loose: we show a picture of the seedpods in various stages of development on the hyperlinked page.  This lotus blossom teapot has some of the elements of Jiang Rong's version.  Just like in the original version, the body of the teapot is meant to represent a lotus blossom, while the lid is made to appear as the top of a seedpod with little moveable lotus nuts embedded in the lid.  The handle is composed of two intertwined lotus vines: one, ending in a pad; the other a lotus bud.  The frog is standard on lotus blossom teapots, but Qian has also several insects, a mosquito and a grasshopper, to add to its whimsical appeal.

Moreover, Qian has used a mixture of very special old yellow clay and rare purple clay to make this beautiful version of the lotus blossom teapot.
  $3,000   300cc  
Stone Bamboo: teapot by Qian Jian Sheng, Yixing 59. Stone Bamboo zisha clay teapot by Qian Jian Sheng

The body of the teapot is made to look like a large pebble worn smooth by water: thus, the roundish oblong shape.  The stone theme is continued in the lid pull, which is made to look like a variegated stone.  Finishing touches include the bamboo style handle and the classic double bend on the spout, which is typical of classic Yixing teapots.
Gong Chun teapot by Qian Jian Sheng 66. Gong Chun teapot with handle and squirrel by Qian Jian Sheng, Yixing, China

The Gong Chun teapot is the original teapot made, first, during the Ming Dynasty, and it has been copied, ever since.  We have seen many Gong Chun's, and we have eve had other in our gallery, in the past.  We liked this one be cause of its differences and special touches.  It is, for example, the first that we have seen with a handle.  The touches include a small black squirrel sitting by the rear of the handle and some other color applications, pine needles and pine cones, which are also uncommon, in this theme.
Three-legged ding: teapot by Qian Jian Sheng 43. Three-Leg Ding Zisha Teapot by Qian Jian Sheng, Yixing China

A ding is a pot-shaped affair, usually with three legs and made of bronze.  They have been around for several thousand years.  They are usually quite large (see our sculpture section: Leona Craig Sculpture, for some examples), and they were used for both making offering and for cooking.

There is also a class of Yixing teapot designs that employ three small legs on the bottom of the pot; most that we have seen have had a more trapezoidal profile.  The profile of this one is more like other traditional shapes of Yixing teapots from a century ago.

We had been looking to include some more traditional plain shapes in our gallery, and this one by Qian Jian Sheng is the first that we have chosen to include.
Jiang Rong Chufa: teapot by Qian Jian Sheng 81. Chufa: zisha teapot art by Qian Jian Sheng after design by Jiang Rong, Yixing

This Yixing teapot design was made famous by Jiang Rong, who recently passed away .  It is a chufa tuber, which, like garlic, bears a bunch of, in its case, nuts, which are sometimes called earth almonds.  We like it as a plant theme for a teapot.  In her rendition, there are some little representative fuzzy roots, in yellow clay, delicately placed around the tuber; it has the ends of broken-off stalks for the lid pull made of yellow clay, brushed with brown to give it the appearance of drying.  There is also a yellow-brown clay chufa nut on the side, and green leaf and vine themes are used for the handle and spout.  The various colored clays make this subtle teapot design so pretty. Today, you can find many copies of it, including from members of her family.   We have looked at a number of the ones available, and we have decided to include this one by her nephew, Qian Jian Sheng, because it is more reasonably priced versus Rong's other relatives, although it is expensive versus some of the other teapot art we offer.  In fact, he makes two sizes, but this one, although the highest priced of the two, offered the better value per size.
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