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Lu Jian Xing

Lu Jian Xing Bio

Born in 1958, Lu Jian Xing's training is actually as a sculptor, not just a potter.  In 1976, he began work at a ceramic factory in Yixing, engaging in design and sculpture creation. In 1984, he entered the Jingdezhen Ceramic Collage to further his studies in ceramic sculpture art. Since that time he has concentrated his attention on creating both modern sculpture and teapot art, and, in 1992, he and his wife Lu Wen Xia, a famous teapot artist, set up their own teapot art and sculpture studio, called “The Sun and Rain Art Studio”.

His sculpture style is free and comfortable, and he looks to uncover the natural beauty of subjects, in the universe.  He is currently the secretary general of Yixing Ceramic Craft Association.  His works have been collected by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and by museums, both domestic and foreign.

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Century teapot by Lu Jian Xing 06. Century Teapot: original design by Lu Jian Xing, Yixing, China

We liked this teapot, both for its unusual, playful design and its rough texture.  The handle is made like the types of hand screws that are used to tap trees for sap.  Lu Jian Xing and his wife, Lu Wen Xia, are known for their innovative zisha teapots and sculpture, and the Houston Museum of Fine Art, in the US, recently added several teapots done, jointly, by the husband wife team, early in their careers, to their ceramic art collection.  Lu Jian Xing's large horse sculptures sell for around $80,000, so, his teapot art offers a more affordable means of owning art by this well-regarded artist.

Lu Jian Xiing 97. Listen to the Rain: original teapot art by Lu Jian Xing   $2,000      
crushed bamboo: teapot art by Lu Wen Xia and Lu Jian Xing 05. Crushed Bamboo: original teapot art by Lu Wen Xia and Lu Jian Xing, 2010

We asked Lu Wen Xia to make us a teapot, like the Funky Bamboo that is include in the Leona Craig Gallery.  She knows that I have a good eye and high expectations, so, she wanted to make something more special.  In fact, she made one but did not think that it was good enough for Leona Craig, so, she made another, and her husband, Lu Jain Xing, a famous Yixing sculptor whose work we also include in our gallery, wanted to be part of the making of this teapot art for us. 

The end result is this one-of-a-kind, which we are titling crushed bamboo.  It has their trademark details of making realistic markings, wormholes, chips and texture in the making of the bamboo.  It has mushrooms for the lid pull that are so detailed that they look real, right down to multiple colors of clay, so it looks like dust is on the "breaks" of the stalks.  Also, for the first time, in one of her teapots, she has included two insects: a ladybug and a lightening bug (firefly).  Two screws are fashioned out of darker clay to make it look like the handle is screwed onto the body, and there are some wormholes on the bottom.

The couple has done only a few teapots together, and recently several of their joint teapots were added to the collection of the Houston Museum of Fine Art, in the U.S.

Although it has a small capacity of 150 cc, it is because only the top part of the teapot is a container, just like there are separate sections in real bamboo.  It measures about 22 cm high (almost 9 inches) with a diameter of 7.5 cm (about 3 inches).
  $2,500   150cc
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