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[hoto of Yixing teapot artist Jiang Mei Zhen

Jiang Mei Zhen (蒋美珍) Bio

The first teapot that I was attracted to when I went looking for teapot art after I first came to China was one made by Jiang Mei Zhen.  There are those who say that she is related to the famous Jiang Rong, so, we though that she would be easy to track down, but it proved difficult to locate her, as Yixing is a large area, and there are plenty of long-lost or distant relatives of many of the famous teapot families.  Through our diligence, we finally did locate here, and we have added a number of her artistic and beautifully detailed teapots to our gallery.

This Jiang has done a variety of teapots in the lotus theme, and we have also included a silkworm theme and a pumpkin by her.  She uses a high-quality clay with a soothing dark green color for many of her works.  She has done creative variations of the lotus teapots that her 20th century predecessor, Jiang Rong, was famous for, which we have included in the gallery.  We have also include a copy of the silkworm theme that she makes, which was also originated, early in the 20th century by Xie Man Lun.

She shows great artistic talent in her variations of existing themes and in her original designs.  We hope that you enjoy her art as much as we do.

  Three dragons teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen Silkworms: zisha teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen Moonlit Lotus Pool: teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen Pond Spring zisha teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen
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