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Squirrels and Grapes teapot art by Jiang Mei Zhen 91. Squirrels and Grapes, zisha teapot art by Jiang Mei Zhen, Yixing, China

The tree stump theme, in Yixing teapot art, has been done in many variations for the past couple of centuries.  Earlier ones, in fact, were more smooth, stylized stumps, as is this one, while later ones have become more realistic, using clays of different colors and textures to mimic bark as well as smoother clay for sections stripped of bark.

What makes this one, by Jiang Mei Zhen, more special is its squirrels, climbing on different areas of both the base and the lid, and the grapes, leaves, and tendrils, adorning the pot.

  $600   500cc  
Peach, Yixing zisha teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen   Peach, original zisha teapot art by Jiang Mei Zhen, Yixing, China          
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