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Yellow Gourd: zisha teapot by Zhu Qiu, Yixing 58. Pistachio: original zisha teapot art by Zhu Qiu, Yixing, China

This is the first pistachio nut teapot theme that we have seen.  The body is shaped with a sharp ridge around the center to mimic the sharp edge of the shell of a real nut.  It has tree branch themes in the handle and spout, and the tree bark is made with a crackled effect to look like a real branch.  Smaller pistachios are used for both the lid-pull and a tripod configuration of feet.

We enjoy the innovative artistic themes that Zhu Qiu imagines for us, in his teapot art.  This one has a soft, streamlined, brightly, yet subtly colored to give it an unobtrusive but eye-catching affect.
  $900   400cc  
lotus b;lossom with frog & insects: tepot by Qian Jian Sheng 77. Lotus Blossom with Frog and Insects: zisha clay teapot by Qian Jian Sheng, Yixing

His aunt, Jiang Rong, made this lotus blossom teapot theme famous.  The lotus plant has pads, like lily pads, flowers, a large tuber-like root, and separate seed pods that contain lotus "nuts".  When the seeds are ripe they become loose: we show a picture of the seedpods in various stages of development on the hyperlinked page.  This lotus blossom teapot has some of the elements of Jiang Rong's version.  Just like in the original version, the body of the teapot is meant to represent a lotus blossom, while the lid is made to appear as the top of a seedpod with little moveable lotus nuts embedded in the lid.  The handle is composed of two intertwined lotus vines: one, ending in a pad; the other a lotus bud.  The frog is standard on lotus blossom teapots, but Qian has also several insects, a mosquito and a grasshopper, to add to its whimsical appeal.  Moreover, Qian has used a mixture of very special old yellow clay and rare purple clay to make this beautiful version of the lotus blossom teapot.

To see more of the teapot art of Qian Jian Sheng, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please visit the Qian Jian Sheng Page.
square round teapot by Zheng Qiu Biao 84. Square-round zisha teapot by Zheng Qiu Biao, Yixing

The shape of this teapot is very cute.  It has a square design with rounded corners and extended feet.  It has the look of some kind of primitive animal scuplture.  Its triangular lid pull adds to the interesting profile.

Zheng makes it in two different colors (click on teapot picture to see hyperlink page): a purle first one done in qing shui clay and a blackish one, in gao hei clay (black and purple clayes mixed together).

To see more of the art of Zheng Qiu Biao, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Zheng Qiu Biao Page.
  $1,000   250cc  
Silkworms: zisha teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen 95. Silkworms: zisha teapot art by Jiang Mei Zhen, Yixing, China (after Xie Man Lun)

This is a very sweet little teapot, which was originally conceived of by Xie Man Lun, a famous teapot artist in the post-Qing Dynasty era of the 20th century.  Jiang has made a very precise copy of that original.  The body, made of green clay, is composed of mulberry leaves, the traditional food of the silkworm, as is the lid.  Two silkworms make their way across the top, and as one stretches up to scan the horizon, he becomes the lid-pull.  A Mulberry branch makes up the handle, and a lone mulberry lays on top.

It is a cute artistic theme for a teapot, and the bright colors and beautiful execution make so wonderfully attractive.

We also offer another silkworm teapot theme, in the Leona Craig Gallery, originated by Chen Ming Yuan, in the Qing Dynasty, made by Zhu Qiu

For more of the teapot art of Jiang Mei Zhen, in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Jiang Mei Zhen Page.


"Linear Design" zisha teapot by Tang Zhi Ming 35. Linear Design 2 zisha teapot by Tang Zhi Ming, Yixing, China

In this second variation of the linear design teapot by Tang Zhi Ming, there is some light yellow sponging on the surface.  The lines of the teapot are also more angular, less round, than in the preceding variation.  The more angular lines are not only in the body of the teapot but also in the handle. In either case, they are nicely done teapots.  The former is modern in its design, while this one might fit in better with a country theme of interior design and art.  Now you have a choice to decide which one is right for your decor or collection.
  $500   280cc  
Prowling Tiger on Tree Stump by Sun Jin Li 93. Prowling Tiger on Tree Stump, original teapot art by Sun Jin Li

This is a teapot from Sun Jin Li's forest series.  In this series, the focus is on the animals, which are done in extreme detail, in miniature.  If you look at them with a magnifying glass, you can see detailed etching of "fur", and features of ears, mouth, nose, eyes, paws and claws, and body are all done with great precision with different colors of clay (see close-up on hyperlink page).

This one has a prowling tiger on a tree stump teapot made of red clay with bark made of brown clay.
  $12,000   400cc  
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