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59. Stone Bamboo zisha clay teapot by Qian Jian Sheng, Yixing, China

The body of the teapot is made to look like a large pebble worn smooth by water: thus, the roundish oblong shape.  The stone theme is continued in the lid pull, which is made to look like a variegated stone.  Finishing touches include the bamboo style handle and the classic double bend on the spout, which is typical of classic Yixing teapots.

To see more of the teapot art of Qian Jian Sheng, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Qian Jian Sheng Page.
  $   250cc  
Chinese wind II, teapot art by Xu Zhong Fang   Chinese Wind II, zisha teapot art by Xu Zhong Fang, Yixing, China

The calligraphy on this one was done by Han Mei Lin.  The trees bend in the wind, which is the style of the lid pull, but, interestingly, the two bent tree theme is repeated in the handle of the teapot.
Qing Dynasty "Gong ju" zisha teapot 49. Gongju style purple zisha teapot

The original teapots were first made in the late Qing Dynasty, in the early 1900's, for export to Thailand.  They were made of so-called blood-red clay, and this copy has a metal (pewter) inlay design of a dragon on both sides,  metal surrounding the spout and base, and an inlayed pattern on the lid.  Those details make it different from many teapots that you will find, today.

The originals were not particularly rare, and this one, which appears to be more recent reproduction, is simply a nice older teapot to have in your collection.
  $450   150 cc  
Turtle Dragon sculpted zisha teapot, second factory Yixing 13. Turtle Dragon zisha teapot by second Yixing teapot factory

Monsters are a part of every culture, and the dragon is a monster that is part of Chinese, as well as other cultures.  Beasty teapots date back, at least, to the Qing Dynasty with a famous one by Chen Ming Yuan.  The monster and beasty themes that are a part of teapot art, today, are ones that we particularly enjoy, not only because of their creativity, but also because they have continued to take the art in newer directions.  By now, they are made by a number of artists, and we have chosen from among the best of those to include in our catalogue.  This dragon monster has the head of a bearded dragon, a scaly chest, legs and tail, and a protective shell, like a turtle or an armadillo.  It is made by Yixing's second teapot factory, formed by mold and detailed by hand, which is the usual method of crafting these modern beasty things.  It is well-made and colorful, and it has appeal, not only for those who collect teapot art, but also for people who are fond of figurines or sculpture.
  $200   200cc

Moonlit Lotus Pool: teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen 78. Moonlit Lotus Pool: original zisha teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen, Yixing, China

Jiang Mei Zhen, as you can see from the other teapots that we have included by her, in the Leona Craig Gallery, likes to do lotus themes.  In this one, she has a frog on the lid, as with some others, and the feet are small lotus roots.  On the body of the pot is a delicate overlay relief of lotus pads and flowers, a delicate pad on the top, and a leaf wrapped around the handle.  Of course, as with her other teapots with frogs, the eyes of the frog are moveable in their sockets.

It is a nice teapot by one of our favorite teapot artists.

To see more of the art of Jiang Mei Zhen, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Jiang Mei Zhen Page.
  $1,000   600cc  
half moon teapot with calligraphy by Zheng Qiu Biao 9. Half-Moon teapot with Chinese calligraphy by Zheng Qiu Biao, Yixing

This, along with another, was collected by the Chinese Nationality Art Treasure Museum.  It also won a gold prize in the 2008 Chinese International Tea Exhibition in Beijing.  All told, it has several hundred Chinese characters, etched into its surface by Zheng Qiu Biao, who is also known for his calligraphy painting.  The words from Buddhist sutras and talk about the importance of honesty.

To view more of the art of Zheng Qiu Biao, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Zheng Qiu Biao Page.
  $1,500   250cc
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