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Hibiscus teapot  by Xu Zhong Fang 31. Antique Hibiscus style zisha teapot art by Xu Zhong Fang

This traditional hexagonal-shaped teapot is a representation of hibiscus.  We had been looking for a number of traditional teapot themes, including the hibiscus, which dates back to the last century.  Teapot artists tell us that these geometric shapes are difficult to create, and, as a result, prices are always a bit dear.  Thus, if we are going to offer one, we wanted it to be done by a master to make it extra special, and this one by Xu Zhong Fang is a beautiful example.

The complex contours, along with the edges and seams on the top that match the lip of the base, create a simple but beautiful piece.  The continuation of the theme into the lid-pull is a lovely finishing touch.

For more of the teapot art by Xu Zhong Fang, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please visit the Xu Zhong Fang Page.

  $3,200   cc
Fireplace crane zisha teapot by Chen pan 17. Fireplace Crane zisha teapot by Chen Pan, Yixing, China

The tripod handle is another common teapot theme.  This original design by Chen Pan is reminiscent of the way pots were hung over the fire, in centuries gone by: the two front legs of the tripod handle are made to look like tree branches, and the rear is made to appear as a steel crane.  In fact, at the internationally-recognized country inn that I owned, in the 1990's, we had a number of fireplaces with cranes and hanging pots, so we especially like this design.  The legs on the bottom of the teapot are also reminiscent the legs that were on the large pots that were hung in fireplaces, adding to the hanging pot effect.  The flames that seem to lick the sides of the teapot are made by mixing various colors of clay together, in that area of the body, and working them with fingers until the effect is achieved, and it can be seen both outside and inside the teapot.  Finishing details include a lid-pull in the shape of a small stone wall with an arch in it, representing the great wall, and a stone tower on the top of the handle.
  $500   500 cc  
Rhinoceros sculpted zisha teapot 33. Rhinoceros zisha teapot by Sun Jin Li studio

We like to see the more modern theme of teapot art in the form of animals, and we like several of those made in the studio of Sun Jin Li.  This rhinoceros is one of our favorites, not only because it is an unusual animal to be done in a teapot, but also because the artist has done a particularly nice job with this theme.  The lid-pull is a baby rhino riding on mommy's back.  If you like wild animals, you'll be wild about this teapot.

For more teapot art by Sun Jin Li studio, go to the Sun Jin Li Page.
      180 cc  
Squirrels and Grapes teapot art by Jiang Mei Zhen 91. Squirrels and Grapes, zisha teapot art by Jiang Mei Zhen, Yixing, China

The tree stump theme, in Yixing teapot art, has been done in many variations for the past couple of centuries.  Earlier ones, in fact, were more smooth, stylized stumps, as is this one, while later ones have become more realistic, using clays of different colors and textures to mimic bark as well as smoother clay for sections stripped of bark.

What makes this one, by Jiang Mei Zhen, more special is its squirrels, climbing on different areas of both the base and the lid, and the grapes, leaves, and tendrils, adorning the pot.

To see more of the teapot art of Jiang Mei Zhen, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please visit the Jiang Mei Zhen Pages.
  $500   500cc  
Moonlight Breeze, teapot art by Xu Zhong Fang   Moonlight Breeze, zisha teapot art by Xu Zhong Fang, Yixing, China

This teapot has a very classical Yixing shape with its doubled curved spout.  Moreover, it is fancied up with a graphic relief scene on the body, done with darker clay.
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