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Traditional Yixing teapot by Xu Zhongfang   Traditional Yixing teapot by Xu Zhong Fang, Yixing, China

This is a very traditional Yixing teapot shape from at least a hundred years ago, still done today by Xu Zhong Fang.  The body is stout.  The spout has the downward curve at the tip.  The handle is done with a flourish.  The lip along the mouth of the base is met by a lip on the lid.  Those traditional Qing dynasty shapes are by no means easy to make, especially with grace and precision, but Xu Zhong Fang has mastered the art.  It is a very traditional shape, a century ago, and is still popular among Chinese buyer, today.
square world: Yixing teapot art by Wu Dong Jun 63. Square World: zisha teapot art by Wu Dong Jun, Yixing

This is an older Yixing teapot theme, nicely done, with special touches.  Made of dark purple clay with yellow clay sand mixed in, the calligraphy etched into its sides talks of the warm feeling of a study room.

We had been looking for some Yixing teapot classic shapes, and we were happy to find this one by an innovative teapot artist.

For more of the sculpture of Wu Dong Jun, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Wu Dong Jun Page.
  $750   400cc  
Chrysanthemum bud, teapot by Xu Zhong Fang   Chrysanthemum Bud, zisha teapot art by Xu Zhong Fang, Yixing, China

Xu actually makes two teapots in the chrysanthemum theme,  one with a plain lid and this one with a lid that continues the petal design of the body, and it also has 20 petals as opposed to the 16 in the other.  Both are done in yellow clay, and both are artfully done.
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