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69. Mainstay: original design zisha teapot art by Wu Dong Jun, Yixing

This teapot design won the creative dsign award at the 2007 Yixing pottery exhibition.  We, to, thought that it was quite unique, and we added it and its designer to our gallery.  Its tall sleek legs, slim body, and modernistic colors of black and brown give it a futuristic look.  It is the perfect teapot to fit in with an ultra-modern decorative theme.

We always enjoy discovering new and artistic teapot designs, and we were really wowed by this one.

To see more of the teapot art of Wu Dong Jun, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please visit the Wu Dong Jun Page.
  $700   320cc  
Lotus flower and buds teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen 60. Lotus Flower zisha teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen (蒋美珍), Yixing, China 

This teapot is in the lotus blossom theme, with petals surrounding the side of the base and yellow "seeds" contained within the seed pod within the blossom.  finishing touches include a stem handle, finished with a small lotus bud, a lotus root-shaped spout and a lotus pad on the lid.  It is also in a taller, more formal style.  We also offer another one with a goldfish, instead of a lotus blossom, for the lid pull.
Traditional Yixing teapot by Xu Zhongfang   Traditional Yixing teapot by Xu Zhong Fang, Yixing, China

This is a very traditional Yixing teapot shape from at least a hundred years ago, still done today by Xu Zhong Fang.  The body is stout.  The spout has the downward curve at the tip.  The handle is done with a flourish.  The lip along the mouth of the base is met by a lip on the lid.  Those traditional Qing dynasty shapes are by no means easy to make, especially with grace and precision, but Xu Zhong Fang has mastered the art.  It is a very traditional shape, a century ago, and is still popular among Chinese buyer, today.
Tree Stump with Chameleon: tea set by Cheng Dong Zhu 56. Tree Stump with Chameleon: Zisha Tea Set with 4 Cups by Cheng Dong Zhu, Yixing, China

This is another teapot, in the tree stump series by Cheng Dong Zhu.  It is slightly more broad and squat than the others that we have in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, and it has a slightly larger volume, as a result.  Again, the body is done in yellow clay with details in the "wood", as would be found in a real tree stump, and it is covered in rough brown clay to affect the look of bark that is pealing off of the wood.  As in the others, in this series, there is nice branch work, on the handle, the spout, and the lid-pull.  The animal on top of the lid, in this one, is a chameleon.

As with all of the teapots, in this series, it comes with four cups, like the ones shown, in item #25, on the Cheng Dong Zhu Page.
  $300   180  
Chinese Culture: teapot by Zheng Qiu Biao 86. Chinese Culture: original design teapot art by Zheng Qiu Biao

Zheng Qiu Biao is also a traditional Chinese watercolor painting artist, and the writing on this teapot is a description of a traditional painting scene.  The original design, not only won first prize 2007 Yixing Handmade Ceramic Competition and the golden prize in the 2008 Nanning Teapot Exhibition, but also was collected by the Chinese Nationality Art Treasure Museum, in 2008.

It is a beautiful and creative teapot with its non-standard shape, calligraphy, and the carvings of the Emperor's carriage along the bottom, and it is also quite large, 1500 cc's, the largest teapot in our gallery.

To see more of the art of Zheng Qiu Biao, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Zheng Qiu Biao Page.



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