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Leopard on Stump: one of a kind teapot art by Sun Jin Li 61. Leopard on Pine: original one of a kind teapot art by Sun Jin Li

This is a teapot from Sun Jin Li's forest series.  In this series, the focus is on the animals, which are done in extraordinary detail, in miniature.  If you look at them with a magnifying glass, you can see detailed etching of "fur", and features of ears, mouth, nose, eyes, paws and claws, and body are all done with great precision with different colors of clay (see close-up on hyperlink page).

This one is on a pine tree stump, and there are also nice details and texture, in creating the bark of the tree

The other thing that we like about the teapot art in the series is that Li has committed to making only one teapot of each that he makes in the series.  So, each is complete unique: one of a kind (Li, himself, sells teapots from this series for as much as $10,000).

To see more teapot art by Sun Jin Li, in the Leona Craig Gallery, visit the Sun Jin Li Page.
  $   400cc  
Three-legged Ding teapot by Qian Jian Sheng, Yixing 43. Three-Leg Ding Zisha Teapot by Qian Jian Sheng, Yixing China

A dig is a pot-shaped affair, usually with three legs and made of bronze.  They have been around for several thousand years.  They are usually quite large (see our sculpture section: Leona Craig Sculpture, for some examples), and they were used for both making offerings and for cooking.

There is also a class of Yixing teapot designs that employ three small legs on the bottom of the pot; most that we have seen have had a more trapezoidal profile.  The profile of this one is more like other traditional shapes of Yixing teapots from a century ago.

We had been looking to include some more traditional plain shapes in our gallery, and this one by Qian Jian Sheng is the first that we have chosen to include.

For more teapot art by Qian Jian Sheng, included in the Leona Craig Gallery, visit the Qian Jian Sheng Page
Gorde 14. Jiang Rong Budda's Hand Citron Squash Teapot Reproduction

This Buddha's hand citron teapot theme was made famous by Jiang Rong, who recently passed away.  In Chinese culture, this represents a man who can have many sons.  We have seen other teapots imitating this theme, but this is the first one that we liked enough to buy.  The leaves on both the lid and on the body have nice three-dimensional renditions.  The colors are nice and it is nicely made, overall.

If you want a larger one, made by Jiang Rong's nephew, Qian Jian Sheng, we offer one on the Qian Jian Sheng Page of the Leona Craig Art Gallery
  $300   100cc  
Pumpkin teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen 48. Pumpkin Teapot by Jiang Mei Zhen (蒋美珍), Yixing China

We have seen a lot of pumpkin theme teapots, going back centuries.  We often see them multicolored in green, red and orange.  In fact, we had been hunting for a source for our gallery, and we liked this one by Jiang Mei Zhen.

The body is done all in green with a leaf-wrapped spout, a vine for the handle with leaves and tendrils from the vine overlaid on the side of the pumpkin.  Other nice touches include some ladybugs and a mouth crawling across the top and a little colored pumpkin flower where the handle meets the body.

To see more of the teapot art of Jiang Mei Zhen, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, please visit the Jiang Mei Zhen Pages.


Sea Turtle teapot by Sun Jin Li   Sea Turtle, original teapot art by Sun Jin Li, Yixing, China

Unlike the other turtle teapot that we have by Sun Jin Li, which is made by the studio using a mold (and final hand finish), this teapot is made totally by hand by Sun Jin Li.
  $1,400   300cc  
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