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Lu Wen Xia

Lu Wen Xia (陆文霞) Bio

Lu Wen Xia studied teapot art under several famous artists, including Xu Xiu Tang, Jiang Rong, He Dao Hong, and Li Chang Hong.  To us, she is the consummate teapot artist.  Often art instruction involves the student copying something that the master has done, and such has been the state in teapot art for a thousand years.  It is the reason that themes have been handed down and repeated by artists over the centuries.  Indeed, much of teapot art is, for us, too similar, and it becomes a matter of choosing who has made the best rendition of a slightly varied theme. 

However, that is not the case with Lu Wen Xia.  She has gone down her own road in creating original teapot art, mostly in bamboo themes, but unlike other, more common bamboo themes that other artists have done.  While other teapot art, in the nature themes that mimic plants and fruits, gives stylized renditions of their objects, Lu creates innovative themes with such attention to the real details that she puts herself in an entirely different class.  For example, if the teapot is made to contain bamboo stalks, it will show little splintering at the ends of the log, just as would happen, if a real log was sawn.

The other thing that we like about her work is that, while it is not inexpensive, she has not raised her prices to the unreasonable levels that we have seen with other successful or famous teapot artists who charge upward of $10,000 for teapots that they crank out, one after another.  Moreover, while she will make additional copies of teapots, she does that more on the basis of requests because she enjoys creating new designs rather than making copy after copy of old ones.

Her teapots have been collected by people around the world and have been featured in galleries in New York and Washington D.C.  Her teapot art is included in the collections of a number of museums, inside and outside of China, most recently (2010), the Museum of Fine Art in Houston.  Her husband, Lu Jian Xin, is also a sculptor and makes large, very expensive, primitive zisha horses along with teapot sculpture.
 Woven basket: tea service by Lu Wen Xia Step by step: original teapot art by Lu Wen Xia Lotus plant: zisha teapot by Lu Wen Xia crushed bamboo: teapot art by Lu Wen Xia and Lu Jian Xing Wood block: zisha sculpted teapot by Lu Wen Xia
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