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Glass Pitcher   Glass Pitcher, Sichuan, China

I have always been a fan of pitchers, and I have owned pictures made in many different mediums, during the course of my collecting.  This one is from our Sichuan glass studio, and it is made, as are many of their works, with colors swirled and dotted within the glass.  The Yellow, blue and green colors give it a really pleasing look, and it is weighty at 3.5 kg.

As the studio in Sichuan makes very small runs of their objects, there is only one available.
  $300   23hx16diam/cm  
phoenix lamp 341. Phoenix water vessel lamp: cast bronze sculpture

This phoenix water vessel lamp has a lot of attention to detail in the feathers etched into the surface.  It is configured as an oil lamp, although you might use a votive candle.  You fill the body with water for cooling.  The head swivels around the neck, and the idea is for the hot gases from the lamp fire to go up through the funnel held in the phoenix's mouth to be captured and cooled by the water in its belly.  It is a nice decorative piece, whether you use it as a lamp or simply for display.

  $160   20Lx7wx15hcm
Porcelain vase   Jingdezhen Porcelain vase from Jiangxi Province

Jingdezhen is known as the porcelain capital of the world, and it has been producing fine porcelain objects for almost 2000 years.  In fact, it was one of the four famous towns for trade, during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and its earlier name, Changnang, is supposedly the basis for China's English name: traders having slurred the name into China.

This is a nice little vase with a more abstract modern theme painted onto its surface.
  $200   19Hx11diam/cm  
Yellow urn glass vase   Yellow Urn-shaped Vase

This urn-shaped glass vase is both beautiful and weighty (3.38 kg)
  $250   23hx16diam/cm  
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