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glass Picassoesque bust bronze wine cup large pink bubble glass urn-shaped vase cast bronze Ke ding glass and jade ducks

In addition to the teapots, wall art, and sculpture that we offer in other sections of the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, we have found some other artistic items with which to decorate your home.  First, we are featuring objects of glass, including weighty glass vases, in interesting shapes with swirls of color mixed into the glass as they are being formed.  As with all of the makers of artistic things that we display in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, this glass art studio is a smaller boutique, in Sichuan Province, that makes runs of items of around 200 copies each, not some big factory.  Ultimately, all items are produced in limited editions, which makes it even better.  We have been collecting vases, in various shapes and colors from them, for several years, and, now, Leona Craig Art will bring their latest creations to you, too.  We have also chosen some objets d'art, formed from glass, to make available to you.  Even though I used to think that the glass objects that all of my aunts had when I was a little boy were hokey, these objets d'art have really caught my eye, and I think that you will find them interesting, too. 

A studio that we use for cast bronze sculpture, in Xi'an, also makes some decorative items for home, garden, and dining, which we include, in this section of the catalogue.  They also make castings in limited numbers, for example, for their recent reproductions of the famous rat and rabbit heads from the Zodiac Fountain of the Summer Palace, in Beijing, they have mad only 6 copies, so far, in the full-size edition.  /in addition, some of the ceramic sculptors, whom we feature in the scupture and zisha sections of the gallery, make things suitable as home decoration.  Moreover, we may also include other artistic and decorative items, in this section of the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, that do not fit into the other categories of art contained in the other sections.

You can enter the decorative arts pages from this page.  We hope that you enjoy the lovely works of the art of China that we have chosen to include in this section and all of the other sections of the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line.  Please call or email us, if you have any questions or comments.

Craig Mattoli


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