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His original family name, in Italy, was Mattioli, but, as with many names of people coming to America in the early-1900's, the family name was changed, by a misprint, to Mattoli.  Thus, the name C. L. Mattioli for the website, in honor of his family name, which dates back centuries, in Italy. 

Always skillful in both art and science, as a child, C. L. Mattoli chose Mathematical Physics as his first career, in the 1970ís.  Then, in the 1980's, he embarked upon a second career, on Wall Street, first, as an investment analyst and, next, as an arbitrageur.  Since the late-1980's, Mr. Mattoli has managed his own money and businesses, specializing in inefficient markets.  Red Hill Capital was established, in 1989, and has been one of the vehicles that he has been using to conduct his various investment businesses, in securities, real estate, and art & antiques.  Mr. Mattoli was included in "Who's Who in Finance," in the 1980's and 1990's. 

During the 1980's, Mr. Mattoli began trading in another inefficient market: 18th and 19th century art and antiques. Then, in the 1990's, he created an internationally-recognized country inn from his collection of art and antiques and authentically-restored 18th century estate.  The inn, its furniture, folk art, and interior folk decorations have appeared in magazines around the world, including Country Living and Travel & Leisure Magazines, and was used as a backdrop for print advertising and editorial, in fashion and home furnishings, for major magazines, including Vogue and Italian Vogue.

In the new century, Mr. Mattoli has written a comprehensive textbook about investing, based on his real world knowledge of investment and his understanding of math, physics, psychology, and financial theories.  He has also been teaching finance, economics, and physics at various universities, and is currently teaching in a joint international program of University of Southern Queensland and South China Normal University.  Part of the Red Hill Capital site is dedicated to financial and investment education.

Today, Mattoli continues to manage his own money and businesses and acts as a consultant for other peoples' businesses.  He  has recently developed some new ventures, in China, based on the arbitrage opportunities that are making themselves available, there, now.

For more information, questions, or consulting services, call or email:

C. L. Mattoli: 0086 136 3241 0877

General Office/Fax: 0086 20 37625069

Email: clm@clmattioli.com

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Craig Mattoli at art Exhibition opening, in Guangzhou, China  

Craig Mattoli in Quebec, Canada
Craig Mattoli on Hainan Dao, China  
Craig Mattoli at college graduation, in China      

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