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The idea behind Leona Craig Art® is to bring artistic things from China to the West, using our experience and knowledge of quality, art, Western tastes and decor, and China.  I have been collecting and dealing in various types of art and antiques for several decades, in the U.S. and Europe.  I also have experience in interior design.  In the 1990's, I took my extensive collection of 18th and 19th century art and antiques, restored an 18th century estate, and turned it into an internationally-recognized country inn.  The inn appeared on covers of major magazines, including Country Living and Vogue, and it was used as a background for photo shoots for fashion and home furnishings print advertisement, in fashion magazines and catalogues.  It was also included in several books, in the last several years, including The New Look of Country.  Guests of the inn would comment that it was like a museum of art and furniture: it was actually one of the first art hotels, which is a concept that is now all the rage, in the hotel business.  We even recently saw an article about the inn on a blog about interior decoration.  The point is that I know what fits together and what does not.  In fact, there was another inn, in my old neighborhood, that was owned by a famous talk show host: it had a nightmarish mixture of Eastern and Western art that made my skin crawl.  That will not happen with the tasteful Eastern art that we offer at Leona Craig.


At Leona Craig, our focus is on art from China that will fit in with any Western decor. For walls, we offer contemporary oil paintings and watercolors by well-regarded contemporary Chinese artists, some with political, social or pop culture subtexts, along with detailed hand-embroidered scenes, all of which look like they belong in the West.  Indeed, much of the contemporary art from China is nothing like the purely Chinese-looking art of the past.  It is simply nicely-done art that can fit in with any modern decorative theme. We offer bronze, ceramic, stone, and jade sculpture, both original works of art and reproductions of famous Chinese antiquities, that mixes well with with Western furnishings, and who anyone, Eastern or Western, would be proud to display, in their homes, offices or even corporate headquarters.  We offer beautiful Chinese teapots with various artistic themes that can add a touch of China to your home, but not an overdose.  We have also discovered a small maker of beautiful, weighty glass vases with colors swirled through their thick walls along with other objects d'art in glass, in Sichuan Province, that will not just blend in with your current decor but might become the center of attention.


Many of the items that we offer are one or only several of a kind.  Paintings are, of course, one-of-kind, but there may have been a number of copies made of hand-sculpted zisha clay teapots or hand-embroidered scenes that we offer.  However, those types of art are part of older traditional arts that are being overtake by mass-produced and commercialized replacements, and, even in their multiplicity, they can still offer good investment value in art.


Most paintings and sculpture are available for viewing at one of our locations, in Guangzhou.  Some are in our gallery, while others are stored at other locations, and several are still in artists' studios, waiting for us to find them a home.  Please, call to arrange for someone to take you to show you around.  Other art, including some cast bronze, glass, embroidered pictures, and teapots, we get directly from the artist or the studio when they are ordered from our on-line gallery or by a local customer.


If you are the owner of a small gallery or gift shop, and you would like to purchase ten or more items of decorative art, like decorative glass, hand-embroidered scenes, cast-bronze sculptures, and some but not all of our teapots, we can offer such multiple item purchases at a discount to the prices shown on our gallery pages.  However, our glass, embroidery, and bronze studios are small, and most of our teapot studios have only one or two artists, in residence, so we cannot fill very large orders.  Please contact us to discuss multiple purchases.


So far, we have found artistic things and artists, in China, that we, personally, like, and we will continue to find more.  We hope that you will share in our delight with these items and that you will continue to visit Leona Craig Catalogue Art Gallery to see the latest in our offerings, as time goes on.  Please contact us with any questions that you might have about our business or our offerings.  Craig Mattoli is in charge of the operation on the internet and outside of China.  Long Long Poon is responsible for sales, in China.


Thanks for visiting us at Leona Craig Art Gallery: the Art of China.


Service in English   phone: 0086 136 3241 0877 email: clm@leonacraig.com

Service in Chinese: llp@incountry-china.com

Office/Fax: 0086 20 37625069


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seasoned Chinese artists and Leona Craig Art













Steppingstones: hand-embroidery









Bronze Horse by Bo Liang









Ge Ling Qian, Wei Guang Li, and Craig Mattoli

Craig Mattoli in Qingdao, China
Bamboo Knot Teapot art by Lu Wen Xia


Shock Fish by Bo Liang



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