Hong Kong's mainland twin city (Ayu's hometown)



Shenzhen, located in the south of Guangdong province, is a business hub on the water right next door to Hong Kong.  It has one of the two major stock exchanges, on mainland China.  The city is made up of six districts: Luo Hu, Fu Tian, Nan Shan, Yan Tian, Long Gang and Bao An.  Luo Hu and Fu Tian  are the commercial sections of the city. Nan Shan has more of an international flavor and is a place that many foreigners congregate. In Long Gang and Bao An districts, there are a lot of factories,  most of which are electronic manufactories, as Shenzhen is famous for its electronic products, like cameras, computers, etc.  The city is very spread out, so, a taxi ride from one end to the other can cost over •200 or more. 

There are a lot of good hotels in Shenzhen.  The Sunshine Hotel, the Shangri-La Hotel and the Landmark Hotel are five-star hotels, frequented mainly by foreigners, so the prices are relatively high, around •1500 -3000 for a standard room. However, hotels. like the Master Hotel, which is a high rise apartment building with long and short stay hotel rooms, in the Luo Hu district, or the the Vienna Hotel, in Fu Tian, are also good choices.  Last time Craig came to Shenzhen to visit, he stayed in the Master Hotel, in a 2 room suite for about •250 per night.  Ngwana has stayed at the Vienna, in a single room, for around •300 per night.  If you like apartment style hotels, the Qu Hotel, located in a popular section of the Fu Tian district, convenient to shopping, is also a good choice.  The rooms there are quite large compared with other hotels in the same league; the design  is quite special, at least I think so.  If you book a suite at this hotel on a travel website, it will be around •400 per night.

Since Shenzhen is an international city and is populated by people originally from all corners of China, you can find any kind of food, there.  If you like seafood (after all, it is a coastal town), go to Feng Huang Road, Zhen Hua Road, or Le Yuan Road, where there are a lot of seafood restaurants. Feng Huang Lou Seafood Restaurant on Feng Huang Road and Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant on Zhen Hua Road are my favorites in this city.  If you like hot food, you can try Chong Qing Qiao Tou hot-pot restaurant.  The hot-pot, there, is super spicy, but you can also order other food off the menu if you don't like hot-pots.  Western restaurants are also universal in Shenzhen, but since I seldom go to Western restaurants, here, I can not give you good advice.

For shopping, you can go to Hua Qiang Bei Lu, in the Fu Tian District.  There are a couple of different buildings around that street selling electronic products. If you want to buy clothing, go to Mao Ye Mall or The Mix, also in Fu Tian.  The quality of clothes there is better than other malls in Shenzhen. East Gate, in Luo Hu, is another popular place for shopping.  Things, there, are relatively cheaper.  You can buy a lot of cute little things, in clothing , shoes, etc., but the quality is not as good as at Mao Ye.

In the Nan Shan district there are a lot of foreigner bars.  The discos are around the train station, for example, on Chuan Feng Lu, in the Luo Hu district.  Along Shen Nan Da Dao, in the Nan Shan district, are some tourist attractions.  Happy Valley is an amusement park, located in Hua Qiao Town (Overseas Chinese Town).  Windows of the World is a park with miniatures of famous cities from around the world.  In the China Folk Culture Village you can see things from the 56 different indigenous cultures that make up China.  

Thatís all for the introduction of Shenzhen, if you have any problem when you visit the city, you can call or E-mail me!

Ayu Chen



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