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Below are shown some items currently available in our showroom.  If you are interested in any of these items, you can use the information on our contact page to be in touch with us.  We can arrange for delivery worldwide.

For more art, including sculpture, paintings, embroidery art, artistic teapots, and jade carvings from China, check out the Leona Craig portion of our site.




Titled "Man-O-War" after the sea creature of the same name with many long tentacles.   The piece mimics that with the flowing branch structure; the vertical lines continue in the tiger maple skirt, and the bubbly surface of the quilted maple top is meant to capture the sense of a foamy sea.   Maple branch base, 5-piece interlocking quilted maple top and curly maple skirt; top and skirt assembled with square and round Gabon black ebony pins.  16"x16"x25"h.



Hand-decorated Rocking Chairs. Chairs made in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, crackle painted with milk paint

by C. Leonardo Mattioli.  Available in Mustard (shown), Barn Red, Lexington Green.



Slave Cabin Folk Art Windsor Chair, 35"h x 13"d x 17"w.  Origin Georgia, early 1800's.  In plantation days, slaves would use found wood to make furniture for themselves.  Today these items are a piece of Americana, and this particular Windsor style chair is an excellent example.  Its style is elegant in design and quite delicate.



Oil on Canvas, "Greenwich Village: 6th Avenue",  Martin Hardy. Framed, 27" x 33": Right down the block from where this was painted is the famous Balducci's Market.  The castle-like building that dominates the center was a women's' prison, in the early 1900's; women were said to have talked to their lovers, from the balcony on the spire, on the street below.  Today, it is a branch of the library system.  In the background can be seen the Shearson Building, looming in the distance, a full two miles south at Battery Park City.  This stunning piece of New York City Greenwich Village architecture and, indeed, the spirit of the Village are captured perfectly by the artist.                           






Many people do not know the subtle differences between the Amish and the Mennonites, sects among the Pennsylvania Dutch.  The Amish are very strict, they do not have electricity or cars, while the Mennonites can use these modern conveniences.  A major difference between the two sects is in the hand-stitched quilts that they produce.  The Amish use only darker colors, and the materials are all solids: there are no patterns.  Our first quilt offering is Mennonite from Lancaster County.  The pattern is the Pineapple, the folk symbol of welcome.  The quilt measures 93" by 112",  large enough for a queen size bed.  It is composed of hundreds of hand-stitched pieces of material about an inch wide.   It is an exquisite example of that pattern with the warmth of the border filled with the inviting bright color of its center.  It is a true work of art and craftsmanship.   Some close ups and full shots are shown, above.





This second offering has the plain colors of of the Amish.  Its simple saw tooth design is understated elegance.  A close look at the close ups, below, will reveal the intricate hand stitched patterns that fill the whole area of the quilt. Measures 93" x93".                                                                                                                                                                              



Pastels on hand-made paper. "Creatures Anciennes", Marie Claude Chager, a young Montreal Artist. Framed in a beautifully carved frame with gold leaf, 18" x 28".



Lithograph. "Mexico",  Sean Sandly, 42/88. Framed, 25" x 30".



Photograph. "Dead Horse Point" (Grand Canyon), Brad LaPayne. Framed, 18" x 73".


3 Bubinga boards: 8/4" thick.  19"x10' ; 17"x10' ; 15"x6.5'.                                           


For more art, including sculpture, paintings, needle point, artistic teapots, and jade carvings from China, check out the Leona Craig portion of our site


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