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The Art of China: Paintings, Sculpture, Xiangxiu Embroidery Art, Zisha Clay Teapot Art, Art Glass

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L C Yilang Art Gallery, Guangzhou, China Pan He and Liberation at Leona Craig Art Craig Mattoli and Pan He at Leona Craig Art Li Jin Ming Exhibition opening at Leina Craig Art


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Directions: Leona Craig Art Gallery is located in the Dongshan Kou section of Guangzhou, which is just north of Ersha Island, the location of the Guangdong Art Museum. It is to the west of Zhujiang Newtown.  To get there by subway, take the number 1 line, which begins at the Guangzhou East Railway station, in the Tian He district to the Northeast of Dongshan Kou.  Get off of the subway at the Dongshan Kou exchange and exit out of Exit A.  That will put you on the entrance street to the Dongshan Kou are, Shuqian Lu (Road).  Proceed down Shuqian to the end (one block) and make a left at the T-intersection at Miaoqian Lu.  Then, only after a few meters, you will come to Guigang Da Ma Lu, which is a walking street (which also allows cars).  You will pass a tall building on your left called the Grace building (there are few tall buildings in our area) after which (the next building) there is a large vegetable and meat market, also on the left (only several hundred meters after you have gotten onto Guigang Da Ma Lu).  Directly across from the central entrance of the market, on your right, is a small gated brick-covered walking street (the gate is on Guigang Da Ma Lu), Guigang 3 Ma Lu, which is our street.  Turn right onto Guigang 3 Ma Lu.  Proceed past the first intersection with another walking street, and the gallery is in the second building on your left after the intersection (less than 100 meters from the entrance).
Service in English:
086 13632410877
Office/Fax: 0086 20 37625069
Guangzhou, China
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All of our artworks are shipped directly from China Most items are shipped by DHL or similar shipping arrangements and should arrive in less than a week from the time of your purchase.  Some items must be custom made, for example, many of our teapots, and that could add additional time from order to delivery.  As far as concerns security and confidence in ordering, our parent company, Red Hill Capital Corporation, is a private corporation, organized in Delaware, U.S.A., and domiciled in Pennsylvania.  The owner, Craig Mattoli, is in China, now, to make sure that your acquisitions are taken care of properly with speed and integrity.  Our website, itself, is hosted in the U.S.  The ordering process, including credit card or bank account information entry, is done through PayPal®, so when you enter the purchasing system you will be redirected to the PayPal system to process your order and, then, redirected back into the Leona Craig Gallery site when you have completed your order.  All payments are processed through our account at PNC bank in Maryland.  The PayPal payment form allows you to use either a PayPal account or a credit card, such as Visa or MasterCard. 

Just push an "add to cart button" to get started in processing your order through a secure process PayPal has a limit of $10,000 on transactions, so, if an item that you are interested it has a value greater than that, please call or email to make other arrangements for payment.

You can begin by entering the various sections of the catalogue, as they are presently organized, by clicking on the appropriate link, below.  Shipping and insurance are included in the prices of all items. Any import fees that may arise from international sales are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

If you are in Guangzhou, China, give us a call to give you directions to the gallery.  Most of the paintings are displayed or stored in several locations, in Guangzhou, but some are still in artists studios and are only displayed by Leona Craig, in the on-line gallery.  We have some teapots in the gallery, while others must be shipped or ordered from the artist.  We keep a limited gallery inventory of embroidery art and glass art.  We get those directly from the studios for our clients. 

RETURN POLICY: Although we want our customers to be satisfied, because we are dealing in art, much of which is custom-made, returns are, in general, not accepted.  We personally check all items for defects before shipping, but if an item is defective or damaged in transit, we will work with you to resolve the problem.  These are the conditions that you agree to when shopping in our Leona Craig Gallery online.

We hope that you enjoy our offerings and your ordering experience.  Please send any questions or comments to either Craig Mattoli clm@clmattioli.com or Ayu Chen ayu@redhillchina.com , or call us, in Guangzhou, China, at 086 20 37625069.

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