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Art in a Time of Revolution Caixin o1/19/13
6 Things I Learned About Painting From the Met's Blockbuster Matisse Show Artinfo 01/18/13
Whitney Digs Into Collection for Heavyweight Show-American Legends: From Calder to O’Keeffe Bloomberg 01/18/13
Growth in internet sales forces fraud issue The Art Newspaper 01/17/13
Art not only for "1 percent", says Christie's chief Reuters 01/17/13
Christie’s Sales Climb 10% Led by Record Rothko Painting Bloomberg 01/17/13
Art Basel Hong Kong embraces Asian identity The Art Newspaper 01/16/13
Auction House Phillips Expands as Chairman De Pury Quits Bloomberg 01/16/13
From Cabs to Calders: Niche Taxi Finance Company Enters the Art Loan Biz Artinfo 01/16/13
Qing vase finally sells for £20m-£25m Financial Times 01/16/13
3 Hard Truths About the Art Market: It's Nasty, Brutish, and Short-Sighted Artinfo 01/15/13
广州画廊遭遇寒流 盼抱团取暖 Private Economic News  01/14/13
Mad Vincent’s Masterpieces Skewed by Japanese Dreams Bloomberg 01/14/13
What’s in store for the market? The Art Newspaper 01/13/13
How Do Arts Organizations Use the Internet? Hyperallergic 01/12/13
Important ceramics by Pablo Picasso from a private collection to be offered at Sotheby's Art Daily 01/12/13
Modigliani’s Lover May Boost $237 Million Christie’s Auction Bloomberg 01/12/13
Racy colour frescoes discovered by Italian archaeologists inside Colosseum in Rome Art Daily 01/11/13
Serra’s ‘threat’ to Broad collection The Art Newspaper 01/10/13
How Oddity-Obsessed Collectors and Their Wunderkammers Birthed the Modern Museum Artinfo 01/09/13
Miró on loan damaged at Tate Modern The Art Newspaper 01/09/13
In the Debate About the Art Bubble, the Dealer Is the Missing Piece Artinfo 01/08/13
David Hockney's Egyptian Vision at auction for the first time at Christie's London Art Daily 01/08/13
Pompidou show in Shanghai Power Station causes a stir The Art Newspaper 01/08/13
Art’s Martyr: The Drawings and Paintings of Pier Paolo Pasolini Hyperallergic 01/08/13
Iraqi archaeologists unearth sixty-six gold coins that are at least 1,400 years old Art Daily 01/08/13
"You Aren't Born a Collector, You Become One": A Conversation With Joseph Kouli Artinfo 01/08/13
Art sleuth finds Matisse 25 years after Swedish heist Reuters 01/08/13
America’s Top Art Places 2013 ArtPlace 01/08/13
New York Dealer Couple Must Pay Collector $18 Million for Running Off With His Art Artinfo 01/07/13
Granada's Alhambra throws open doors of Washington Irving's royal chambers The Art Newspaper 01/07/13
Warhol Tops Picasso Sales, Richter Leading Living Artist Bloomberg 01/07/13
San Jose Museum of Art to showcase contemporary Chinese photography in new exhibition Art Daily 01/06/13
Vienna Jewish museum may hold art stolen by Nazis: paper Reuters 01/06/13
YEAR IN REVIEW: 10 Stories That Moved the Art Market in 2012 01/06/13
Four Decades After Lucy Lippard's "Six Years," Is Conceptual Art Still Relevant? Artinfo 01/05/13
Six charged in theft of artworks from home of U.S. financier Gundlach Reuters 01/05/13
Who Is William Cole and Why Is He Leading a NY Times Online Discussion on the Art Market? Culture Grrl 01/05/13
Exhibition exploring 1,500 years of Buddhist art in Thailand opens at the Asian Civilisations Museum Art Daily 01/04/13
The Power of Non-Experts Hyperallergic 01/04/13
Buried Treasure Hidden From Soviets Disputed in Berlin Bloomberg 01/04/13
Portuguese billionaire adds works inspired by Bamiyan Buddhas to his vast sculpture park The Art Newspaper 01/03/13
Exhibition brings over 100 paintings by Toulouse-Lautrec to the National Gallery of Australia Art Daily 01/02/13
See Albrecht Durer’s Weird, NSFW 1514 New Year’s Card With Three Nude Witches Artinfo 01/02/13
The Art Market: Sparky sales and circuit breakers Financial Times 01/01/13
Edward Boccia: Figurative Expressionist to open at The Saint Louis University Museum of Art Art Daily 01/01/13
Copycat Architects in China Take Aim at the Stars Der Spiegel 01/01/13
Wondrous horrors Financial Times 01/01/13
Scottish National Gallery keeps with a century-old tradition of showing Turner watercolours Art Daily 01/01/13
Weekend Words: Falling Hyperallergic 12/31/12
Leonardo Outdoes Hockney, Hirst for 2012 Art Headlines Bloomberg 12/31/12
Mexican archaeologists find 60 arrows estimated to be more than 4,000 years old in Sinaloa Art Daily 12/30/12
10 Biggest Art Disasters of 2012 Hyperallergic 12/30/12
Exhibition focuses on the self-portrait as a genre throughout the 20th and into the 21st century Art Daily 12/29/12
Glad to Leave 2012 Behind: The American Folk Art Museum Real Clear Arts 12/29/12
Eyeballing "The Scream" at MoMA: Is It Worth $120 Million? Culture Grrl 12/29/12
Spink to offer fine and rare stamps and covers of China and Hong Kong in January sale Art Daily 12/29/12
Proposal to sell photograph by Munch in Oslo museum to Pompidou proves controversial The Art Newspaper 12/29/12
Overheard in the Art World Hyperallergic 12/28/12
Affordable Art Fair to launch in Hong Kong, March 2013 Art Daily 12/27/12
New Aboriginal art movement showcased at National Museum of Australia Art Daily 12/27/12
Hadrian's hall: archaeologists finish excavation of Roman arts centre Guardian 12/26/12
In 150th anniversary of his birth, Edvard Munch at pains to win favour in native Norway Art Daily 12/26/12
Vast database of Italian church’s art and artefacts goes live The Art Newspaper 12/26/12
Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam: One of the most important museums reopening in 2013 Art Daily 12/25/12
Russians invited to buy back or rent their old family estates The Art Newspaper 12/25/12
The Museum of Modern Art explores development of one of Modernism's greatest inventions: Abstraction Art Daily 12/24/12
Cow Vanishes Like Artist Klee in Abstract Show at MoMA Bloomberg 12/23/12
Paris - Hong Kong Artprice 12/23/12
As the Battle for the Online Art World Sharpens, How the Players Are Adapting Artinfo 12/23/12
The Poetic Justice of a Broken Koons Hyperallergic 12/21/12
The World's Oldest Wooden Architecture Hyperallergic 12/21/12
When Is Appropriation Just Copying? Hyperallergic 12/20/12
Which Auction Houses Are Leading the Charge in Online Sales? Artinfo 12/19/12
Moscow Design Museum opens with an exhibition of Soviet post-war design Art Daily 12/19/12
Texas gets the full picture The Art Newspaper 12/19/12
A Great Laugh, A Glorious Death Randian 12/19/12
French art masterpieces from the Centre Pompidou travel to Shanghai for the first time Art Daily 12/18/12
Beijing Bans Warhol’s Mao Portraits from China Exhibition Bloomberg 12/17/12
ALTERNATIVES: Inside Hallwalls, Unlikely Incubator of the Upstate Avant Garde Artinfo 12/15/12
Art Basel Miami & its Seasonal Affective Disorder, or Why Art Critics Grumpy about Art Market Recovery? Big Red Shiny 12/14/12
Exhibition celebrates millennium of Russian-German ties Reuters 12/14/12
The first modern master of the art of branding The Art Newspaper 12/12/12
The Late M.F. Husain, Already an Icon of Indian Art, Becomes a Market Darling Artinfo 12/12/12
Can their love last forever? The Art Newspaper 12/12/12
$6 million Chinese vase once owned by First Lady Lou Henry Hoover sells at Bonhams Art Daily 12/12/12
Art Critic Blake Gopnik Laid Off at Newsweek Artinfo 12/11/12
Russia's Hermitage Museum denounces blasphemy investigation Reuters 12/11/12
Art worlds collide at Kiev’s Pinchuk Art Centre The Art Newspaper 12/11/12
French courts to rule in Chinese artist family feud between his third wife and his son from a previous marriage Art Daily 12/11/12
China launch for The Art Newspaper The Art Newspaper 12/10/12
A-Rod, Harvard Kid’s Beefcake Send Miami Into Overdrive Bloomberg 12/09/12
Cai Guo-Qiang Lights “Explosive” Tree On National Mall 12/09/12
Istanbul Design Biennial celebrates "imperfection" Reuters 12/09/12
NAFA Pays Tribute to Alumnus Foo Chee San Artinfo 12/09/12
Artists have the last word at the fair The Art Newspaper 12/09/12
Fine Line of Tradition Caixin 12/08/12
Royal Academy show charts rise of British landscape Reuters 12/08/12
Chelsea Handler, Will Ferrell Join Miami Basel VIPs Bloomberg 12/07/12
Painting attributed to El Greco smashes pre-sale estimate at Bonhams Old Masters Sale Art Daily 12/07/12
Beauty Queen Nefertiti in Spotlight, Berlin Denies Tricks Bloomberg 12/07/12
Sotheby’s Inaugural Auction of Asian and Western Contemporary Art Disappoints Artinfo 12/07/12
Italian police recover 2,000-year-old Egyptian sphinx stolen from Etruscan necropolis of Montem Rossulum Art Daily 12/07/12
Sales at Art Basel Miami Beach Gather Momentum on the Fair's Second Day Artinfo 12/07/12
SAC’s Cohen Art Watched by Buyers as Trading Probe Grows Bloomberg 12/07/12
Cavemen better at drawing animal movement: study by open access journal PLoS ONE Art Daily 12/07/12
Art fair showcases growing cultural scene in Miami Reuters 12/07/12
A sad reflection on the art world The Art Newspaper 12/07/12
The Many Faces of Yue Minjun New York Times 12/06/12
Raphael Apostle Brings Record $47.8 Million at Sotheby’s Bloomberg 12/06/12
Louvre satellite seeks to revive bleak French region Reuters 12/04/12
Christie’s CEO Murphy, Gagosian, Eli Broad Make Top 10 Bloomberg 12/04/12
"White Gold: Revealing the World's Earliest Coins" exhibition on view at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem Art Daily 12/03/12
Baryshnikov’s Art Offers Rare Glimpse Into a Private Life Bloomberg 12/03/12
Bechtler Museum of Modern Art updates Alberto Giacometti exhibition with additional drawings Art Daily 12/03/12
A forgotten Old Master re-emerges at Sotheby’s The Art Newspaper 12/03/12
Asia Week New York announces record number of international participants Art Daily 12/02/12
Exhibition in Dresden presents treasures of the Kremlin from Ivan the Terrible to Peter the Great Art Daily 12/02/12
Growth of museums reveals cultural power 12/02/12
Why The Smith College Museum of Art Is A Work of Art Real Clear Arts 12/01/12
New technology resurrects ancient Chinese cave at Smithsonian's Sackler Gallery Art Daily 12/01/12
Is Political Satire Common in China? Slate 12/01/12
Munch, Kirchner Artworks Return to Jewish Collector’s Heirs Bloomberg 12/01/12
Turner prize-winner's work stolen from Christie's Guardian 12/01/12
China art auctioneers face off with foreign rivals Business Week 12/01/12
"Bubbles and bankruptcy: Financial crises in Britain since 1700" opens at the British Museum Art Daily 11/30/12
The Other 80s of Wang Guangyi Randian 11/30/12
"The thousand and one nights" exhibition casts a spell at the Arab World Institute in Paris Art Daily 11/30/12
Matisse’s Erotic Dance; Major Stuffed Bald Eagle Battle Bloomberg 11/30/12
The Hong Kong's marathon Artprice 11/29/12
Paris Giacometti foundation launches website The Art Newspaper 11/29/12
From Renoir to Warhol: The Craziest and Most Lucrative Thrift Store Art Finds Artinfo 11/29/12
Chinese auction houses go global Financial Times 11/28/12
Lover Image May Top $17.6 Million Sotheby’s Schiele Sale Bloomberg 11/27/12
On the "Particular Destiny" of Designer George Nakashima's Craft Woodworking Artinfo 11/27/12
Jim Cuno Takes On The Art History World Artinfo 11/25/12
An Interview with Philip Tinari   Ocula  11/25/12 
当代艺术复古何为?For what does Contemporary Art Return Muse Magazine  11/25/12 
Christie's Hong Kong presents the first Chinese Contemporary ink exhibition titled Beyond Tradition Art Daily 11/25/12
Disturbing view of Russia emerges from UK art show Reuters 11/25/12
After four years in the making, first major Francis Bacon exhibition in Australia opens Art Daily 11/24/12
Botero's bronze "Horse" top seller at NY Latam art auction Reuters 11/24/12
Billionaires Lured by $108 Million Russian Art Sales Bloomberg 11/24/12
Highlights from Sotheby's Old Master Paintings and Drawings Sales travel to Hong Kong Art Daily 11/24/12
Camembert to clocks: Dali's genius on show in Paris Reuters 11/24/12
Sotheby's inaugural Auction of Asian and Western Contemporary Art in Asia to be held on 3 December Art Daily 11/23/12
Nazis Faced Mythic Resistance, Selfish Picasso in Paris Bloomberg 11/23/12
Getting Over Ai Weiwei Randian 11/23/12
Sotheby’s profits drop by 58% over nine-month period The Art Newspaper 11/22/12
Istanbul's Art Market Soars to New Heights — But Will It Be Undone by Unrest? Artinfo 11/21/12
Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery expands notions of drawing in new exhibition Art Daily 11/20/12
The Abstract Colourist Trend Sweeping Australia's Art Scene Artinfo 11/20/12
Is the coffee economy grinding to a halt? The Art Newspaper 11/20/12
In Retrospect: Art Toronto Reports Soaring Sales, Record Turn-Out Artinfo 11/19/12
Jade hardstone carvings and Chinese ceramics, paintings and calligraphy on offer at Bonhams Art Daily 11/19/12
"This Is Nuts": Christie's $412-Million Postwar and Contemporary Auction Stuns Artinfo 11/19/12
France's Musee d'Orsay opens major show of 19th century paintings at new museum in China Art Daily 11/18/12
Art expert contradicts Knoedler gallery The Art Newspaper 11/17/12
Adam Lindemann’s Top 10 Reasons to Not Not Write About the Art Market Artinfo 11/17/12
Warhol, Richter Coast, Young Artists Soar at Phillips Bloomberg 11/17/12
Surrealist, Mexican works poised to lead NY Latin American art auctions Reuters 11/17/12
Diversify or Die: Why the Art World Needs to Keep Up With Our Changing Society Artinfo 11/17/12
Brand names slip as market starts to correct The Art Newspaper 11/17/12
Warhol, Koons Defy Fiscal Cliff at Christie’s Record Sale Bloomberg 11/17/12
"Shopping list" thieves steal $2 million South African art Reuters 11/13/12
Major international loan exhibition at the Getty Museum explores the art that gave rise to the Renaissance Art Daily 11/13/12
Turin's Artissima 2012 Logs Notable Sales, Despite Italy's Economic Woes Artinfo 11/13/12
Exhibition explores Marcel Duchamp's impact on four great contemporary artists Art Daily 11/12/12
Hopper’s Brooding All-Night Loners in Belated Paris Debut Bloomberg 11/12/12
The Hermitage: Bold plans to change Russia's fine-art tradition The Independent 11/12/12
Chinese Auctions Shrink: Art Buzz Bloomberg 11/12/12
The Current Future of the Chinese Art Market Oil Painting Collection & Appreciation 11/10/12
Asset freeze on bid-defaulting Sheikh extended by London judge The Art Newspaper 11/10/12
Director aims to bring the world to Michigan The Art Newspaper 11/09/12
Sotheby’s Quarterly Loss Widens as Revenue Increases Bloomberg 11/09/12
Pablo Picasso's "Nature morte aux tulipes" sells for $41.5 million at Sotheby's in New York Art Daily 11/09/12
A Passion for the Emperor's Seal New York Times 11/03/12
Contemporary Chinese seals by Li Lanqing on view at the British Museum Art Daily 11/02/12
Photography's art history laid bare in UK show Reuters 11/01/12
Christie's announces Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art Autumn 2012 Auctions on November 28 Art Daily 11/01/12
Two plead guilty in Miami to trying to sell stolen Matisse Reuters 11/01/12
Mona Lisa's Petite Aussie Doppelganger, Now Revered, Gets Her Due Artinfo 11/01/12
Contemporary Arab and Islamic sales over for London? The Art Newspaper 11/01/12
Christie’s Offers $240 Bargains; Montrachet, Magritte Top Sales Bloomberg 11/01/12
Cologne's The Art.Fair grows into a respected forum of top-class international galleries Art Daily 11/01/12
China looks to clamp down on forgeries The Art Newspaper 11/01/12
Damien Hirst has brought public art to a new low Art 10/30/12
Made on the Mainland Wall Street Journal 10/30/12
Dutch art heist museum says security system in order Reuters 10/30/12
Vatican to finally have pavilion at Venice Biennale The Art Newspaper 10/29/12
Cézanne and the Past: Tradition and Creativity opens at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest Art Daily 10/29/12
Could Honeybees Be Trained to Authenticate Paintings? Artinfo 10/29/12
Swiss offer military bunkers as art storage answer Reuters 10/29/12
What You Need to Know Before You Take Out an Art Loan: A Q&A With Trinh Doan Artinfo 10/28/12
Governors Island Aims to Rival Central Park With West 8-Designed Fake Hills Artinfo 10/28/12
Bali's 'largest' ancient Hindu temple discovered; Team believes dates from around the 13th to 15th centuries Art Daily 10/28/12
Italy's top bank turns vaults into Milan art museum Reuters 10/28/12
Is China building too many muesums too fast? The Globe and Mail 10/28/12
Art Basel restructures leadership The Art Newspaper 10/28/12
China wants to stop profiteering at temple sites Art Daily 10/27/12
Ai Weiwei Flips White House the Bird; Funny Lichtenstein Bloomberg 10/27/12
The Real (And Not at All Universal) Meaning Behind Edvard Munch's "The Scream" Artinfo 10/27/12
Chinese gallery owner arrested in Madrid The Art Newspaper 10/27/12
Archaeologists in Guatemala excavate Mayan ruler's tomb built between 700 and 400 B.C. Art Daily 10/27/12
Louise Blouin in bid to buy the Armory Show? The Art Newspaper 10/25/12
Sotheby's exhibits highlights in Moscow from its forthcoming New York and London sales Art Daily 10/25/12
Does Egon Schiele's Risque Art Make Him a Prophet of Unchained Female Libido Art info 10/25/12
Munch Beaten by Keran Li on China Demand, Artprice Says Bloomberg 10/23/12
Richter painting sale sets record for living artist Reuters 10/13/12
Big Names Bomb at Christie's Slack $36.8-Million Postwar and Contemporary Sale Artifno 10/13/12
Sotheby's autumn HK sales drop as China economy slows Reuters 10/11/12
Sotheby's Hong Kong Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Autumn Sale series totals $79 million Art Daily 10/10/12
Art Market to Get Record $1.5 Billion Test at Frieze, Auctions Bloomberg 10/10/12
Lost diaries help solve "young Mona Lisa" mystery Reuters 10/09/12
"Gauguin and the Voyage to the Exotic" opens at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid Art Daily 10/09/12
China Guardian Stages Impressive Hong Kong Debut Artinfo 10/09/12
U.S. collector slams "trophy hunters" inflating art Reuters 10/09/12
China Art Auctioneers Face Off With Foreign Rivals In New Turf War Huffington Post 10/09/12
China art auctioneers eye slice of Hong Kong market Reuters 10/07/12
Closed New York Gallery Settles Suit Over ‘Forged’ Pollock Bloomberg 10/07/12
Bernini's terracotta models illuminate his unique creative process in Met Museum exhibition Art Daily 10/07/12
How Strong Is the Art Market? Wall Street Journal 10/06/12
Picasso, Warhol works expected to sell for $35 million each Reuters 10/06/12
The lure of Chinese paintings and calligraphy: Fall Asian Decorative Arts auction takes in $1.8 million Art Daily 10/06/12
Sotheby's Loads Its Fall Auctions With Blockbuster Lots by Picasso and Cezanne Artinfo 10/05/12
China art auctions: feeling the chill Financial Times 10/05/12
It's all black and white in new Picasso exhibition Reuters 10/05/12
Auction Houses Versus Private Sales: What Is the Future of Buying Art? Artinfo 10/05/12
Grand Palais sheds light on a phenomenon which traverses the history of art and society Art Daily 10/05/12
Strong Sales Expected At Upcoming Sotheby’s Hong Kong Auction Series Jing Daily 10/05/12
Phillips Wants to Bring Watercolors Back in Style with “New Generation” Sale Artinfo 10/04/12
Ancient Austrian remains show woman in male trade Art Daily 10/04/12
4 Things Experts Will Be Watching at Next Week's London Contemporary Auctions Artinfo 10/04/12
Interview: Yue Minjun-The Chinese contemporary artist reflecting pain through a round of silly laughter Hong Kong Tattler 10/04/12
Remarkable 14th century Franciscan text survivor leads Bonhams £1M book sale Art Daily 10/04/12
Art HK founder plans new fair in Istanbul The Art Newspaper 10/04/12
Outing Its Client, Artprice Can “Confirm 99%” the Sale of “The Card Players” to Qatar Artinfo 10/03/12
Billionaire art collector set to be next Georgian prime minister The Art Newspaper 10/03/12
What's a Fair Worth? Investigating the Economy of the New Event-Driven Art World Artinfo 10/02/12
Important 19th century paintings emerge from a private collection in Ohio after more than a century Art Daily 10/02/12
Two huge state-run museums open in Shanghai The Art Newspaper 10/01/12
Cambodia Is Seeking 2nd Statue New York Times 10/01/12
The Scuderie del Quirinale opens exhibition by the greatest Dutch painter of the 17th century Art Daily 10/01/12
New Collectors At Sotheby’s: What To Watch At Upcoming Auctions Jing Daily 10/01/12
Sotheby's Paris to offer the Marsel & Zaira Mis Collection of Modern & Contemporary Art Art Daily 09/30/12
Bacon Pope painting unseen for decades up for U.S. auction Reuters 09/29/12
Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau marks 125th anniversary of key figure on the European art scene Art Daily 09/29/12
Need a loan? Use your art The Art Newspaper 09/29/12
Scientists Confirm That Nazi-Owned Buddhist “Iron Man” Is Made of Space Rock Artinfo 09/28/12
Sotheby's Makes History With First-Ever Chinese Mainland Auction Artinfo 09/28/12
Baron Brant Pledges Warhols to Revive Family Business Bloomberg 09/28/12
Got Some Extra Cash? Rumor Has It the Armory Show and Other MMPI-Owned Fairs Are for Sale Artinfo 09/28/12
Auction of $7 Renoir canceled, may be stolen from Baltimore museum Reuters 09/28/12
Royal Academy peddles art through Paddle8 The Art Newspaper 09/26/12
Was Expo Chicago a Success? Dealers Dish on the Fair's Ambitious First Edition Artinfo 09/26/12
A rush on realist art The Art Newspaper 09/26/12
A German Museum Restages the Seminal 1912 Exhibition That Made Modernism Cool Artinfo 09/24/12
Search for Mysterious Lost Da Vinci Aborted Discovery News 09/24/12
Impressionism and Fashion: The Musée d'Orsay looks at the way people dressed Art Daliy 09/24/12
Another Mona Lisa to be unveiled in Geneva The Art Newspaper 09/24/12
Winslow Homer's depictions of maritime catastrophe and rescue on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Art Daily 09/22/12
Pop art pioneer Lichtenstein in Tate Modern retrospective Reuters 09/22/12
London Museum Commissions Statue of Darwin’s Little-Known Evolution Collaborator Artinfo 09/22/12
MFA treats coins as miniature works of art The Art Newspaper 09/21/12
Major 2013 loan exhibition at the British Museum announced: Life and death in Pompeii and Herculaneum Art Daily 09/21/12
Not the usual suspects for new London fair The Art Newspaper 09/20/12
 The art of rebalancing China Economic Review 09/20/12
Basquiat poised to set record at New York art auction Reuters 09/19/12
Bugatti Joins $5.2 Million Mercedes; La Tache Tops Sale Bloomberg 09/19/12
Whole Museum Visit Spent Feeling Guilty About Moving On From Paintings The Onion 09/19/12
The Art Market: A whole lot of Warhol 09/19/12
The Museo del Prado launches its "Goya in the Prado" website; more than 1,000 works available Art Daily 09/18/12
Why The Art Market Profits When Social Inequality Is Growing Huffington Post 09/18/12
Louvre opens new 5,000 sq. meter Department of Islamic Arts with 3,000 artefacts on display Art Daily 09/18/12
Perelman’s ‘Popeye’ Spurs Accusations of Secret Deals at Gallery Bloomberg 09/18/12
Renoir, de Chirico & Moore works go on view as part of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art's loan program Art Daily 09/17/12
Rebirth for Cave Buddhas New York Times 09/17/12
Thieves Hit Yorkville Gallery, the Second Heist for Dealer Artinfo 09/17/12
Mexican archaeologists enter, for the first time, a 1,500 year old tomb in Palenque Art Daily 09/17/12
Mercedes S-Type Sells for $4.5 Million After 84 Years in Garage Bloomberg 09/16/12
Exhibition in Paris presents a genre of painting epitomised by Canaletto and Guardi Art Daily 09/15/12
Louvre Abu Dhabi acquires its first photographic works The Art Newspaper 09/15/12
Keith Haring Foundation No Longer Authenticating Works Artinfo 09/15/12
Moving museum takes "snapshot" of unsung Russian art Reuters 09/14/12
Vase used as a doorstop sells for $1.3 million at Sotheby's Chinese Works of Art Sale Art Daily 09/14/12
Eric Clapton to sell painting worth up to $19 million Reuters 09/14/12
Bronzes take first place at Royal Academy The Art Newspaper 09/14/12
What does the future hold for abstraction in Asia? Art Radar Asia 09/13/12
Bonhams in New York sets new world record price for Mon Dvaravati bronze sculpture Art Daily 09/13/12
Dreams for Sale: Why Today’s Collectors Are in Hot Pursuit of Surrealist Art Artinfo 09/13/12
Life imitating art? Warhol-inspired soup for sale Reuters 09/13/12
“Chinese Art Is Merely a Product”: Ai Weiwei Blasts the Hayward Gallery’s New Show Artinfo 09/12/12
Jewish Artist’s Heirs Pressure Museums on Nazi-Era Losses Bloomberg 09/11/12
Chinese Businessmen Are Purchasing Art To Launder Their Money Business Insider 09/11/12
Britain's "first modern art movement" in Tate show Reuters 09/11/12
Sotheby’s gains foothold in mainland China The Art Newspaper 09/11/12
Shanghai art show censored in advance of party congress Globe and Mail 09/10/12
Greece Shells Out for Germany, Lends Olympic Treasures Bloomberg 09/10/12
Possible Renoir found: Virginia woman's flea market find for sale at Potomack Company Art Daily 09/09/12
Asia Week kicks off at Freeman's featuring the Frank J. Schwind Collection Art Daily 09/09/12
Porcelain, jade, ceramics highlight NY Asian art sales Reuters 09/08/12
L.A. Contemporary Art Museum Postpones Gala Amid Turmoil Bloomberg 09/08/12
Abstract expressionist works could make $100 million in NY auction Reuters 09/08/12
A Chinese Dealer, Trafficker in Mystery New York Times 09/08/12
Asian Art Momentum Likely To Pick Up At Upcoming Autumn Auctions Jing Daily 09/07/12
Victims of forgery are ‘left in limbo’ The Art Newspaper 09/07/12
Fine Classical Chinese Paintings at Sotheby's on 13 September 2012 in New York Art Daily 09/06/12
Warhol foundation to sell art worth $100m to boost endowment The Art Newspaper 09/06/12
Van Gogh’s Peasant, Andy Warhol, Picasso Top Fall Season Bloomberg 09/06/12
Jade pendant & vase from Imperial Summer Palace in Peking 1860, for sale at Bonhams Art Daily 09/06/12
Penn Museum strengthens partnership with Turkey, agrees to indefinite term loan of "Troy Gold" Art Daily 09/05/12
A Picasso Online for Just $450? Yes, It Is a Steal New York Times 09/05/12
Ancient Art and Renaissance collections reopen at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg Art Daily 09/04/12
Sotheby's Hong Kong to present Fine Chinese Paintings Autumn Sale on 8 October Art Daily 09/04/12
Raphael Apostle to Top Duke’s $41 Million Sotheby’s Sale Bloomberg 09/04/12
Dutch and Flemish masterworks unveiled at the Currier Museum of Art in New Hampshire Art Daily 09/03/12
Goethe’s Weimar Honors Poet With Fossils, Michelangelo Bloomberg 09/03/12
Original beeswax mold for Leonardo da Vinci's "Horse And Rider" presented in Los Angeles Art Daily 09/03/12
Hoping That Art Will Continue to Pay Off New York times 09/03/12
Singapore not in next prestigious Venice Biennale visual arts show 09/02/12
Conceptual Transcendence Redefining The Boundaries Of The Traditional Chinese Realistic Painting 09/02/12
China's Art Bubble May Be Popping CNBC 09/01/12
Rich variety of fine Asian decorative art to be offered at Bonhams in San Francisco this October Art Daily 09/01/12
The Butler Did It! Pennsylvania Police Suspect House-Cleaner in Search for Stolen Ben Franklin Bust Artinfo 08/31/12
Lusty Art Hunter Bags Picasso, Makes MoMA Modern Bloomberg 08/31/12
“I Just Wait Until It Goes 'Pow!'” Abstract Painter Ed Moses on His Methodical and Intuitive Process Artinfo 08/30/12
Ancient stones revealed on tapestry The Art Newspaper 08/30/12
Sotheby’s Taps Academic Tao Wang to Head Chinese Works of Art Department in New York Artinfo 08/30/12
Metal casting from Leonardo da Vinci’s 500-year-old ‘Horse and Rider’ sculpture unveiled Yahoo 08/30/12
The dissolution of authenticity Artinfo 08/30/12
Record auction price up to $30 million eyed for Kandinsky Reuters 08/30/12
While digging a highway, Israeli archeologists find two figurines from the New Stone Age Art Daily 08/30/12
Picasso, Bronze Star in Europe Art Shows: Martin Gayford Bloomberg 08/30/12
The Fralin Museum of Art at U.Va. links ancient masters and modern styles in Chinese ink painting exhibition Art Daily 08/29/12
Australian Artist's Angelic Chalk Masterpiece Wins Italy's Street Painting Olympics Artinfo 08/29/12
St Moritz becomes off-piste arts hub The Art Newspaper 08/29/12
The Man Behind the CalArts Mafia: A Portrait of Jack Goldstein, Pictures Generation Progenitor Artinfo 08/28/12
Courbet's Majestic Oak Painting Returns to Its Roots After Hometown Museum's $5-Million Purchase Artinfo 08/28/12
U.S., international art collectors see 'best of best' trove as significant investment opportunity Art Daily 08/28/12
Rolling Sculptures Make Big Bucks: California Car Auctions Go From Zero to $262-Million Fast Artinfo 08/28/12
Archaeologists discover a sculpture representing a jaguar estimated to be 2,000 years old Art Daily 08/28/12
Loans From Van Otterloos Lead To Thoughts About Real Collectors Real Clear Arts 08/27/12
Adapt or Die: What We Can Learn About Museum Finances from LA MOCA and the Detroit Institute of Arts Artinfo 08/26/12
Contemporary exhibition in Pittsburgh intersects art, history, industry, and politics Art Daily 08/26/12
Paint By Numbers Pacific Standard 08/25/12
“People Talk about Collectors Too Much”: Q&A With Concrete Art Space President Jean-François Torres Artinfo 08/25/12
Morse's Gallery of the Louvre exhibited at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Art Daily 08/25/12
Seattle’s lifeline for non-profit arts jobs The Art Newspaper 08/25/12
Sotheby's Hong Kong to hold 20th Century Chinese Art Autumn Sale 2012 on 7 October Art Daily 08/25/12
Norwegian gallery loses a Rembrandt in the mail Reuters 08/25/12
"Offering of the Angels: Paintings and Tapestries from the Uffizi Gallery" opens at the Chazen Museum of Art Art Daily 08/25/12
Force of Nature: Robert Motherwell's Final Provincetown Works Drew Their Power From the Sea Artinfo 08/25/12
Picasso and Duchamp, up against each other for the first time at the Moderna Museet Art Daily 08/24/12
Amazing ancient bronzes given up by Calabrian sea The Art Newspaper 08/24/12
A Window On The Future Of The Clyfford Still Museum Real Clear Arts 08/23/12
Things Change Arts Journal 08/23/12
City breaks ground on new Gaillard Center Charleston City Paper 08/23/12
Elderly Woman's Hilarious Failed Attempt At Restoring A 19th Century Fresco In Borja, Spain Huffington Post 08/23/12
Scottish Art Dealer Suspects Fiendish Forces Behind Edinburgh Art Robbery Artinfo 08/23/12
Biennale of Sydney 2012: Chinese artist Ji Yunfei on The Three Gorges Dam Migration Art Radar Asia 08/23/12
Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents portraits and landscapes from the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nantes Art Daily 08/23/12
Collector Peter Cohen Makes the Case for Amateur Photography's Place in Art History Artinfo 08/22/12
Jean Nouvel Reportedly Beats Out Hadid and Gehry for China's New Art Museum Artinfo 08/22/12
Unknown pre-Eyckian panel to be shown at 'The Road to Van Eyck' exhibition Art Daily 08/22/12
Doctors Claim Sleeping Aussie Lawyer Took Paintings While "Assuming the Identity of an Art Thief" Artinfo 08/22/12
Taiwan government says late leader Chiang Kai-shek medal up for auction not original Art Daily 08/22/12
Mexico opens its arms to contemporary art The Art Newspaper 08/22/12
Bonhams announces Fine Chinese Painting & Calligraphy sale this September 12 Art Daily 08/21/12
French museum sets sights on ambitious Asian art loans The Art Newspaper 08/21/12
Bonhams New York announces Himalayan, Indian & Southeast Asian sale in September Art Daily 08/21/12
I Observed Them in Their Way of Working:Q&A With Willy Rizzo on Photographing Dali, Chanel and Dior Artinfo 08/21/12
Discovery In the Basement — A Picasso, No Less — Leads to Deaccession Real Clear Arts 08/20/12
Exhibition showcasing over 1000 years of Islamic art and architecture opens at the Asian Civilisations Museum Art Daily 09/20/12
Charles Saatchi’s £30 million gift to the nation goes begging Telegraph 08/20/12
Exhibition explores New York's 200-year rise to become center of global banking and finance Art Daily 08/20/12
“A Millennium Park of Nature”: Architect Jeanne Gang's Vision for a Chicago Eco-Island Moves Ahead Artinfo 08/20/12
Exhibition of funerary items found in pre-Inca priestess' tomb opens at museum in Peru Art Daily 08/19/12
Ford GT40 Sells for $11 Million, Auction Record for a U.S. Car Bloomberg 08/19/12
Britain stops export of key Picasso painting Reuters 08/19/12
Show and Tell Caixin 08/19/12
Oslo moves to list frieze by Munch The Art Newspaper 08/19/12
‘Chinese Gardens,’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York Times 08/18/12
Chris Crosman Praises Fisk/Crystal Bridges Deal, Blasts AAMD’s "Myopic" Policy Culture Grrl 08/17/12
Nazi-Looted Medieval Sculpture Returns to Family Bloomberg 08/17/12
Christie's Fall Asian Art Week to feature Asian art reference books from the C.T. Loo Library Art Daily 08/16/12
Shifting interests in art market blamed for closure of veteran LA gallery The Art Newspaper 08/16/12
Christie's presents fine Chinese ceramics and works of art in September Art Daily 08/16/12
Heir demands Signac painting be saved from spitballs The Art Newspaper 08/16/12
Sotheby’s Net Income Plummets 42%; Washington Post’s Art-Market "Boom" Is a Bust Culture Grrl 08/15/12
China's $13 Billion Art Fraud -- And What It Means For You Forbes 08/15/12
Ellsworth Kelly Casts His Cold Eye on Art Market, Peers Bloomberg 08/15/12
艺术无处不在的东山口就像美国的SOHU艺术区 So. Met. Daily (GZ) 08/14/12
Imperial Chinese porcelain to take centre stage this November at Eskenazi in London Art Daily 08/14/12
Uncharted Territory: Experts Explain Why Collectors Have Yet to Embrace Alighiero e Boetti's Oeuvre Artinfo 08/14/12
Surprise Bounty for Cleanup Artist New York Times 08/13/12
Edinburgh Fest kicks off with Frederick Delius Reuters 08/13/12
Berlin Art Week : A response to increasing competition among the world's art centres Art Daily 08/13/12
Turkey Admits Theft, Fakes At Its Ankara State Museum Real Clear Arts 08/13/12
Mercedes Roadster May Beat $16.4 Million Ferrari in U.S. Sales Bloomberg 08/13/12
Chinese Artist Yue Minjun’s “Warriors” Summer In The Hamptons Jing Daily 08/13/12
Stedelijk Museum to reopen in September after ambitious renovation and expansion project Art Daily 08/13/12
Giant Picasso, Antique Tank Star in Exhibition on 1917: Review Bloomberg 08/13/12
Event Watch: Sotheby’s Hong Kong Autumn Auction Series (Oct. 5-9) Jing Daily 08/13/12
BioMuseo designed by Frank Gehry aims to safeguard our natural heritage for the future Art Daily 08/12/12
Vincent van Gogh painting to be determined by rogue hair Telgraph 08/12/12
Back by popular demand: Famed Dutch and Flemish masterpieces return to Peabody Essex Museum Art Daily 08/12/12
Van Gogh Attribution to Be Confirmed by Hair Sample Artinfo 08/12/12
Dr. Nancy Berliner appointed Wu Tung Curator of Chinese Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Art Daily 08/11/12
Zabludowicz Collection Turns Tiny Finnish Island Into Contemporary Art Hot Spot Artinfo 08/11/12
Asia Society Museum appoints Michelle Yun as Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art Art Daily 08/11/12
Creative Curiosity: A NASA Concept Artist Explains the Process Behind the Latest Mars Images Artinfo 08/10/12
Artnet’s Chaotic 13-Hour Shareholders Meeting Ends in Acrimony, Narrowly Avoiding the Cops Artinfo 08/09/12
Jacques Barrère Gallery to present Chinese Buddhist sculptures at the 26th Biennale des Antiquaires Art Daily 08/09/12
Artnet Founder Wards Off Hostile Takeover by Redline Bloomberg 08/09/12
Sotheby's Earnings Squeezed, But the Company Sees a Silver Lining in Global Economic Decline Artinfo 08/09/12
Sotheby's Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art Sale to feature four private American collections Art Daily 08/09/12
Eli Broad Misses MOCA Payment in Museum’s Murky Finances Bloomberg 08/09/12
Can a Christie's-Funded Creative Think Tank Transform the Way Museums Do Business? Artinfo 08/08/12
Manet portrait to stay in UK after export ban Reuters 08/08/12
First modern auction house turns 20 and offers original works by Francis, Haring, and Warhol Art Daily 08/08/12
Cranach’s Madonna under the Fir Tree returned to Poland The Art Newspaper 08/08/12
Sotheby’s 2nd-Quarter Profit Falls on Lower Auction Sales Bloomberg 08/08/12
How the Art World's Lingo of Exclusivity Took Root, Branched Out, And Then Rotted From Within Artinfo 08/07/12
New Investment Products in China Raise Fears of Collapse New York Times 08/07/12
Major Museums Reel as the Extent of Subhash Kapoor's Alleged Smuggling Ring Is Uncovered Artinfo 08/07/12
Gold Trove Found at Israel Castle Reveals Crusaders’ Forex Moves Bloomberg 08/07/12
SHOWS THAT MATTER: The Met Digs Deep in its Collections to Survey Albrecht Durer's Influence Artinfo 08/06/12
Another “Gift” From Rome’s Mayor Real Clear Arts 08/06/12
Hong Kong $2.8 Billion Arts Hub to Fill Cultural Void Bloomberg 08/06/12
Spain's cultural treasures on exclusive U.S. tour from the Prado to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Art Daily 08/05/12
Meg Maggio, Pekin Fine Arts: Chinese Art Market “Has Become Completely Globalized” Jing Daily 08/05/12
Christie's “considering its options” after Russian painting setback The Art Newspaper 08/04/12
Can This Florida Nude Painter Take on China's Art Cloning Juggernaut? Artinfo 08/04/12
National Gallery of Art acquires important works across media by Adams, Moran, Whistler, and more Art Daily 08/04/12
The Louvre's Islamic Galleries, A Mix of I.M. Pei and Magic Carpet, Get Set for Fall Debut Artinfo 08/04/12
Stripped bare and bathed: The preservation of Dali's masterworks at the Dalí Museum Art Daily 08/04/12
Conservators also oppose plan to sideline Berlin's Old Masters The Art Newspaper 08/04/12
Over 50,000 visited the landmark exhibition The Search for Immortality: Tomb Treasures of Han China Art Daily 08/03/12
Citing a Pisa-Style Tilt, Rome Unveils Plans for Three-Year Colosseum Restoration Artinfo 08/03/12
Chinese Army Exposes Its Artistic Side New York Times 08/03/12
Facelift, Cafe, Trite Shows Degrade Morgan Bloomberg 08/03/12
Art is about People In the Red Magazine 08/03/12
Missing Lichtenstein painting turns up in New York Reuters 08/03/12
The Getty celebrates the legacy of Franz Xavier Messerschmidt's distinctive character heads Art Daily 08/01/12
Iran is sitting on a modern-art goldmine Guardian 08/01/12
The 50 Most Exciting Art Collectors Under 50 (Part 2) Artinfo 08/01/12
Archaeologists from Bonn discover the tomb of a Maya prince during excavations in Mexico Art Daily 08/01/12
Sculptural skyscraper built through a legal loophole The Art Newspaper 08/01/12
Torture, Madness Abound in Louis Soutter Paris Exhibition Bloomberg 08/01/12
A High Holy Whodunit New York Times 07/31/12
A Chinese Mogul Conjures Up the Cultural Revolution Wall Street Journal 07/31/12
Discovery at Border Cave reinforces the theory that modern man came from southern Africa Art Daily 07/31/12
Anna Somers Cocks, chairman, and four leading trustees of the Venice in Peril Fund resign The Art Newspaper 07/31/12
The Estate of Bruno Giacometti to be sold at Christie's in Zurich to benefit children's hospitals Art Daily 07/30/12
Exhibition of Flemish and Dutch Caravaggism on view at Musée des Augustins in Toulouse Art Daily 07/30/12
Pablo Picasso's "Paths of the South" examined at the Centre d’art La Malmaison in Cannes Art Daily 07/29/12
Interview : ART MOSCOW InitiArt Magazine 07/29/12
"Small Skills, Special Effects: Unusual Chinese Works of Art" at the Royal Ontario Museum Art Daily 07/29/12
Christie's told to return money for "fake" art Reuters 07/28/12
With the Aid of the British Museum, The UK Returns Over 800 Looted Artifacts to Afghanistan Artinfo 07/27/12
Indian Antiquities Raided in Manhattan Art Market Monitor 07/27/12
Museum galleries become treasure house of Chagall's works, including first local showing of 1957 Bible series Art Daily 07/27/12
Is Caracas's $140-Million Simon Bolivar Mausoleum Really a Monument to Hugo Chavez's Ego? Artinfo 07/26/12
Stolen Roman alabaster recovered after more than 20 years The Art Newspaper 07/26/12
Sotheby's to offer an important Wucai 'Fish' Jar and Cover in Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Sale Art Daily 07/26/12
Istanbul show sheds light on Goya's dark etchings Reuters 07/26/12
Beijing freeport to challenge Hong Kong’s supremacy as Asia's art centre The Art Newspaper 07/26/12
Art Over Biology New Republic 07/25/12
Italian-US team discover evidence of Sicily’s oldest temple The Art Newspaper 07/25/12
Unilever’s Tate Sponsorship Expires; Hall Shuts in 2013 Bllomberg 07/25/12
Design for children is focus of new MoMA exhibit Reuters 07/25/12
As MOCA's Money Woes Simmer, A Look at How Major Museums' Finances Work Artinfo 07/25/12
The 50 Most Exciting Art Collectors Under 50 (Part 1) Artinfo 07/24/12
Mexican archaeologists discover three 1,000 year old tombs near Monte Albán in Oaxaca Art Daily 07/24/12
Swiss Freeports Are Home for a Growing Treasury of Art New York Times 07/23/12
Belvedere exhibits works by one of the most gifted colorists of the nineteenth century: Carl Schuch Art Daily 07/22/12
Orient & Occident: Nineteenth-century Austrian artists travelling East on view at Belvedere Art Daily 07/21/12
The Windy City is Blowing Up: Rahm Emanuel Releases Detailed Plan to Turn Chicago Into Art Oasis Artinfo 07/21/12
Forgeries? Perhaps Faux Masterpieces New York Times 07/20/12
When Popular Culture Caught Up to the Way We Live Now Wall Street Journal 07/20/12
China’s Dentention Of Foreigner For Alleged Customs Violation Should Be A Strong Warning China Law Blog 07/20/12
Spate of high-profile resignations at Los Angeles museum The Art Newspaper 07/20/12
Art News: Chinese Art Moves Ahead; China Guardian In Hong Kong; Art Funds Rising Jing Daily 07/20/12
Artefacts found before the construction of the Olympic Park on view at Museum of London Art Daily 07/20/12
Ex-director of Getty Museum reveals why he was ousted The Art Newspaper 07/20/12
REVOLT magazine: The Occupations of Asher Edelman Artinfo 07/19/12
Sotheby's Paris announces sale of the Marcel Brient Collection of Contemporary art Art Daily 07/19/12
Posing as Collectors, FBI Agents Nab Duo Hawking Purloined Venezuelan Matisse in Miami Beach Artinfo 07/19/12
Chinese art funds on a risky road to maturity The Art Newspaper 07/19/12
Sotheby’s Sues Another Chinese Bidder Who Failed to Pay for 20 Works Art Market Monitor 07/18/12
China's Guardian to Go Head to Head With Sotheby's and Christie's With New Hong Kong Branch Artinfo 07/18/12
National Geographic's July issue features art project that sheds light on Easter Island statues Art Daily 07/18/12
Get the picture? Art in the brain of the beholder New Scientist 07/18/12
Teylers Museum finds three extra Raphaels The Art Newspaper 07/18/12
Ancient Hellenistic Harbor Discovered in Acre, Israel Bloomberg 07/18/12
The Chinese contemporary art market has achieved a great deal, what's next? Art Daily 07/18/12
Art Sales: A Study in Contrasts Wall Street Journal 07/18/12
Two Arrests in China Unnerve Art World New York Times 07/17/12
5 Major Obstacles Standing in the Way of the Rise of China's Art Institutions Artinfo 07/17/12
Fifty of Pompidou Center's monumental works in new exhibition at Grimaldi Forum in Monaco Art Daily 07/17/12
Rothko, Private Sales Help Boost Christie’s Revenue 13% Bloomberg 07/17/12
Artist interview: Oscar Tuazon creates sculptures you are supposed to play with The Art Newspaper 07/16/12
MNAC exhibits "The Conversion of Saint Paul", recently attributed to Juan Bautista Maíno Art Daily 07/16/12
Art experts dispute rediscovered Klimt work's origin Reuters 07/16/12
Henry Moore sculpture stolen from Hertfordshire museum BBC 07/15/12
Catherine the Great flaunts art in Edinburgh show Reuters 07/15/12
Christie's to offer works of art from the Scheringa Museum of Realist Art in autumn of 2012 and spring 2013 Art Daily 07/14/12
Botticelli May Aid Bankruptcy of Imprisoned Salander Reuters 07/14/12
Getty to keep PST rolling The Art Newspaper 07/13/12
Gustav Klimt's 150th anniversary offers an opportunity to see Vienna's collection in its entirety Art Daily 07/13/12
U.S. returns stolen artifacts to Peru Reuters 07/13/12
In Spain, Nine Nabbed in Far-Reaching Picasso and Goya Forgery Ring Artinfo 07/13/12
Revolutionary treasures await Philadelphia's new Museum of the American Revolution Art Daily 07/12/12
13 Asia-based art collectors crack 2012 ARTnews global top 200 Art Radar Asia 07/12/12
Leon Black, McQueen’s ‘Le Mans’ Car; Jane Austen’s Ring Bloomberg 07/12/12
Moscow's Tretyakov Gallery presents an exhibition of little known works by Marc Chagall Art Daily 07/11/12
Berlin’s Botticellis, Rembrandts Entangled in Protest Bloomberg 07/11/12
German Expressionism at The San Diego Museum of Art San Diego Museum of Art 07/11/12
"It Was All Like a Fresh New Vision of the World": A Q&A with Lost Land Art Legend Nancy Holt Artinfo 07/11/12
The Rodin Museum is set to reopen - and to be seen as its creators intended Philadelphia Inquirer 07/10/12
Expatriate Artist Socks It to Taiwan's President Courthouse News 07/10/12
Titian Nudes Vie With Real Bare Women, Voyeurs in London Bloomberg 07/10/12
Thoughts on the End of Artnet Magazine, From Someone Who Worked There Artinfo 07/10/12
China's array of changes, through the lens China Daily 07/09/12
Renoir’s Squashy Bather Jostles Manet Roses in London: Review Bloomberg 07/09/12
More monumental sculpture at the Hermitage The Art Newspaper 07/09/12
The Dazzling opening of "Royal Style: Qing Dynasty and Western Court Jewelry" Art Daily 07/09/12
Old Master Stolen by Red Army Returns Home to Potsdam Bloomberg 07/09/12
Art market "miracle" masks a more mixed picture Reuters 07/08/12
Buddhist relics worth millions and that could be over 2,000 years old seized in Pakistan Art Daily 07/08/12
Master forger comes clean about tricks that fooled art world for four decades Guardian 07/08/12
Spanish police arrest 4 including well-known Madrid antiquarian for offering fake Picasso Art Daily 07/08/12
3 Things the Tale of Troubled Painting Mega-Star Zhang Xiaogang Teaches Us About Art in China Artinfo 07/07/12
"South Australia Illustrated: Colonial Painting in the Land of Promise" on view in Adelaide Art Daily 07/07/12
An Art Star's Creative Crisis Wall Street Journal 07/07/12
Five European museums launch collaborative video channel Art Review 07/06/12
What You Need to Know About Renzo Piano's Shard, Europe's Tallest and Most Divisive Tower Artinfo 07/06/12
一位美国专家的油画艺术投资经 Oil Painting Collection 07/06/12
Two Italian art historians claim to discover as many as 100 works by Caravaggio Art Daily 07/06/12
A Highly Touted Indian Art Fund Struggles to Return Money to Investors Three Years After Its Implosion Artinfo 07/06/12
Shipwright builds on past to save maritime future Art Daily 07/05/12
How long can the art market walk on water? The Art Newspaper 07/05/12
Di Modica’s Bull Statue Placed in Front of Amsterdam Exchange Bloomberg 07/05/12
China customs clamps down on artful dodgers Market Watch 07/05/12
The dos and don’ts of artists’ bequests The Art Newspaper 07/05/12
The Lock Sells — Very Quickly Real Clear Arts 07/05/12
Chinese Art Misunderstood Global Times 07/05/12
Major conservation work confirms Dulwich painting as a significant work from the Studio of Titian Art Daily 07/05/12
Auction Surprise as Sea Scene Tops $50 Million Art at Sotheby’s Bloomberg 07/05/12
Ex-Barnes Foundation CEO: We weren't bankrupt, but saying so helped Los Angeles Times 07/04/12
Monterey Museum of Art presents Rodin: Light & Shadow Art Daily 07/04/12
Italian landscape master's first show 200 years late Reuters 07/04/12
U.S. District Court confirms Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Foundation of Spain as owner of artwork Art Daily 07/04/12
A Steal of a Deal? Assessing the Value 9 Top Lots From the U.S. Marshalls' Online Auction of Seized Art Artinfo 07/04/12
Florence’s contemporary art museum shuts The Art Newspaper 07/04/12
The Lock by John Constable sets a world record for the artist at auction selling for $35.2M Art Daily 07/04/12
Masterpiece slowly breaks the mould The Art Newspaper 07/03/12
Big claims but few surprises The Australian 07/03/12
Research program to help China's art community China Daily 07/03/12
"It’s Become Extremely Brutal": Pace's Marc Glimcher on What's Driving Gallery's Splashy Expansion Artinfo 07/03/12
Now you see them: the eternal allure of lost art Guardian 07/03/12
China’s Village Life Re-Created Art Market Monitor 07/03/12
International Community Looks on in Horror as Islamist Extremists Decimate Timbuktu's Historic Shrines Artinfo 07/03/12
Rodin’s ‘Kiss’ Sells, Saatchi Views $313 Million Art in London Bloomberg 07/03/12
Atlanta's High Museum Sends Three Photographers to Discover Unique Pockets of the American South Artinfo 07/02/12
Biblical Samson Torches Fox Tails in Ancient Synagogue Mosaic Bloomberg 07/02/12
The cream of the Old Masters crop The Art Newspaper 07/02/12
Xinhepu New Culture Phenomena Modern Weekly 06/30/12
Bentley ‘Blower’ Sells for 5 Million Pounds at Bonhams Bloomberg 06/30/12
First ever exhibition in France dedicated to the complete Caravaggesque movement opens Art Daily 06/30/12
Armed, But Not Dangerous: The Berlin Biennale's "Forget Fear" Exhibition is Fearfully Forgettable Artinfo 06/29/12
Study reveals overbuilding of cultural facilities during building boom Art Daily 06/29/12
Paul Schimmel's 22-Year Tenure at L.A. MOCA, From California Conceptualism to Murakami Maximalism Artinfo 06/29/12
Pottery fragments 20,000 years old found by Chinese and American scientists in a Chinese cave Art Daily 06/29/12
Muse Who Dumped Picasso: John Richardson Tours Gagosian Bloomberg 06/29/12
Opening the Gates of Paradise The Art Newspaper 06/29/12
Glitterati flock to Masterpiece London luxury fair Reuters 06/29/12
Phillips de Pury & Co Closes the Auction Season With Upbeat $36-Million Contemporary Sale in London Artinfo 06/29/12
Art auction features top names at thrift store prices Reuters 06/29/12
The Whitney presents Signs & Symbols, third in series of six shows reassessing the collection Art Daily 06/28/12
American artists under 40 (June 2011 - May 2012) Artprice 06/28/12
No "Scream" but plenty of darkness at UK Munch show Reuters 06/28/12
With A £60-Million Caravaggio and £50,000 Harley-Davidsons, the Ever Diverse Masterpiece Comes of Age Artinfo 06/28/12
U.S. returns stolen art worth millions to Italy Reuters 06/28/12
Records Tumble as Billionaires Spend $207 Million at Christie’s Bloomberg 06/28/12
Famous Leonardo self portrait in critical condition Reuters 06/27/12
Bacon Self-Portrait Sells for $7 Million at Sotheby’s Bloomberg 06/27/12
Solid Sales, Little Drama at Sotheby's London's $108-Million Contemporary Sale, Led by Basquiat Artinfo 06/27/12
Artnet Shareholders Mull Takeover as CEO Neuendorf Quits Bloomberg 06/27/12
Minneapolis Institute of Arts opens largest Rembrandt exhibition ever in the U.S. Art Daily 06/27/12
American artist’s sculpture to soar in front of consulate in China The Art Newspaper 06/27/12
Venezuelan tribe angry at "sacred" stone in Berlin Reuters 06/27/12
See Highlights from Uli Sigg's Legendary Chinese Art Collection, Soon to Be Housed in HK's M+ Museum Artinfo 06/26/12
Can a museum without walls attract a wider audience? Guardian 06/26/12
Jerry Saltz on the End of’s Magazine Vulture 06/26/12
The 30-and-Under Crowd: The Art World's Most Influential Young Figures Artinfo 06/26/12
Artnet Magazine Will Cease Publication, Ending 16-Year Run New York Observer 06/26/12
Exotic marble & bronze bust of opera queen links Africa, Italy, Portugal and Bonhams Art Daily 06/26/12
Stonehenge was built to unify Britain, researchers conclude BBC 06/26/12
Moscow’s monuments under threat The Art Newspaper 06/26/12
Italian Experts Begin Reconstruction of Pakistan's Jahanabad Buddha, Damaged by Taliban Explosives Artinfo 06/26/12
Sotheby's June Evening Auction of Contemporary Art expected to realise £60 million Art Daily 06/26/12
Artnet Founder Neuendorf Cedes CEO Role to Eldest Son Pabst Bloomberg 06/25/12
Birmingham Museum of Art opens first exhibition to examine Warhol's fascination with automotive vehicles Art Daily 06/25/12
Stolen Rodin bust by Camille Claudel found in France Reuters 06/24/12
Washington’s Acts of Congress Sells for $9.8 Million Bloomberg 06/23/12
Queensland Art Gallery presents Portrait of Spain: Masterpieces from the Prado QAGOMA 06/22/12
Citigroup Funds British Museum’s Money Gallery, Lends a Warhol Bloomberg 06/22/12
The Victoria & Albert Museum Unveils High-Tech Furniture Gallery as Part of its "FuturePlan" Artinfo 06/22/12
Collection of important later works by Monet, Twombly, and Turner in exhibition at Tate Liverpool Art Daily 06/22/12
3 Key Facts About New York's Museum of Biblical Art, as Reports Surface of Its Looming Budget Crisis Artinfo 06/22/12
Christie's London Tallies Robust $145-Million Imp/Mod Sale Fueled by Degas, Picasso, and Magritte Artinfo 06/21/12
Famed sports painter LeRoy Neiman dead at 91 Reuters 06/21/12
The 30th China Guardian quarterly auction yields over $33 million USD Art Daily 06/21/12
Fair or foul: more art fairs and bigger brand galleries, but is the model sustainable? The Art Newspaper 06/21/12
Ross Buys Magritte Work for $11.3 Million, Nine Times Estimate Bloomberg 06/21/12
Oldest Cave Paintings May Be Creations of Neandertals, Not Modern Humans Scientific American 06/21/12
New buyers may lift London art sales to $1 billion Reuters 06/20/12
Joan Miró's masterpiece Peinture (Étoile Bleue) sells for $36.9m setting a world record Art Daily 06/20/12
Picasso, Miro Start $500 Million Test of Auction Market Bloomberg 06/19/12
Crocker Art Museum presents first survey of Contemporary photography from its collection Art  Daily 06/17/12
Jing Daily 06/17/12
Sotheby's to present its largest ever sale of European sculpture and works of art: Medieval to Modern Art Daily 06/17/12
Impressionist paintings from the State Hermitage Museum on view in Amsterdam Art Daily 06/16/12
Restored Caravaggio's "Lazarus" shown in Rome Reuters 06/15/12
"Booming" Dubai art market forced to shift gears Reuters 06/14/12
The Stagnation of the Middle Market: Beneath the High-End Hype, Art Prices Are Treading Water Artinfo 06/13/12 
Public or Private? The Culture Clash in China New York Times 06/13/12
Art Basel Report: Dealers Trot Out Trophies and Collectors Splurge in the Opening Hours of the Fair Artinfo 06/13/12
Hedge Funder Cohen, Basel VIPs Eye $78 Million Rothko Bloomberg 06/13/12
Curators turn East but Art Basel looks to the US The Art Newspaper 06/13/12
Christie's puts $500 million art bonanza on display Reuters 06/13/12
Sigg Collection Donated to M+ Museum Randian 06/12/12
"People Don’t Want to Let Them Go": The Market for Late Surrealist Leonora Carrington's Paintings Artinfo 06/12/12
Largest selection of works by Edward Hopper opens at Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Daily 06/12/12
25 Questions for Pedagogic Pimp and YouTube Art Critic Hennessy Youngman Artinfo 06/11/12
Trevi Fountain loses pieces, alarm raised for monument Reuters 06/11/12
Santiago to show true colours The Art Newspaper 06/11/12
From Snake-Wrangling to Toxic Water Lilies: Gianni Jetzer on Curating Art Basel's Super-Sized Art Unltd Artinfo 06/11/12
Exhibition of over sixty marble statues and preparatory studies by Rodin opens in Paris Art Daily 06/11/12
Liu Xiaodong In Austria: Art For Art’s Sake Jing Daily 06/11/12
Richter, Twombly Top $2 Billion Fair as Art Lures New Investors Bloomberg 06/11/12
Gems of Outsider Art: See the Cartier Foundation's Stunning Global Survey of Self-Taught Artists Artinfo 06/10/12
Painting of Christ fetches $4.6 million at New York auction Reuters 06/10/12
Now clean, Lorenzo Ghiberti's 15th-century 'Door of Paradise' goes to Italy museum Art Daily 06/10/12
Eyebrow-raising price hikes for Polish artists The Art Newspaper 06/09/12
Amon Carter presents American Vanguards: Graham, Davis, Gorky, de Kooning and Their Circle, 1927-1942 Art Daily 06/09/12
"I Live in the Time When I Live": Gerhard Richter Plays it Cool in His Pompidou Retrospective Artnfo 06/09/12
Exhibition at the Prado Museum focuses on the last seven years of the life of Raphael Art Daily 06/09/12
Exhibition Rewrites the History of Han Civilization in China New York Times 06/09/12
Painting by Wu Guangzhong tops Bonhams Sale of Fine Chinese Paintings and Contemporary Asian Art Art Daily 05/27/12
The Fruits of Alexander Calder's Forgotten Journey to India Go on View After Over 50 Years Artinfo 05/27/12
Archaeologists find rare trove of 3,000-year-old jewelry near the ancient city of Megiddo Art Daily 05/27/12
Were the Cavemen of the Danube Flutists? Discovery News 05/26/12
Forget Conspicuous Consumption: More Evidence For Ostentatious Consumption -- Buying To Set Records Real Clear Arts 05/26/12
After Conquering New York, Frieze Art Fair Announces Exhibitors for the 2012 London Edition Artinfo 05/26/12
Maxfield Parrish: The Retrospective opens at the National Museum of American Illustration Art Daily 05/26/12
Frieze Masters exhibitor list released The Art Newspaper 05/26/12
Postal Disservice: Could a Sculptor's Fight for Royalties From a Postage Stamp Change Copyright Law? Artinfo 05/26/12
Berlin red light district turns into art hub Reuters 05/26/12
Dresden celebrates 500th anniversary of Raphael's Sistine Madonna with exhibition Art Daily 05/26/12
From Southampton to South Florida, Art Miami Plans East Coast Domination With Three New Fairs in 2012 Artinfo 05/26/12
Bacon Self-Portrait May Fetch More Than $30 Million Bloomberg 05/26/12
Cuban surrealist Lam painting tops Latam art sale Reuters 05/25/12
Damien Hirst Can’t Paint, He’s Better at Ideas: Review Bloomberg 05/25/12
Andy Warhol artifact among stolen art pieces in Corktown art heist Detroit Free Press 05/24/12
Concern grows for health of shippers detained by Chinese customs The Art Newspaper 05/24/12
Earliest archaeological evidence of the existence of the City of Bethlehem found Art Daily 05/24/12
"I Don't Like the Term Installation": Daniel Buren on His Grand Palais-Filling Monumenta Show Artinfo 05/24/12
Barnes Art Plopped Into Bloated Mausoleum Bloomberg 05/24/12
ART HK Scores Record Attendance, But the Asian Market Still Proves Tough to Crack Artinfo 05/23/12
Warhol Bardot, Self Portrait Boost $56 Million Sachs Sale Bloomberg 05/23/12
Why Dürer endures The Art Newspaper 05/22/12
Priorities For Rich In Shanghai: Wealth Management, Art & Philanthropy Jing Daily 05/21/12
Judge Strikes Down California Resale Royalties Law, Foiling Chuck Close and Laddie John Dill Artinfo 05/21/12
German-born photographer and playboy Gunter Sachs art collection to be auctioned Art Daily 05/20/12
Aston Martin Collectors Vie for DB4GT at $10.3 Million Auction Bloomberg 05/20/12
The Best of ART HK 2012, From a Zaha Hadid-Designed Booth to a Pack of Hairless Pets Artinfo 05/20/12
The Art Market: Fair overload? Financial Times 05/19/12
Cocky Apollo, Sad Cleo Star in Antico Show Bloomberg 05/19/12
The American Art Market Gets Its Spark Back at New York's Spring Auctions, Led by Cassatt and Hopper Artinfo 05/19/12
T-Rex Asian Cousin Beats Facebook IPO for Some at Auction Bloomberg 05/19/12
Hong Kong in art bonanza - but will it last? Reuters 05/19/12
Move to Hong Kong? Sounds like a good idea… The Art Newspaper 05/18/12
Chinese Seal From Forbidden City Fetches $5.4 Million Bloomberg 05/18/12
What Chinese collectors are really buying The Art Newspaper 05/18/12
Exhibition of masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris opens in Hong Kong Art Daily 05/18/12
ART HK 12 “Lures Billionaires to Hong Kong” Jing Daily 05/18/12
The dodgy numbers game: the Chinese art auction market The Art Newspaper 05/18/12
ART HK 2012 Ups Its Game, Drawing Museum-Quality Work and Logging Plenty of Sales Artinfo 05/18/12
Christie’s Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art Auction In Hong Kong: Top Lots To Watch Jing Daily 05/17/12
Ten years later, China's distinctive China Central Television headquarters is completed Art Daily 05/17/12
Easter Island statues have full bodies and contain ancient petroglyphs Yahoo News 05/17/12
Bonhams breaks world record yet again for Japanese work of art in third part of Edward Wrangham sale Art Daily 05/17/12
Treasures of Italy's Marche region on show at Vatican Reuters 05/17/12
Curators Name Award-Worthy Exhibitions and Catalogues Real Clear Arts 05/17/12
Renovated and reinstalled, The Rodin Museum to reopen in Philadelphia on July 13, 2012 Art Daily 05/17/12
Credit card investigation shows art market open to international fraud The Art Newspaper 05/17/12
Art HK opens its fifth year confirming the fair's status as Asia's premier art fair Art Daily 05/17/12
Battle by the Bay: San Francisco Fine Art Fair and artMRKT San Francisco Go Head-to-Head This Week Artinfo 05/16/12
150 recent works by Chinese artist Xu Jiang in exhibition at the Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau Art Daily 05/16/12
Fire breaks out at Oslo's Astrup Fearnley Museum The Art Newspaper 05/15/12
Vuillard’s Women, Sleek Tycoons Dazzle Bloomberg 05/15/12
Illuminating the Surprisingly Accessible Market for Medieval Books of Hours Artinfo 05/15/12
Up on the roof of NY's Met museum in "Cloud City" Reuters 05/15/12
The Daily Beast 05/14/12
Art-World Hot Spot Acme's Impressive Collection Boasts Pieces by Schutz, Prince, and Gehry Artifino 05/13/12
Sotheby’s Says Auction Sales Probably Fell in First Half Bloomberg 05/12/12
Art Handlers' Arrest in Beijing Raises Alarming Questions About the Future of the Chinese Market Artinfo 05/12/12

Jeff Koons seeks to wring emotion from "empty" art

Reuters 05/12/12
Georgia Museum of Art at the University of Georgia shows southern folk art Art Daily 05/12/12
London’s Olympic tower is “definitely art” says mayor The Art Newspaper 05/12/12
Reputed mobster's home searched in link to Boston art heist Reuters 05/12/12
Basquiat, Schutz Boost $87 Million Phillips de Pury Sale Bloomberg 05/12/12
Munch’s The Scream raises market ceiling and overturns art media hierarchy   Artprice 05/11/12
Sotheby’s Has First-Quarter Loss as Auction Sales Drop Bloomberg 05/11/12
'Pure Chinese' bronze earns 25 times its high estimate at Sterling Associates' estate art and antiques auction Art Daily 05/11/12
Furious Dealers Contemplate Legal Action as the Cancelled Red Dot Art Fair Withholds Refunds Artinfo 05/11/12
Picasso, Modigliani and Warhol among luminaries in Heritage Auctions Modern & Contemporary Art event Art Daily 05/10/12
Prices soar, records tumble at Christie's post-war auction Reuters 05/10/12

Schiele case could damage NY business, say dealers

The Art Newspaper 05/10/12
A new generation of wealthy Asians build their own art museums to display collections they've amassed Art Daily 05/10/12
Speculations on the Production of Social Space in Contemporary Art, With Reference to Art Fairs Artinfo 05/10/12
Record Lichtenstein Sells at $267 Mln Sotheby’s Auction Bloomberg 05/10/12
Chinese Art Star Zhang Huan Stops Traffic With an "Over-the-Top" Public Sculpture for Downtown Toronto Artinfo 05/10/12
What went for how much at Art Beijing 2012? Red dot round up Art Radar Asia 05/10/12
Christie's Postwar-Contemporary Sale Takes $388 Million, Led by a Record-Smashing $87-Million Rothko Artinfo 05/09/12
Rothko, Richter Set Records in $389 Million Auction Bloomberg 05/09/12
Exhibition featuring superb collection of Chinese prints from British Museum on view at Metropolitan Museum Art Daily 05/07/12
Poussin among stolen art found in Corsica carpark Reuters 05/07/12
What Effect Will Sotheby’s $120 Million “Scream” Sale Have On Chinese Art? Jing Daily 05/06/12
Fine decorations, Chinese offerings and Old Master drawings featured at Grogan's May auction Art Daily 05/06/12
The Scream’s secret history The Art Newspaper 05/06/12
Maya exhibition at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia seeks to dispel 2012 myths Art Daily 05/06/12
Mystery buyer of record-breaking 'Scream' unknown, for now Reuters 05/05/12
Fearful of Putin, rich flee Russian art market Reuters 05/04/12
Asia Society presents first U.S. retrospective of the work by artist Wu Guanzhong Art Daily 05/04/12
Island Madness: Frieze New York Can't Last in Its Present Configuration Artinfo 05/04/12
Exhibition of Pablo Picasso's most celebrated series, The Vollard Suite, opens at the British Museum Art Daily 05/03/12
Senna’s $1.2 Million Racer, Kate Moss Portrait for Sale Bloomberg 05/03/12
Art fair fight? UK's Frieze launches in New York Reuters 05/03/12
New York’s billion-dollar art week The Art Newspaper 05/03/12
Christie's Spring Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale achieves $117 million Art Daily 05/03/12
Art-Tech Watch: Experimental Art Rental Startup Bets on Turning Your Office Into a Salesroom Artinfo 05/03/12
Helsinki rejects Guggenheim museum proposal Reuters 05/03/12
How China Went from Art-Market Afterthought to World Auction Superpower Artinfo 05/03/12
Munch’s ‘The Scream’ Sets Record Fetching $120 Million Bloomberg 05/03/12
An extensive collection of works of art offered for sale by the Morrocco family Art Daily 05/02/12
Exhibit reappraises significance of Vuillard's work Reuters 05/02/12
Cezanne, Matisse Tie at $19 Million in Christie’s Sale Bloomberg 05/02/12
Objects in Met’s Egyptian wing temporarily removed The Art Newspaper 05/02/12
Immersive exhibition of China's terracotta warriors opens at Discovery Times Square Art Daily 05/02/12
1. Reject the Market. Embrace the Market New York Magazine 05/02/12
Seeing All Four Screams in One Day, Only Four Men Have Done It Art Market Monitor 05/02/12
 广州东山有许多老洋房,现在不少展览馆、画室、艺术馆很低调地在老洋房里开张了—— Shenzhen Daily News 05/01/12
Man Claims He Spent £2m to Get £4m Turner Recognized Art Market Monitor 05/01/12
Christie's Hong Kong Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art presents Milestones in Asian Art Art Daily 05/01/12
Courtney Love, Hirst $4 Million Tank Star in Frieze Week Bloomberg 05/01/12
Exhibition of Leonardo's anatomical work reveals a genius centuries ahead of his rivals Art Daily 05/01/12
Pompidou plans to go global: focus is Brazil, India, China The Art Newspaper 04/30/12
Tampa Museum of Art celebrates sculpture through partnership with Martin Z. Margulies Collection Art Daily 04/30/12
Ruprecht’s Reign Art Market Monitor 04/30/12
Newly discovered landscape drawing by Pieter Bruegel the Elder to go on display for the first time ever Art Daily 04/30/12
Galleries’ survival threatened by railway expansion plans The Art Newspaper 04/30/12
Christie's Hong Kong presents Spring 2012 Chinese Imperial Ceramics & Works of Art sales Art Daily 04/30/12
Titanic spat over Picasso (now in 3D) The Art Newspaper 04/26/12
Kunsthal Charlottenborg forced to share building with academy The Art Newspaper 04/26/12
Quai Branly sheds further light on Chauvet cave art The Art Newspaper 04/26/12
Book Talk: 15 cars that shaped American life Reuters 04/26/12
Phillips de Pury & Co. announces highlights from its May Contemporary art auctions Art Daily 04/26/12
Ukraine government's office art swapped for fakes Reuters 04/26/12
Artists still await return of work from 2010 Dakar festival The Art Newspaper 04/24/12
China Extends Reach Into International Art New York Times 04/24/12
"The Scream" Files: What You Need to Know About Edvard Munch's Soon-to-be-Auctioned Masterpiece Artinfo 04/24/12
Collectors make careful choices at Art Brussels The Art Newspaper 04/24/12
Abraham Lincoln Glasses Could Fetch $700,000 at Auction Bloomberg 04/24/12
Zaha Hadid for Park Avenue? She and 10 Starchitects Compete to Design a $750-Million Skyscraper Artinfo 04/24/12
A gallery of Picasso's muses on offer at auction Reuters 04/23/12
Chinese artist's public art project sets stage for fall retrospective at The Hirshhorn Art Daily 04/23/12
Tate Starts Building $346 Million Wing With 75% of Funds Raised Bloomberg 04/23/12
New York Antiques Dealer Coughs Up Lost Pieces of the Coffin of Shesepamuntayesher in Court Artinfo 04/23/12
Christie's to offer two outstanding mobiles by Alexander Calder from the home of architect Eliot Noyes Art Daily 04/22/12
Rising Stars: 10 Emerging Indian and Pakistani Artists to Watch For Artinfo 04/22/12
For the first time, works from the Uffizi Gallery are shown at the Michener Art Museum Art Daily 04/22/12
最具理想色彩奖:广州东涞艺术中心 Xin Kuai Bao 04/22/12
Major collection to be sold at Christie's reveals the discerning eye of prominent bay area arts patron Art Daily 04/21/12
How Heritage Auctions Built an $800-Million Empire Selling Old Coins, Dinosauria, and Space Rocks Artinfo 04/21/12
India'a first philanthropic museum exhibits Subodh Gupta's "Line of Control" Art Daily 04/21/12
New York’s Museum of Chinese in America Names New Executive Director Artinfo 04/20/12
Italian government to appoint commissioner to control Maxxi The Art Newspaper 04/20/12
Rare works from international private collections highlight Christie's Hong Kong sales Art Daily 04/20/12
Heirs to French art sue Serbia over wartime seizure Reuters 04/20/12
Call to close every other museum raises storm in Germany The Art Newspaper 04/20/12
Dartmouth's Hood Museum to Expand as the Ivy League School Builds a New Arts District Artinfo 04/20/12
Berlin Biennale showcases contemporary political art Reuters 04/19/12
Art connoisseurs turn to undervalued market for nineteenth century Oriental rugs Art Daily 04/19/12
U.S. returns 474-year-old painting to Jewish owner's heirs Reuters 04/19/12
Interview with Urs Meile Randian 04/19/12
Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World's Fairs, 1851-1939, opens at the Nelson-Atkins Art Daily 04/19/12
Parsing the Cultural Economy's Contradictory Trends, From Sagging Museum Attendance to Art Book Boom Artinfo 04/19/12
Art Cologne opens 46th edition with over two hundred leading international galleries Art Daily 04/19/12
Rhinos Run Wild as Paris Grand Palais Becomes Arty Zoo Bloomberg 04/19/12
The rise and rise of the Glasgow art scene The Art Newspaper 04/18/12
Rare Titian Confirms Durer’s Fear of Venetian Thievery Bloomberg 04/18/12
The Unstoppable Jean Pigozzi: Inside the World of an Art-Collecting Juggernaut Artinfo 04/18/12
Artifacts from the ancient city of Morgantina in central Sicily go on view at the Getty Villa Art Daily 04/17/12
From Mini McQueen Show to a Moon Rock Swap, 7 Non-Furniture Attractions of the Milan Furniture Fair Artinfo 04/17/12
São Paulo biennial to explore the “illusion of connectivity” The Art Newspaper 04/17/12
Drawings by Rembrandt, his students and circle on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Art Daily 04/16/12
Ivan the Terrible’s Wife Joins Faberge in Russian Sales Bloomberg 04/16/12
Controversial artist imagines Moscow as new Rome Reuters 04/15/12
Unpretentious Dallas Art Fair Kicks Off, With Dealers Praising It as the "Miss Congeniality of Art Fairs" Artinfo 04/15/12
British police recover Chinese artifacts stolen from the Oriental Museum at Durham University Art Daily 04/15/12
The Holocaust Art Theft of Egon Schiele's "Portrait of Wally" Becomes a Documentary Thriller Artinfo 04/15/12
Ninth edition of the China International Gallery Exposition opens in Beijing Art Daily 04/15/12
Marble fragment falls from Florence bell tower Reuters 04/14/12
The Palais de Tokyo in Paris: Europe's biggest contemporary art center opens Art Daily 04/14/12
Tang Hai Guo: Contemporary Chinese Social Commentary Art beyond Icons of the Cultural Revolution PR Log 04/13/12
Argentina’s new arts district is built “from scratch” The Art Newspaper 04/13/12
Sotheby's London presents one of the most famous masterpieces in the world Art Daily 04/13/12
Break the silence over fakes The Art Newspaper 04/13/12
The world's first online contemporary art event continues to expand its program and platform Art Daily 04/13/12
Jewish Art Dealer’s Heir Settles Nazi-Era Claim With Bonn Museum Bloomberg 04/12/12
Will Frieze New York Supplant the Armory Show as Gotham's Premier Fair? Dealers Weigh In Artinfo 04/12/12
Serbia says finds Cezanne missing masterpiece worth $109m Reuters 04/12/12
Two Chinese artifacts worth $3.2 million stolen from Durham University's Oriental Museum Art Daily 04/12/12
How Did a Brazilian M.C. Escher Exhibition Become the World's Most Popular Art Show? Artinfo 04/11/12
Sotheby's London to sell 18 monumental works from the Jerwood Sculpture Collection Art Daily 04/11/12
Painting Up a Storm: Is Your Art Cool Enough for the First-Ever National Weather Center Biennale? Artinfo 04/11/12
Byzantium Glows in Subtle Show at Met Museum: Review Bloomberg 04/11/12
When in Cologne... for Art Cologne Artinfo 04/10/12
Dino tracks lead to phenomenal Martian rock in Chait's May 6 Natural History auction Art Daily 04/10/12
Dali's Doodles: The Surrealist's Manservant Reveals a Very Personal Collection of Gifts in Paris Artinfo 04/09/12
Sizing Up Curious New Wm Eggleston Lawsuit: Can a Collector Stop Him From Making More Art? Artinfo 04/09/12
Google Seeks Mona Lisa as Online Art Embraces Van Gogh Bloomberg 04/09/12
Chinese art by Qi Baishi from Wen Tsan Yu Collection brings $2.6 million at Kaminski Auctions Art Daily 04/08/12
Figurative Paintings From the La Caixa Foundation Collection on View Art Knowledge News 04/08/12
MIT dedicates monumental sculpture by internationally renowned artist Cai Guo-Qiang Art Daily 04/07/12
China vows to regulate forgery-filled relics market China Daily 04/07/12
May's All-Star Auction Showdown: Munch & Lichtenstein at Sotheby's Vs. Cezanne & Rothko at Christie's Artinfo 04/07/12
1792 Silver Center cent, from the first group of coins ever struck at the U.S. Mint, may bring $1,000,000 Art Daily 04/06/12
Florence's Restored Silver Altar, Work of Renaissance Dream Team, Unveiled to Surprisingly Little Fanfare Artinfo 04/06/12
Christie's announces one of the most important works by Yves Klein ever to be offered Art Daily 04/06/12
Two museums promised a third of one of the great collections of modern American art The Art Newspaper 04/05/12
US museums rebuild but fears of relapse linger The Art Newspaper 04/05/12
Thumbs down (bar one) for Damien Hirst at Tate Modern The Art Newspaper 04/05/12
U.S. demands Sotheby's give up ancient Cambodian statue Reuters 04/05/12
$27-Million Dish From the Fabled Ru Kilns Smashes Song Dynasty Porcelain Record at Sotheby's Hong Kong Artinfo 04/05/12
Francis Bacon Canvas Priced at $40 Million in N.Y. Sale Bloomberg 04/05/12
Dali work expected to fetch $10 million at NY auction Reuters 04/05/12
Navigating the Art Loan Biz, A Surging Industry Attracting Both Big Banks and "Loan-to-Own" Sharks Artinfo 04/05/12
Morley Safer, Sunday Painter, Declines Saltz’s Curatorial Challenge
NY Gallerist 04/04/12
Sotheby's HK Contemporary Asian Sale Soars to $27 Million, Boosted by a Big-Spending Indonesian Tycoon Artinfo 04/04/12
Sotheby's fine Chinese paintings sale achieves $60 million; Magnificent Jewels/Jadeite sale: $64 million Art Daily 04/04/12
Picasso’s Erotic Women Meet Beckmann’s Quappi in Munich Bloomberg 04/04/12
Sotheby's toasts stellar HK wine sales, art sales mixed Reuters 04/04/12
Jing Daily 04/04/12
See Highlights of the Tokyo Art Fair, From Renaissance Pastiche to a Participatory Seashell Memorial Artinfo 04/03/12
Art is "world's greatest currency", says Hirst Reuters 04/03/12
Divinely beautiful Greek charioteer comes to London The Art Newspaper 04/03/12
Hirst Gets Oligarch Look, Peddles T-Shirts at Tate Show Bloomberg 04/03/12
Morley Safer's Tetchy "60 Minutes" Report on the Contemporary Art Market, Assessed Artinfo 04/03/12
Keith Richards’s Pontiac, Bugattis Join Chinese Art Bloomberg 04/03/12
LACMA presents groundbreaking cultural investigation of the legend of Quetzalcoatl Art Daily 04/02/12
"Renoir Between Bohemia and Bourgeoisie: The Early Years" at Kunstmuseum Basel Art Daily 04/01/12
Christie's New York to offer the most important collection of Abstract Expressionism Art Daily 03/31/12
Expedition seeks to unearth £500m worth of masterpieces buried by Nazi looters in mine Daily Mail 03/31/12
Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum plays April Fools' joke on prolific forger Art Daily 03/31/12
Pioneering Impressionist Berthe Morisot Gets Her First Serious Retrospective in 70 Years in Paris Artinfo 03/30/12
Snoopy Lover’s $100 Million Art Trove Heads to N.Y. Sale Bloomberg 03/30/12
Getty Villa exhibition on Aphrodite extends beyond goddess of love and beauty Art Daily 03/29/12
Knoedler hit by second lawsuit The Art Newspaper 03/29/12
New Caro show offers snapshot of sculptor's oeuvre Reuters 03/29/12
The Battle for the Online Collector: Inside 3 Companies That Are Betting Big on Art E-Commerce Artinfo 03/29/12
Mona Lisa’s Twin Adds Intrigue to Louvre’s Leonardo Show Bloomberg 03/29/12
Greek policemen recover ancient illegally excavated marble statue from goat pen Art Daily 03/29/12
Nuns from Kathmandu help restore 400-year-old Tibetan paintings The Art Newspaper 03/29/12
Sotheby’s CEO Ruprecht Earned $7 Million, Up 18%, as Sales Rose Bloomberg 03/29/12
Chinese Art Buyers Renege on $22 Million, Force Clampdown Bloomberg 03/28/12
Swedish museum opening delayed until May The Art Newspaper 03/27/12
The Reina Sofía museum signs agreement with the Cisneros Foundation The Art Newspaper 03/27/12

A Cézanne Resurfaces, Shedding Light on a Series

New York Times 03/27/12
Tests by Polish museum reveal aging of Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece "Lady with an Ermine" Art Daily 03/27/12
Controversial sculptor Zurab Tsereteli opens museum in Georgian capital The Art Newspaper 03/27/12
Colorful Realm of Living Beings: 250-year-old Japanese paintings to be shown in DC Art Daily 03/27/12
Basta! The Heads of Italy's Storied Museums Unite in Fury Over Their Appallingly Paltry Salaries Artinfo 03/27/12
Witty Mondrian Hated Trees, Befriended Earthy Nicholson Bloomberg 03/27/12
"Lost" Lempicka set to fetch millions at auction Reuters 03/26/12
Rome's Guercino Exhibition Returns the Obscure Baroque Master to His Rightful Place in Art History Artinfo 03/26/12
Forbidden Name in Hats, Lod Mosaic, Laura Letinsky: Chicago Art Bloomberg 03/26/12
SH Contemporary, the most successful art fair in China, announces details Art Daily 03/26/12
Hefty Buddha Finds No Friend as Asian Sales Raise $140 Million Bloomberg  03/26/12
Behind the Cancellation of Berlin's Guggenheim Lab: What Really Happened and What’s Happening Next Artinfo 03/25/12
The Portland Art Museum features a Mark Rothko Retrospective Art Knowledge News 03/25/12
Museo de Arte de Ponce presents exhibition of masterpieces from the Prado Museum Art Daily 03/25/12
How Far Will Your Financial Instincts Take You in the Art Market Artinfo 03/24/12
Attendance figures: Brazil’s exhibition boom puts Rio on top The Art Newspaper 03/24/12
San Antonio Collects: Contemporary exhibition showcases local world Class contemporary art collections Art Daily 03/24/12
Dubai dreams again with new opera and art complex Reuters 03/24/12
Magic Mirrors and Fallen Gods: See the Highs and Lows of New York's Spring Asia Week Auctions Artinfo 03/24/12
Art Dubai keeps strong regional identity The Art Newspaper 03/23/12
Dubai Art Fair Stars Husain Heads, Gothic Tower Bloomberg 03/23/12
Best Seats in the House: The Bauhaus Archives Survey History of "Chairs Without Legs" Panton to Gehry Artinfo 03/23/12
Cindy Sherman portrait poised to set auction record Reuters 03/23/12
Asia Week for Beginners: New York Experts on the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Indian Art Markets Artinfo 03/22/12
Sotheby's Chinese works of art sale soars over high estimate to total $20.7 million Art Daily 03/22/12
Asia Society debate: the dos and don’ts of collecting antiquities The Art Newspaper 03/22/12
Sotheby's Hong Kong to sell earliest work from Zhang Xiaogang's Bloodline Series ever offered at auction Art Daily 03/22/12
Fears grow that Greek art market is riddled with forgeries The Art Newspaper 03/22/12
Japanese Masterpieces From The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston travel to Tokyo Art Daily 03/21/12
Asia Week Watch: Freeman's Scores With $1.5-M Ming Jar, While "Rockefeller Raza" Bombs at Sotheby's Artinfo 03/21/12
Up to snuff: Success at the Chinese snuff bottle auction at Bonhams in New York Art Daily 03/21/12
The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University exhibits Alexander Calder & his Legacy Art Knowledge News 03/20/12
Future tense, VII: What's a museum? The New Criterion 03/20/12
ART PARIS Art Fair Returns Under New Leadership Art Knowledge News 03/20/12
News Behind the Headline: Where That Rubens Crucifixion Is Headed Arts Journal 03/20/12
China overtakes the United States to become the world's largest art and antiques market Art Daily 03/20/12
TEFAF Barrels on With Sales of Show-Stopping Works by Richter, Warhol, and Alsoudani Artinfo 03/20/12
Fine Chinese ceramics and works of art for sale on 20 March at Sotheby's New York Art Daily 03/19/12
马特利:来自美国的画廊经营者 合艺数据 03/19/12
Turner, Claude Vie in London Show of Luminous Landscapes: Review Bloomberg 3/19/12
Auction houses poised for marathon of Asian art sales Reuters 03/19/12
Fine Chinese paintings sale presents an exceptionally rare, large pair of gold screens by Qi Baishi Art Daily 03/19/12 03/18/12
Marilyn Monroe meets angels at Warhol show in Asia Reuters 03/17/12
J. Paul Getty Museum aquires Jean-Antoine Watteau's "The Italian Comedians" Art Knowledge News 03/17/12
Sale of 600 lots of predominantly Chinese furniture, porcelain and jades a success at Bonhams Art Daily 03/17/12
News Corp.’s James Murdoch Will Leave Sotheby’s Board Bloomberg 03/17/12
First major monographic exhibition in Paris devoted to Edgar Degas at Musée d’Orsay Art Daily 03/17/12
Nazi-Looted Posters Must Return to Sachs Heir, Court Rules Bloomberg 03/16/12
Chinese Sculptors' Exploration of Ancient Traditions Sparks Artistic Rebirth New York Times 03/16/12
Harem, Qi Baishi Boost $133 Million Asia Sales: Our Guide Bloomberg 03/16/12
Goya: Lights and Shadows brings a large selection of works to CaixaForum Barcelona Art Daily 03/16/12
Calvin Klein Browses $1.3 Billion Fair, Warhol Drag Queen Sells Bloomberg 03/16/12
Dallas Auction Gallery's March 14th Asian antiques and fine art auction highlights Art Daily 03/16/12
Tefaf: going Dutch has never felt better The Art Newspaper 03/16/12
Aspen Art Museum Scores Big Gift to Amp Up Its Education Offerings Artinfo 03/16/12
Warhol’s Double Elvis Could Get $50 Million at Sotheby’s in May Bloomberg 03/16/12
TEFAF at 25: Looking Ahead to the Highlights of Europe's Most Luxuriant Art Fair Artinfo 03/15/12
What you can and cannot copyright The Art Newspaper 03/14/12
Experts Predict Market Trends, Part 3: Lucy Mitchell-Innes, Nancy Murphy, Roxane Zand, Aditya Julka Artinfo 03/14/12
Sotheby's Classical Chinese painting sale to be held in New York during Asia Week Art Daily 03/14/12
Too much Turner? Critics turn on new UK exhibition Reuters 03/14/12
Experts Predict Art Market Trends, Part 2: Roman Kraeussl, Lorenzo Rudolf, Mary Hoeveler, Jeff Rabin Artinfo 03/14/12
Hungary’s Heroes, Artists Enlisted to Push Orban Policy: Review Bloomberg 03/14/12
Arrest in latest Prouvé fakes case The Art Newspaper 03/14/12
Liz Taylor’s Bracelet, Gauguin Painting Boost $1.3 Billion Fair Bloomberg 03/14/12
An American Art Dealer's View of Chinese Art Market (PDF) MINS Magazine, p. 86 03/13/12
Sotheby's Classical Chinese painting sale to be held in New York during Asia Week Art Daily 03/13/12
How to Play the Art Fund Game: A Few Lessons From the Armory Show's Contentious Art Finance Panel Artinfo 03/13/12
Researchers say long-lost Leonardo may have been found Reuters 03/13/12
Wildenstein Vault Holds Key to Feud Over Art Missing Paris Show Bloomberg 03/13/12
Experts Predict Art Market Trends, 1: Emmanuel DiDonna, Thomas Seydoux, Karsten Greve, Marc Glimcher Artinfo 03/12/12
New National Gallery Exhibition Shows Claude Lorrain's Influence on J M W Turner Art Knowledge News 03/12/12
Dallas Couple Plead Guilty to $3 Million Art Fraud Scheme
Glasstire 03/12/12
Does it matter that some of Hockney's blossoms look like evil yellow slugs? Guardian 03/12/12
Jerwood collection gets permanent seaside gallery The Art Newspaper 03/12/12
Sotheby’s to Sell $31 Million Gunter Sachs Collection of Warhols, Art Deco Bloomberg 03/12/12
The Kimbell Art Museum Shows "The Age of Impressionism ~ Great French Paintings from the Clark" Art Knowledge News 03/11/12
Unprecedented exhibition in Houston reveals painting newly attributed to Van Aelst Art Daily 03/11/12
Ellsworth Kelly sculpture to be at Barnes on Parkway Philadelphia Inquirer 03/10/12
Christie's presents an exceptional sale of fine Chinese ceramics and works of art at Asian Art Week Art Daily 03/10/12
Los Angeles readies for a ''Levitating Mass'' Reuters 03/10/12
J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles returns three ancient marble fragments to Greece Art Daily 03/10/12
The Weatherspoon Art Museum to present "Matisse and the Decorative Impulse" Art Knowledge News 03/09/12
New York fairs put on their game faces The Art Newspaper 03/09/12
ARTINFO's 2012 Armory Show Honors: The Best, the Worst, and the Weirdest of New York's Biggest Fair Artinfo 03/09/12
Armory Show Spills Over Two Piers: Here’s Our Guide To Buy Art, Keep Sane Bloomberg 03/09/12
The Top-Selling Living Artist Wall Street Journal 03/09/12
Major international exhibition of rare Persian illuminated manuscripts opens at the State Library of Victoria Art Daily 03/09/12
Volkswagen Provides $794,000 to Hunt for Russian Art Lost in World War II Bloomberg 03/09/12
Qianlong Emperor's seal from Beijing's Forbidden City heads Bonhams Fine Chinese Art sale Art Daily 03/09/12
Convicted forger claims he faked 'about 50' artists BBC 03/08/12
Wall Street Journal 03/08/12
Met Displays Controversial $13.7-Million "Commander," Sold by Princess Diana’s Brother Arts Journal 03/08/12
SOFA New York to present leading Contemporary Asian artists whose work honors Eastern traditions Art Daily 03/08/12
In Art, a Strong Voice for Chinese Women New York Times 03/08/12
Picasso’s $71 Million ‘Dove’ Would Be Waste of U.K. Money Bloomberg 03/08/12
Mona Lisa could have been completed a decade later than thought The Art Newspaper 03/08/12
Damien Hirst Scoops Up Yoshitomo Nara Drawing at ADAA Artinfo 03/07/12
A Genuine Motherwell? Make Sure Before Buying New York Times 03/07/12
Collectors, Lending Their Paintings To The MFA, Set A Welcome Standard — If Only Arts Journal 03/07/12
Matisse show in Paris reveals his obsessive nature Reuters 03/07/12
Take a Peek at the Works Installed at the ADAA Art Fair, From Armory Week's Official Press Kickoff Artinfo 03/07/12
Melted Legos, $5.8 Million Kline, Hotel Beds: Armory Week Guide Bloomberg 03/07/12
Portland Museum of Art hires new Curator of Contemporary and Modern art Art Daily 03/07/12
30 Artworks to Watch Out For at the 2012 Armory Show Artinfo 03/07/12
Paintings of dogs fetch prices to bark at; two price records were broken this year Art Daily 03/07/12
More Munch exhibitions planned for abroad The Art Newpaper 03/07/12
Bank of America Merrill Lynch to Restore Tel Aviv’s Chagalls Bloomberg 03/06/12
The Albertina Highlights Modernist Paintings From the Batlinger Collection Art Knowledge News 03/06/12
Art Forgery Scandal-Ringleader Reveals He Faked Many More Works Der Spiegel 03/06/12
Cai Guo-Qiang Lights up L.A. in Search of Aliens Artinfo 03/06/12
Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany Guardian 03/06/12
Museum of Fine Arts in Boston opens exhibition featuring 17th century Tibetan Paintings Art Knowledge News 03/06/12
New Book: Charting Michelangelo’s Rise to Fame Arts Journal 03/06/12
4 Ways the Armory Show Is Trying to Reinvent Itself This Year Artinfo 03/06/12
Exhibition of photographic portraits of Picasso opens at the Museo Picasso Malaga Art Daily 03/06/12
Reasoning with Idols Wang Guangyi Art Asia Pacific 03/06/12
United Kingdom's Tate Gallery buys 8 million Ai Weiwei sunflower seeds for an undisclosed amount Art Daily 03/06/12
Picasso painting worth $80 million up for sale in UK Reuters 03/05/12
Art By The Numbers: A New Report On The Market In 2011 Arts Journal 03/05/12
Vermeer’s Woman in Blue regains its hue The Art Newspaper 03/05/12
The Robert Ellsworth Collection to be offered at Christie's New York Asian Art Week Art Daily 03/05/12
Rembrandt Portrait to Top $30 Million Old-Master Sale at Christie’s London Bloomberg 03/05/12
Auckland Art Gallery opens outstanding exhibition of international Modern masters Art Daily 03/05/12
Photographer Michael Dweck on His Unprecedented Havana Show of Portraits of Cuba's Creative Class Artinfo 03/04/12
Americans in Florence: Sargent and the American Impressionists on view at Palazzo Strozzi Art Daily 03/04/12
The Dallas Museum of Art opens Large-Scale Exhibition of "Art of the American 1920's" Art Knowledge News 03/04/12
The Robert H. Blumenfield collection to be offered at Christie's Asian Art Week in New York Art Daily 03/04/12
Redesigning Reality: How 3-D Printing Is Shaping the Future of Art, Engineering, and Everything Else Artinfo 03/03/12
Contemporary masters astound in Christie's Spring sale of South Asian and Contemporary art Art Daily 03/03/12
White Cube Bets Big on Hong Kong's Surging Art Scene With a Massive New Gallery — But Will It Pay Off? Artinfo 03/02/12
MOCA loses three officials in key finance roles Los Angeles Times 03/02/12
Turkey blocks loans to US and UK The Art Newspaper 03/02/12
Cracking the Curious Case of Picasso’s Ghost Subject New York Times 03/02/12
Sotheby’s Shares Fall Most Since September After Auction Revenue Declines Bloomberg 03/02/12
Leonardo’s lover probably painted the Prado’s Mona Lisa The Art Newspaper 03/02/12
UK galleries pay $72 million for Titian masterpiece Reuters 03/02/12
An Emirate Filling Up With Artwork New York Times 03/01/12
Dafen Art Village, part I: From copy to creative in Shenzhen? Art Radar Asia 03/01/12
South Indian bronze Somaskanda group to lead Sotheby's Indian and Southeast Asian works of art sale Art Daily 03/01/12
Turkish art market: Private collectors replace wealthy patrons Art Radar Asia 03/01/12
Sotheby's Reports $5.8 Billion in Sales for 2011 — Marking Its Second-Best Year Ever Artinfo 03/01/12
Parallel Collisions: 2012 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Contemporary Art opens Art Daily 03/01/12
We don’t own that Modigliani The Art Newspaper 03/01/12
Sotheby’s Quarterly Profit Fell 26 Percent as Art Sales Decline Bloomberg 03/01/12
The Blanton Museum of Art offers "Different Views of Hudson River School Painting" Art Knowledge News 02/29/12
Is Moscow’s culture tsar Putin’s secret election weapon? The Art Newspaper 02/29/12
Mythic Warrior Is Captive in Global Art Conflict New York Times 02/29/12
German Art Set to Get More Expensive Artinfo 02/29/12
Million dollar+ ancient silver shekel highlights world's greatest private Jewish coin collection at Heritage Art Daily 02/29/12
How the UK Went Cubist: 5 Key Works From the Tate's "Picasso and Modern British Art" Show, Explained Artinfo 02/29/12
New figures reveal huge growth of Chinese art market The Telgraph 02/28/12
Japanese architect Maki chosen for Patna Museum, despite jury’s recommendation The Art Newspaper 02/28/12
A Biennial Scorecard: Culling the Highlights of the Whitney's Signature Survey Artinfo 02/28/12
Stein family impact on avant-garde French art on show Reuters 02/28/12
The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibits the Influence of the 'Stein Family Collection' Art Knowledge News 02/28/12
The Städel Museum Expands: Four Reasons To Note Real Clear Arts 02/28/12
U.K.-Based Companies Slashed Arts Spending by 7% in 2010-11 Bloomberg 02/28/12
Mysterious band of artists is prowling network of tunnels below Paris, secretly refurbishing neglected treasures Wired Magazine 02/28/12
And the Pritzker Prize Goes To... Chinese Architect Wang Shu Artinfo 02/28/12
Doyle New York to auction almost 800 lots of Asian works of art in March during Asia Week Art Daily 02/28/12
Who Owns an Artist's Legacy? The Tangled Tale of Theodoros Stamos Artinfo 02/28/12
Collector Pearl Lam Readies New Space In Hong Kong’s Pedder Building Jing Daily 02/27/12
First major survey exhibition ever organised of Abraham Bloemaert’s work opens Art Daily 02/27/12
Cindy Sherman’s Self-Portraits Offer Vacuous Entertainment Bloomberg 02/27/12
Tapping Chinese Demand, Sotheby’s To Debut Historic Traveling Exhibition In Chengdu Jing Daily 02/27/12
Zhang Hongtu's 'Bird's Nest' Painting Barred by Beijing Customs as "Unacceptable" Art Knowledge News 02/26/12
The Ashmolean Museum campaigns to save a masterpiece by Edouard Manet for the nation Art Daily 02/26/12
Globe and Mail 02/26/12
Exhibition of the largest single collection of 13th century Mongolian artifacts opens at the Field Museum Art Daily 02/26/12
"The Time for Minor Narratives Has Come": Curator Gayatri Sinha on the Next Wave of Indian Artists Artinfo 02/25/12
Phillips de Pury & Co. announces highlights from its March Contemporary art evening auction Art Daily 02/25/12
Tomb of the Last Inca Emperor Discovered in the Andes Artinfo 02/25/12
Picasso's "Guernica" undergoes medical check at the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid Art Daily 02/25/12
Lichtenstein's "Sleeping Girl" to be sold at auction Reuters 02/25/12
Asia Week New York capitalizes on surging world market for Asian art and antiques Art Daily 02/25/12
When in New York City... for the Armory Show and the ADAA Art Show Artifno 02/25/12
The South Carolina State Museum hosts "Abstract Art in South Carolina: 1949-2012" Art Knowledge News 02/24/12
Van Gogh, The Kitschiest Klimt Products And Art Arts Journal 02/24/12
The Prince Gong Jade Mountain: Chinese Imperial jade gift surfaces at Bonhams Art Daily 02/24/12
Sarah Sze Will Represent the United States at the 2013 Venice Biennale Artinfo 02/24/12
Chinese furniture and jades top Bonhams March Asian Decorative Arts Auction Art Daily 02/24/12
Taxing Taxidermy: Battle Over $65-Million Rauschenberg Eagle May Hinge on Animal Trafficking Laws Artinfo 02/24/12
Exhibition of works by Russian Realist artists opens at the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz Art Daily 02/24/12
New show a portrait of Rembrandt, Degas as young men Reuters 02/24/12
Mona Lisa’s secrets revealed The Art Newspaper 02/23/12
"Cool Girls Got Off at Contemporary" and Other Findings From Alice Gregory's Sotheby's Ethnography Artinfo 02/23/12
Giant Rocking Horse Gets Olympic-Year Showcase on Trafalgar Square Plinth Bloomberg 02/23/12
It’s all in the eyes—and the lips The Art Newspaper 02/23/12
Getty posts salary of its new museum director Los Angeles Times 02/23/12
Cindy Sherman Market Hits $13.7 Million With Broad, Sender, MoMA Support Bloomberg 02/23/12
Icom publishes “red list” of Egyptian antiquities at risk The Art Newspaper 02/23/12
The San Antonio Museum of Art acquires rare wooden Japanese Amitabha Buddha Art Daily 02/23/12
New Mona Lisa Stirs Buzz Over Florentine Romantic Triangle Bloomberg 02/23/12
artnet Auctions presents the Modern and Contemporary Indian and South Asian Art sale Art Daily 02/23/12
5 Strange-But-True Facts We Learned About the Knoedler Forgery Scandal From the Latest Exposé Artifino 02/23/12
Städel Museum inaugurates underground building to house Contemporary art collection Art Daily 02/23/12
Don’t believe the hype: more adults and children are visiting Britain’s museums The Art Newspaper 02/23/12
Math Class: Art/Economy Correlation Does Not Imply Causation Artifino 02/23/12
Suitable for Suing New York Times 02/23/12
Dubious $4.3-Million Michelangelo Becomes an Icon of Government Waste in Italy Artinfo 02/22/12
What the MFA owes Boston Boston Globe 02/22/12
Exhibition spotlights a unique development in native American art history with works from three collections Art Daily 02/22/12
Madrid's Prado puts Mona Lisa's "twin" on display Reuters 02/21/12
Police raid criminal gang suspected of faking antiquities The Art Newspaper 02/21/12
Sotheby's to sell Munch's "The Scream" Reuters 02/21/12
Antiquities issue rears head with Getty leaders Potts, Cuno in place Los Angeles Times 02/21/12
"The Cult of Beauty: The Victorian Avant-Garde, 1860-1900" opens at the Legion of Honor Art Daily 02/21/12
Sarah Palin's hometown in debate over public sculpture Los Angeles Times 02/21/12
Rijksmuseum exhibits works by Rembrandt and Vermeer in Turkey for the first time Art Daily 02/21/12
Bugatti Collector Warns on Market, Pays More than $30 Million for Top Car Bloomberg 02/21/12
Investment Helped the Art Market Weather the World Economic Crisis Art Knowledge News 02/20/12
"Building the Revolution: Soviet Art and Architecture 1915-1935" opens in Barcelona Art Daily 02/20/12
Twenty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art on View at National Art Center in Tokyo Art Knowledge News 02/20/12
Nudes, Boozers Jostle in Paris Exhibit of Finnish Artist Bloomberg 02/20/12
Top 20th century dealers sign on for inaugural edition of the New York 20th Century Art and Design Fair Art Daily 02/20/12
    The Rubin Museum Displays "Quentin Roosevelt's China" Exhibition
Art Knowledge News 02/19/12
Largest collection of authentic Rembrandt paintings opens at Cleveland Museum of Art Art Daily 02/19/12
The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum to Showcase The Binney Collection of Indian Art Art ?knowledge News 02/19/12
Gauguin & Polynesia in Seattle Artinfo 02/18/12
The Barlow Collection of Chinese ceramics, bronzes and jades goes on display at The Ashmolean Museum Art Daily 02/18/12
The New Palm Springs Art Fair Premieres to Curious Crowds and Early Sales Artinfo 02/18/12
Judge: Spain can take treasure from Florida company Art Daily 02/18/12
Bloomberg 02/17/12
Bloomberg 02/17/12
Getty Research Institute appoints Joanne Pillsbury as Associate Director of Scholarly Programs Art Daily 02/17/12
Azerbaijan stages first art festival The Art Newspaper 02/17/12
Phillips de Pury's Petite London Sale Scores $9 Million, Buoyed by Andy Warhol's Fontana Artinfo 02/17/12
Hamburger Kunsthalle features Ferdinand Hodler, Aleksandr Deyneka, and Neo Rauch Art Daily 02/17/12
Andy Warhol’s Slashed Fontana Painting Boosts $9 Million Auction in London Bloomberg 02/17/12
Discovering a Different Duchamp: A French Show Spotlights Marcel's Older Brother Jacques Villon Artinfo 02/17/12
The Museum of International Folk Art Presents "The Arts of Survival" Art Knowledge News 02/16/12
Fear Heightens Appreciation of Abstract Art Miller McCune 02/16/12
Zehra Jumabhoy at the fourth Indian Art Fair Art Forum 02/16/12
The Getty Museum has a new director but an old problem Los Angeles Times 02/16/12
French police investigate allegedly fake photographs The Art Newspaper 02/16/12
Rare Cook Islands pole-club highlights Oceanic art auction at Bonhams in San Francisco Art Daily 02/16/12
Picasso Ticked Off Churchill, Fired Up Bacon, Tate Shows: Review Bloomberg 02/16/12
Sotheby's Contemporary Sale Soars to $80 Million in London, Driven by Gerhard Richter Fever Artinfo 02/16/12
Exhibition showing the relationship of the Dutch and the water opens at Kunsthal Rotterdam Art Daily 02/16/12
How to get ahead in US museums The Art Newspaper 02/16/12
Bloomberg 02/16/12
Dutch artist's works found in British warehouse Guardian 02/15/12
Bloomberg 02/15/12
First exhibition to explore Pablo Picasso's lifelong connections with Britain opens at Tate Art Daily 02/15/12
A Sizzling Francis Bacon Helps Christie's Cook Up $126 Million at its London Contemporary Sale Artinfo 02/15/12
Indian museum picks Foster as preferred architect The Art Newspaper 02/15/12
China’s Fu Baoshi, Dealt With Boozing, Despots Bloomberg 02/15/12
Getty Trust Expected to Name Timothy Potts as Museum Director Arts Journal 02/14/12
The Utah Museum of Fine Arts presents American Prints From the Great Depression Art Knowledge News 02/14/12
More than four hundred years of Ottoman art to be presented at Sotheby's sale Art Daily 02/14/12
Where Is the Art Market Heading? The 20th Century Artinfo 02/14/12
First Marc Chagall retrospective ever held in Spain opens at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Daily 02/14/12
Bonhams Bombs With Half-Sold Contemporary Art Sale in London Artinfo 02/14/12
AOA New York 2012 Tribal Art Fair attracts world's leading specialists Art Daily 02/13/12
Turner, Monet, Twombly: Later paintings on view at the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart Art Daily 02/13/12
Winter in art from the Renaissance to Impressionism opens at Kunsthaus Zurich Art Daily 02/13/12
Mrs. Lincoln, I Presume? Well, as It Turns Out ... New York Times 02/13/12
"Exploring Art of the Ancient Americas" exhibition features artwork from Mexico to Peru Art Daily 02/12/12
Exhibition in Bonn presents three of the most influential artists of the 1980s Art Daily 02/12/12
Dealer Settles with Artist in California Royalties Case New York Times 02/11/12
Exhibition celebrates the work of a powerful artist and the work of a great collector Art Daily 02/11/12
Enigmatic Artist Cady Noland Yanks a Work From a Sotheby's Auction, Touching Off a Lawsuit Artinfo 02/11/12
First major Dutch Calder exhibition to be held since 1969 opens at Municipal Museum Art Daily 02/11/12
Bloomberg 02/10/12
The boom of the Turkish art market CNN 02/10/12
Bloomberg 02/10/12
The Speed Art Museum announces Impressionist Landscapes: Monet to Sargent Art Daily 02/10/12
From Warhol to Murakami: pop art hasn't lost its soul, it's selling it The Guardian 02/10/12
Schirn Kunsthalle presents a major exhibition dedicated to unknown sides of Edvard Munch Art Daily 02/10/12
In Break With Tradition, The National Gallery Goes Thematic Arts Journal 02/09/12
MMPI Cancels NEXT Art Chicago Fair, Moving Fair Business Away from Chicago Artinfo 02/09/12
Thomas Demand to create Kaldor art project in Sydney The Art Newspaper 02/09/12
Man admits NY piece of bicoastal art-theft spree Art Daily 02/09/12
Star Lots Go Lonely at Sotheby’s London's Anemic $125 Million Impressionist and Modern Sale Artinfo 02/09/12
The estate of Countess Ahlefeldt, universal legatee of Serge Lifar, to be sold at the Hôtel des Ventes Art Daily 02/09/12
Online Art Wars Heat Up, as Paddle8 Secures $4 Million From Tech and Luxury Investors Artinfo 02/09/12
Hungary’s government tightens grip on arts The Art Newspaper 02/09/12
Rare View of artist Mark Rothko at Academy Art Museum Exhibition in Maryland Art Daily 02/09/12
What's Holding Back the Indian Art Boom? Artinfo 02/09/12
Man-Eating Lion, Mystery Trains Beguile Gerhard Richter Bloomberg 02/09/12
Art market analysis: A market in need of supervision The Art Newspaper 02/09/12
11 figures for 2011  Artprice 02/09/12
Some top lots stumble at mixed Sotheby's sale Reuters 02/09/12
Bloomberg 02/09/12
Interview : Frederic De Goldschmidt Initiart Magazine 02/08/12
5 Key Pieces From the British Museum's Hajj Exhibit Artinfo 02/08/12
Museum Moderner Kunst (MUMOK) opens First Retrospective for Cy Twombly in Austria Art Knowledge 02/08/12
Business is Slow in VIP Art Fair's Online Aisles — But Maybe That's OK Artinfo 02/08/12
Records tumble at Christie's art sale Reuters 02/08/12
Bloomberg 02/08/12
Internet titan Peter Norton sells more of art collection Reuters 02/07/12
Should replicas of destroyed sculptures be in a museum show? Los Angeles Times 02/07/12
Antoni Tàpies, 1923-2012 The Art Newspaper 02/07/12
First comprehensive study of Renoir's full-length canvases at the Frick Collection Art Daily 02/07/12
Freud’s Obese Nudes, Bohemian Cohorts Star in London Show Bloomberg 02/07/12
St. Louis tries new approach in museum expansion Reuters 02/07/12
The royal family of Qatar purchases Paul Cezanne's Card Players for a record $250 million Art Daily 02/07/12
Uruguay gets its first biennale The Art Newspaper 02/07/12
Rothko Boosts $611 Million Auctions as Price Rises Lure Sellers Bloomberg 02/07/12
Christie's London announces full details of the long-awaited Hockney on paper sale Art Daily 02/07/12
The Royal College of Art Will Host the 20/21 International Art Fair in London Art Knowledge 02/06/12
Guggenheim Announces That It Will Shutter Its Berlin Branch at the End of 2012 Artinfo 02/06/12
Arts workers need more training and investment, says government The Stage News 02/06/12
Beirut Art Fair unveils in its cultural program, the diversity of contemporary art Art Daily 02/06/12
New exhibition reveals Picasso’s love affair with English style The Telegraph 02/06/12
Gris, Van Gogh, Signac & Miro lead Christie's auction of Impressionist and Modern Art Art Daily 02/06/12
Caravaggio, Mad Marketing Genius Big Think 02/06/12 02/05/12
Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau celebrates Gerhard Richter's 80th birthday with exhibition Art Daily 02/05/12
Did Leonardo da Vinci Copy His Famous "Vitruvian Man"? Scientific American 02/05/12
Impressive 2011 online art sales on artnet Auctions Art Daily 02/05/12
Mirza’s cultural politics book pulped after row over Tate cover image The Art Newspaper 02/04/12
The Museum of Contemporary Photography Shows the Photograph's Ability to Deceive Art Knowledge 02/04/12
Exhibition at the National Gallery of Denmark adds a new chapter to the story of Vilhelm Hammershøi Art Daily 02/04/12
Bloomberg 02/04/12
The Phillips celebrates gift of exquisite French drawings by Modern masters with focused exhibition Art Daily 02/04/12
Photography trade associations weigh in on Cariou versus Prince case The Art Newspaper 02/04/12
Inside the Hyatt Regency London's Art-Packed Saatchi Gallery Suite Artinfo 02/04/12
Bloomberg 02/04/12
The Clark Center for Japanese Art & Culture to Show Buddhist Deities Art Knowledge 02/03/12
Städel Museum in Frankfurt opens exhibition of Claude Lorrain's enchanted landscapes Art Daily 02/03/12
France's New Camille Claudel Museum Crosses Boundaries With Public/Private Partnership Artinfo 02/03/12
Sotheby's to hold a single owner sale of property from The Collection of Giovanni & Gabriella Barilla Art Daily 02/03/12
A Sneak Peek at VIP Art Fair: Does Version 2.0 Take Online Art Commerce Beyond Beta Artinfo 02/03/12
Ten years of free entry, but can it last? The Art Newspaper 02/02/12
The first Pointillist painting enters the Portland Art Museum's collection Art Daily 02/02/12
Bloomberg 02/02/12
Exhibition of treasures from London's Society of Antiquaries highlights milestones in British history Art Daily 02/02/12
Jerry Saltz on the Perverse Master Mike Kelley, 1954–2012 New York Magazine 02/02/12
The National Gallery’s blockbuster exhibition could mark a turning point for Leonardo scholars The Art Newspaper 02/01/12
Sale of the Week: Impressionist and Modern Sales in London Artinfo 02/01/12
Earliest copy of Mona Lisa found in Prado The Art Newspaper 02/01/12
Asia Society Expands, in Houston and Hong Kong New York Times 02/01/12
Turner watercolour, lost from public view for 100 years, brought home to Brighton Art Daily 02/01/12
Through an Explosion, a Chinese Artist’s Road to Discovery New York Times 02/01/12
Former YBA Patron Frank Cohen on Why British Modern Art Is Back in Fashion Artinfo 02/01/12
Italian football club sponsors Old Masters show The Art Newspaper 02/01/12
Barter system part of appeal for Brussels art show Reuters 02/01/12
India Art Fair looks poised to join the big league The Art Newspaper 02/01/12
Art detective and leading art dealer Philip Mould is on the hunt for lost treasures Art Daily 02/01/12
Shady Beijing Developers Demolish the Home of China’s “Father of Modern Architecture” Artinfo 02/01/12
Bloomberg 02/01/12
Christie's 2011 art sales hit record Reuters 02/01/12
Andy to Asia Art Market Monitor 01/31/12
Nelson-Atkins Museum Opens Renovated Chinese Galleries to Celebrate New Year Art Knowledge 01/31/12
ART HK confirms place in the big league with 2012 line-up Artinfo 01/31/12
Art from the Collections of "la Caixa" Foundation and MACBA on view at the Guggenheim Art Daily 01/31/12
Bloomberg 01/31/12
Daniel Crouch Rare Books to exhibit the first atlas printed in colours at the Miami International Map Fair Art Daily 01/31/12
Artprice eyes sales boost from online auctions Reuters 01/31/12
Archives of American Art exhibition celebrates Jackson Pollock's enduring legacy Art Daily 01/31/12
“Evolution, Not Revolution”: Saudi Artists Find Ways Around a Harsh Political Climate Artinfo 01/31/12
Contemporary art show in Saudi Arabia could herald a new movement The Art Newspaper 01/31/12
Five Questions For The Asian Art Museum’s Director Artinfo 01/31/12
Pablo Picasso is the 'most stolen' artist Daily Mirror 01/30/12
Bonhams India? Auctioneer Hires New Rep to Tap $400 Million Market Artinfo 01/30/12
Sumerian gold jar, other relics returned to Iraq Reuters 01/30/12
'Cathedral' barn is saved The Independent 01/30/12
The Clark explores the art of copying - "Copycat: Reproducing Works of Art" opens Art Daily 01/30/12
India Art Fair Opens Strong With Major Western Galleries — But Local Art Still Sells Best Artinfo 01/30/12
Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibition explores van Gogh's deep immersion into nature Art Daily 01/30/12
Upstart Paris Gallery Scores Coup With German Art Show Bloomberg 01/30/12
LACMA presents first international survey of women Surrealist artists in North America Art Daily 01/29/12
Dixon exhibit features European masterpieces including Rembrandt, Rubens and more Art Daily 01/29/12
The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art Features Three New Exhibitions Art Knowledge 01/28/12
Xu Bing on His Plans to Light a Giant Cigarette at the Aldrich Museum, Even Though He Doesn't Smoke Artinfo 01/28/12
Exhibition at Turner Contemporary shows how JMW Turner revolutionized landscape painting Art Daily 01/28/12
Progress on the Uffizi expansion, at last The Art Newspaper 01/28/12
Picasso's Drawings, 1890-1921: Reinventing Tradition at the National Gallery of Art Art Daily 01/28/12
Was Art Dealer Giti Nourbakhsch Wacked by the Berlin Art Mafia Artinfo 01/28/12
Exhibition at Fondation Beyeler offers a fresh review of Pierre Bonnard's entire career Art Daily 01/28/12
History Unfolding on a Hand Scroll New York Times 01/27/12
Bloomberg 01/27/12
VIP Art Fair to Return With Online Performances, Virtual Experts, and a Lot More Server Power Artinfo 01/27/12
Rembrandt, Mean Bear, Devils Dazzle at Morgan Dutch Treat Bloomberg 01/27/12
Shedding light on an obscure pre-Raphaelite The Art Newspaper 01/27/12
Exclusive: Bones and landscapes inspire Danish queen's art Reuters 01/27/12
Swiss museum settles Malevich claim The Art Newspaper 01/26/12
Getty Museum announces acquisition of rare early Renaissance drawing attributed to Piero del Pollaiuolo Art Daily 01/26/12
Haj show seeks to lift veil on key Islamic ritual Reuters 01/26/12
Spanish savings bank art collection “transferred” to Alicante museum The Art Newspaper 01/26/12
U.S. returns stolen Pissarro artwork to France Reuters 01/26/12
Rothko & The Abstractionists: First major canvas by Rothko at a London auction in a decade Art Daily 01/26/12
Tentacles of Europe's Biggest Art Fraud Case Entangle Max Ernst Museum Artinfo 01/26/12
Debt-Ridden Greece Hopes Ancient Sites Can Yield New Cash New York Times 01/25/12
Hals Joins Canaletto in $194 Million Old Master Sales Bloomberg 01/25/12
Can Art Exchanges Ever Make Financial Sense? Artinfo 01/25/12
Horse Ballet, Potato Show Celebrate 300th Birthday of Frederick the Great Bloomberg 01/25/12
Paul Klee and Cobra in international exhibition at the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen Art Daily 01/25/12
Abu Dhabi resumes Louvre, Guggenheim projects Reuters 01/25/12
Sotheby's forthcoming Contemporary Art Evening Auction highlighted by desirable and fresh-to-market works Art Daily 01/25/12
Americana week pulls in uneven results The Art Newspaper 01/25/12
Critics Fear Louvre's Plan to Loan Art to Fukushima Carries Radiation Risks Artinfo 01/24/12

Art Investors Lured by 12% Return Promise From $80 Million Luxembourg Fund

Bloomberg 01/24/12
Italy returns 2,000 year-old statue to Libya Art Daily 01/23/12
Hybrid Art Fairs May Not Be Fashionable, But They're What People Want Artinfo 01/23/12
Istanbul's Pera Museum exhibition sheds light into the beginning of Turkish-Dutch relations Art Daily 01/23/12
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, announces MOCA TV: A global video channel Art Daily 01/22/12
The Mourners: Tomb Sculptures from the Court of Burgundy at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Art Daily 01/22/12
In a Club Fight, Power, Ego and Real Estate New York Times 01/22/12
Exhibition at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum focuses on mathematician Alan Turing Art Daily 01/22/12
58th Winter Antiques Show Celebrates The Rockefeller Family Patronage Of Historic Hudson Valley New Focus On 01/21/12
The Morgan presents more than ninety drawings by Rembrandt and other important Dutch artists Art Daily 01/21/.12
First Collection-Sharing, Now Curator-Sharing Arts Journal 01/21/12
Major retrospective exhibition of Chinese Modern artist Fu Baoshi goes on view at Metropolitan Museum Art Daily 01/21/12
See the Eclectic Highlights of the Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair Artinfo 01/21/12
Qi Baishi's Eagle Standing on Pine Tree recorded as the most expensive artwork sold at any auction in 2011 Art Daily 01/21/12
Saatchi Gallery likes its online numbers The Art Newspaper 01/20/12
Italian case against antiquities dealer ends L.A. Times 01/20/12
Audubon’s ‘Birds’ Fetches $7.9M at Christie’s Bloomberg 01/20/12
artnet Auctions announces a special sale of American fine art comprising over 60 lots Art Daily 01/20/12
Asia Society Becomes the First U.S. Museum to Open a Satellite in China Artinfo 01/20/12
Bacon’s Nude Model May Fetch $30 Million as Owner Tests Demand Bloomberg 01/20/12
Art Thieves Use iPhone to Commit Brutal Heist of Irish Priest's Masterpieces Artinfo 01/20/12
George Washington Wine Cooler Fetches $782,500 at Christie’s New York Sale Bloomberg 01/20/12
Claremont Rug Company opens rare online exhibit of art level 19th century Oriental carpets Art Daily 01/20/12
Balkans targeted in hunt for stolen art The Art Newspaper 01/18/12
New York City's American Folk Art Museum celebrates optimistic future with 50th anniversary Art Daily 01/18/12
Are Lazy, Rich Artists Really Confined to China? Artinfo 01/18/12
Sotheby's to sell exceptional private collection of fresh-to-market drawings by Lucian Freud Art Daily 01/18/12
Washington Crosses the Delaware in Style at Met’s New Wing Bloomberg 01/18/12
Richard Meier Plans an (Accidentally) Aztec-Inspired Skyscraper for Mexico City Artinfo 01/18/12
Rubens masterpiece “made for market” The Art Newspaper 01/18/12
Tomb of an Ancient Egyptian Diva Discovered in Valley of the Kings Artinfo 01/18/12
Hockney close to home with Yorkshire landscape show Reuters 01/18/12
Olympian world of the Greek gods is recreated at the Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne Art Daily 01/18/12
Billionaire Calls $70 Million Holbein Oil a Good Buy Bloomberg 01/18/12
Why Art Is a Sensible Investment — Just Not for You Artinfo 01/17/12
Hockney’s Big High-Tech Art Opens Eyes From Yosemite to Yorkshire: Review Bloomberg 01/17/12
Art Stage Singapore 2012 hits the mark Art Daily 01/17/12
Tread carefully in Chinese art market, experts say Reuters 01/17/12
Louvre exhibition traces the birth of American landscape painting and its influences Art Daily 01/16/12
Peabody Essex Museum presents bold, new exhibition of native American art Art Daily 01/15/12
Quote carved on Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington will be changed Art Daily 01/15/12
Dancing Shiva X-rayed by Rijksmuseum: Indian masterpiece shown to be solid bronze Art Daily 01/14/12
Should We Let More Artists Starve So Some Can Succeed? Artinfo 01/14/12
LACMA presents Chris Burden's kinetic sculpture modeled after a fast-paced modern city Art Daily 01/14/12
Art Stage Singapore's Lorenzo Rudolf on What Westerners Don't Understand About Asian Art Artinfo 01/13/12
Please Touch This Sculpture. Yes, You Heard That Right Arts Journal 01/13/12
Exhibition explores the interaction between Europe and the rest of the world over the course of 2,500 years Art Daily 01/13/12
Art for Art’s Sake? There’s No Such Thing Arts Journal 01/13/12
Middle Eastern Art Is 500 Years Behind, Says Art & Patronage Summit Director Artinfo 01/13/12
McNay Art Museum in San Antonio presents newly authenticated El Greco painting Art Daily 01/12/12
Top 9 Global Shows of the Week, From Rodin's Racy Drawings to Theaster Gates's Civil Rights Sculptures Artinfo 01/12/12
Rubens masterwork featured in illuminating focus exhibition at the Israel Museum Art Daily 01/12/12
Authorities in bid to save derelict Van Gogh house The Art Newspaper 01/12/12
Boston's Gardner museum unveils major expansion Reuters 01/12/12
Chinese Artist’s $507 Million Ousts Picasso as Leading 2011 Auction Earner Bloomberg 01/12/12
NADA Announces New NYC Edition as Art Fair Competition Reaches Fever Pitch Artinfo 01/11/12
Sotheby's Impressionist & Modern Art evening sale to feature museum-quality works Art Daily 01/11/12
Chinese Culture Doesn't Need the West Says Albermarle Gallery's Tony Pontone Artinfo 01/11/12
Knoedler forgery scandal grows The Art Newspaper 01/11/12
Renovation of four Chinese galleries at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art complete Art Daily 01/11/12
Guggenheim proposes $178 million museum in Helsinki Reuters 01/010/12
1793 penny fetches a record $1.38 million at Heritage Auctions sale in Florida Art Daily 01/10/12
A market divided The Art Newspaper 01/10/12
Is It About to Get Much Easier for Artists to Bring Copyright-Infringement Lawsuits Artinfo 01/09/11
Picasso, Mondrian paintings stolen from Greek gallery Reuters 01/09/12
China's dragon stamp breathes criticism, fear-some people call it too ferocious Art Daily 01/09/12
Online Fair Grows as Bordeaux, $3.3 Million Freuds Test Auctions; Art Buzz Bloomberg 01/09/12
New report says art dealers with an e-tailing or online auction presence are well-positioned to take advantage Art Daily 01/08/12 01/08/12
A Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Skyscraper Opens Its Robe in Kuwait City Artinfo 01/07/12
New York art collector accuses Paris dealer of not delivering a complete set of Warhol "Electric Chairs" prints Art Daily 01/07/12
Eva Zeisel Survived Stalin, Nazis, Created Beauty: Appreciation Bloomberg 01/06/12
Rare and rediscovered paintings lead Christie's Old Master paintings and drawings sales Art Daily 01/06/12
Italy allows Unesco into Pompeii The Art Newspaper 01/06/12
Art Market Report Makes Dire Reading For Museums Artinfo 01/06/12
Pablo Picasso painting of Notre-Dame to highlight Bonhams Impressionist & Modern Art auction Art Daily 01/06/12
Hockney Snipes at Hirst, Says Bring Back Smoking, Boozing Bloomberg 01/06/12
Woman damages painting worth more than $30M at Denver's new Clyfford Still Museum Art Daily 01/06/12
Berggruen builds collection for Los Angeles The Art Newspaper 01/06/12
How Will Helen Frankenthaler's Art Stand the Test of Time?: An Assessment Artinfo 01/06/12
John Eskenazi to present Hindu Gods and Serene Buddhas in New York coinciding with Asia Week Art Daily 01/05/12
Welcome to the SWAG Economy: Art Investment Takes Off as the Superrich Despair of Stocks Artinfo 01/05/12
After eight centuries of isolated slumber, Cambodia's "second Angkor" stirs to life Art Daily 01/04/12
The global art market – an overview of 2011  Artprice 01/04/12
When Cleanliness Is Next to Ungodliness: Furor Erupts Over Louvre's Scrubbing of Holy Leonardo Painting Artinfo 01/04/12
Artist Hockney targets Hirst in row over methods Reuters 01/04/12
Lavish Homes of Emir, Gold Digger Flaunted in Paris Show Bloomberg 01/04/12
2011 from the AMCI’s viewpoint Artprice 01/04/12
Two documents to be featured in "Lux in Arcana" at Rome's Capitoline Museums Art Daily 01/03/12
Monet, Renoir and Cézanne return to the Fitzwilliam as famous artworks go back on display Art Daily 01/02/12
Uffizi Gallery presents sculptures from the collections of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany Art Daily 01/02/12
Historic house in danger of losing its marbles The Art Newspaper 01/02/12
Loan from Centre Pompidou in Paris brings forty of the museum's top paintings to The Hague Art Daily 01/01/12
Reciprocal exhibitions between Russia and Italy bring masterpieces by Giotto to the Tretyakov Gallery Art Daily 01/01/12
Museo de Arte de Ponce announces "Treasures of the Collection in Context: The Pre-Raphaelites" Art Daily 12/30/11
Tonya A. Cameron to auction Asian art, antiques and historical ephemera from estate of Boston theater critic Art Daily 12/30/11
A Discovery At The Morandi Museum In Bologna Arts Journal 12/29/11
China Institute Gallery present Theater, Life, and the Afterlife: Tomb Décor of the Jin Dynasty from Shanxi Art Daily 12/29/11
Still's $61.7 Million Abstract Tops Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein in 2011 Bloomberg 12/29/11
On Gustav Klimt's 150th birthday, Vienna's Belvedere marks 2012 as the Klimt Year Art Daily 12/29/11
Art that has a life of its own: London's Kinetica Art Fair 2012 exhibitors announced Art Daily 12/28/11
Hockney, Freud, Hirst Exhibits to Lure Art Fans in 2012: Preview Bloomberg 12/28/11
See the Top 5 Auction Flops of 2011, From a Degas Dancer to Some Underwhelming Wine Artinfo 12/28/11
Richter Tops Hot Artists as New Buyers Boost $1.7 Billion Sales Bloomberg 12/28/11
Abstract painter Helen Frankenthaler dies at 83 Reuters 12/28/11
See the Auction Highlights of 2011, From Gustav Klimt to Jennifer Aniston Artinfo 12/27/11
Modern Painters Presents 100 Artists to Watch: Part 1 Artinfo 12/26/11
After two years of extensive renovation work the Museum of European Cultures reopens in Berlin Art Daily 12/26/11
From Dear Leader to Marilyn Monroe, defector mocks Kim Reuters 12/26/11
Domenichino masterpiece returns to Dulwich as a fitting climax to the Gallery's bicentenary Art Daily 12/25/11
Why British Museums Should Reject BP's £10 Million Gift Artinfo 12/25/11
Two archaeological sites surveyed on Mount Ararat Art Daily 12/24/11
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art presents definitive look at 110 years of sculpture Art Daily 12/24/11
Fine Chinese furniture tops two-day auction in $12.8-million auction at Bonhams in San Francisco Art Daliy 12/23/11
Medici Banker, Sad Queen Highlight Met Renaissance Show: Review Bloomberg 12/23/11
The Art of Protection: The Fantastic Collections of Karsten Klingbeil ends with 100% lots sold Art Daily 12/23/11
European Union proposes world's largest ever cultural funding program The Art Newspaper 12/21/11
Masterpieces of Renaissance portraiture on view in new exhibition opening at Met Museum Art Daily 12/21/11
The Final Chapter For Fayetteville Museum Art Journal 12/21/11
Rijksmuseum exhibits the evolution of the harsh, yet atmospheric 19th-century winters Art Daily 12/21/11
Police recover hundreds of stolen Roman artefacts The Art Newspaper 12/21/11
Asian Art sale at Sotheby's Paris totals E12.45 million against an overall pre-sale estimate of E6.5-9m Art Daily 12/21/11
Hunt for Da Vinci Battle Fresco Stirs Squabble Bloomberg 12/21/11
Berlin Artist Takes Over Former Times Square Porn Theater Artinfo 12/21/11
The trouble with authenticating Bacon The Art Newspaper 12/21/11
Hirst, Warhol Prices Outperform S&P 500 in Art Index Bloomberg 12/21/11
Bronze Hepworth sculpture stolen -- for scrap? Reuters 12/21/11
Capitoline Museums exhibition compares two paintings of Baby Jesus by Pintoricchio Art Daily 12/20/11
Christie's to offer the Peter H. B. Frelinghuysen, Jr. Collection of Chinese Export Porcelain Art Daily 12/20/11
Woot There It Is: Caspar David Friedrich's 'Owl' Sells for $8.5 Million Artinfo 12/20/11
Monet masterpieces to be brought together at Tate Liverpool's major exhibition for 2012 Art Daily 12/19/11
Sexy Venetians, Pissarro's Cocotte, Grandiloquent Serra: San Francisco Art Bloomberg 12/19/11
National Gallery of Victoria showcases its outstanding collection of Buddhist art in new exhibition Art Daily 12/19/11
BP to give £10m to four UK arts institutions The Art Newspaper 12/19/11
See Sarah Sze's Intimate and Intricate Works on Paper at the Asia Society Artinfo 12/19/11
Audubons $11 Million Birds, Louvre, Lots of Pots Fill Holiday Art Books Bloomberg 12/19/11
Demand From New Chinese Collectors Stays Strong For Important Works Of Art Jing Daily 12/18/11
Tate 2012 triennial bites the dust The Art Newspaper 12/18/11
As markets plunge, Asia's wealthy flock to art Reuters 12/18/11
New Survey Finds that Berlin's "Poor But Sexy" Artists Are Also Poor and Unhappy Artinfo 12/17/11
深圳文交所停牌:投资者索要退款 Artron 12/17/11
The Coe Collection of American Indian Art on view at Metropolitan Museum of Art Art Daily 12/17/11
Britain Bans the Export of a Rare Manet, Hoping to Find a U.K. Buyer With $44 Million Artinfo 12/17/11
Stunning Hercules figure sets new world record at Bonhams' Fine European Ceramics auction Art Daily 12/17/11
The Humbling of the Biennale in the Age of Global Austerity Artinfo 12/16/11
Utopias on Paper, German Expressionism: Prints and Drawings from the Tel Aviv Museum Collection Art Daily 12/16/11
After Months of Political Intrigue, Paolo Baratta Is Re-Appointed as President of the Venice Biennale Artinfo 12/16/11
Campaign to build Malevich centre by artist's grave The Art Newspaper 12/16/11
Cabinet exhibition of colourful landscapes by the Swiss painter Albert Welti at Kunsthaus Zürich Art Daily 12/16/11
Paris museum snaps up Bronte manuscript for $1.1 million Reuters 12/16/11
Disputed Munch at Leopold Museum The Art Newspaper 12/16/11
Gifts From Hitler? Pompidou Admits Harboring Three Nazi-Looted Paintings Since 1973 Artinfo 12/16/11
Reopening of the "Old Masters" collection in the refurbished old Stadel Museum building Art Daily 12/15/11
From Foreign Correspondent to Curator: Charles Krause Opens a D.C. Gallery for International Political Art Artinfo 12/15/11
What crisis? Super rich are still buying The Art Newspaper 12/15/11
Sotheby's Handles Lockout, Pay Costs Rise, Ruprecht Gets Bonus Bloomberg 12/15/11
Latest British Museum treasure report details an astonishing range of important finds Art Daily 12/15/11
Berlin's 20th-century art to gain space of its own The Art Newspaper 12/15/11
Mexican archaeologists find original offering on the site of Teotihuacan pyramid Art Daily 12/15/11
Treasury rules stop museums spending donors cash in UK The Art Newspaper 12/15/11
Shala Monroque, Larry Gagosians 32-year-old girlfriend, on the cover of Town & Country Daily Beast 12/14/11
Lauder Shows Up Miami Developer's Museum Bargain Bloomberg 12/14/11
The Wine of Saint Martin's Day by Bruegel the Elder now on display at the Museo del Prado Art Daily 12/14/11
Preparing Christie,s for a quantum leap the Art Newspaper 12/14/11
Asia Society museum in New York presents works by artist Sarah Sze in "Infinite Line" Art Daily 12/13/11
Defiant Hockney, Bacon Are Feted; Kiefer's Scarred Alchemy Bloomberg 12/13/11
Wal-Mart Heiress' Art Museum a Moral Blight Business Week 12/13/11
Largest Canadian collection of Mexican Modernism on display now at Vancouver Art Gallery Art Daily 12/13/11
Art Dealers Get Tough as $83 Million Chinese Vase Goes Unpaid Bloomberg 12/13/11
The Earning Power of Art Jing Daily 12/12/11
Algiers's International Contemporary Art Festival Shows a Region Coming to Grips With Revolution Artinfo 12/12/11
Sotheby's to offer Old Master paintings from the estate of wife of magnate Charles Forte Art Daily 12/12/11
Sotheby's Paris sale of Contemporary art soars above estimate, fetches $ 15,098,358 Art Daily 12/11/11
True scale of alleged German forgeries revealed The Art Newpaper 12/11/11
First ever exhibition in Australia dedicated to Renaissance paintings opens in Canberra Art Daily 12/11/11
Sotheby's Paris sale of Impressionist & Modern Art realises a total of $19,332,204 Art Daily 12/10/11
Sotheby's Antiquities sale totals $30.9 million, marble group of Leda and the Swan sells for $19.1 million Art Daily 12/10/11
Critics Prove Powerless as Crowds Go Nuts for Maurizio Cattelan and Carsten Holler Artinfo 12/10/11
Christie's art sale led by the masterly panorama Derby Day by William Powell Frith Art Daily 12/10/11
China's stone workshops silenced by European crisis Art Daily 12/10/11
Anselm Kiefer: 'Art is difficult, it's not entertainment' The Guardian 12/09/11
Experts stumped by mysterious stone carvings made thousands of years ago Art Daily 12/09/11
The law vs scholarship -Taking academics to court over authentication issues is eroding independent expertise The Art Newspaper 12/09/11
La recherche d'une fresque perdue de Léonard de Vinci à Florence fait polémique Art Clair 12/09/11
Vampires, Ghosts Haunted Max Beckmann During U.S. Exile Bloomberg 12/09/11
China Economic Review 12/08/11
Still-life in a coma The Art Newspaper 12/08/11
Crystal Bridges Strikes a Partnership With the Louvre to Bring Traditional American Art Around the Globe Artinfo 12/08/11
First major William Blake exhibition opens at Russia's Pushkin State Museum of Fine Art Art Daily 12/08/11
Velazquez Portrait Sells for $4.7 Million at London Auction Bloomberg 12/08/11
Christie's old masters and Brit art auction London exceeds expectations Reuters 12/07/11
Getty Museum acquires rare sculpture by the accomplished Master of the Harburger Altar Art Daily 12/07/11
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Knoedler Forgery Debacle But Were Afraid to Ask Artinfo 12/07/11
Saltz: The Prince of the One Percent Would Like You to Know That Buying Art Is Less Fun These Days New Yorker 12/07/11
Raphael Pope Julius II Sold to Frankfurt Staedel Museum May Be Original Bloomberg 12/07/11
A Day at Art Basel Miami Beach With Amy Phelan Artinfo 12/06/11
Rediscovered Velazquez among old masters for sale Reuters 12/06/11
World-first: Matisse exhibition marks Gallery of Modern Art's 5th anniversary Art Daily 12/06/11
A Sales Roundup of This Year's Art Miami, from Modern Martyrs to Beach Cheesecake Artinfo 12/06/11
Extraordinary works translate into strong sales at the 10th edition of Art Basel Miami Beach Art Daily 12/06/11
Obtaining Refined Enjoyment: The Qianlong Emperor's Ceramic Collection National Palace Museum 12/06/11
Major exhibition by Cai Guo-Qiang opens at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art Art Daily 12/06/11
Boyce Beats Black to Win U.K.s $39,000 Turner Prize for Contemporary Art Bloomberg 12/06/11
Contemporary art world turns to Turner Prize Reuters 12/05/11
1953 Austin-Healey "100" special test car sells for world record £843,000 at Bonhams Art Daily 12/05/11
The Long Slide-Museums as playgrounds New York Magazine 12/05/11
Sotheby's old master and British paintings evening sale includes masterpiece by Jan Steen Art Daily 12/05/11
A-Rod Wows Owen Wilson Amid Miami Basels Ugly Art, Hookers: Lance Esplund Bloomberg 12/05/11
Pablo Picasso 1936: Traces of an exhibition at Museu Picasso in Barcelona Art Daily 12/04/11
The Best and Worst of the 2011 Pulse Miami Art Fair Artinfo 12/04/11
MFA Boston opens new Indian/Southeast Asian galleries this December Art Daily 12/04/11
Time to take stock-Art Basel Miami Beach pioneers on how the fair and its satellites defied the skeptics The Art Newspaper 12/04/11
Art Fairs Are Giving New Prestige to Asia New York Times 12/03/11
The Best and Worst of Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 Artinfo 12/03/11
Sotheby's sales of Russian art concluded this week bringing $95.5 million Art Daily 12/03/11
Saatchi's scathing portrait of the art world: 'Vulgar, Eurotrashy, masturbatory' The Guardian 12/03/11
GLGs Lagrange Says Knoedler Sold $17 Million Fake Pollock Bloomberg 12/03/11
Experts reclassify painting as real Rembrandt after X-ray reveals outlines of a self-portrait Art Daily 12/03/11
Artists are a-changing-Why rising stars and established names are shopping around for new representation The Art Newspaper 12/03/11
Classic Russian Art Sells Briskly at London Auctions, Belying Fears of a European Art-Market Slowdown Artinfo 12/03/11
Michael Douglas, Eli Broad Rub Elbows Amid Brisk Sales at Miami Art Basel Bloomberg 12/02/11
Rich offering of Chinese art fill two-day December auction at Bonhams in San Francisco Art Daily 12/02/11
No Longer an Upstart, a Buoyant NADA Brings in Big Sales and Art-World Power Brokers Artinfo 12/02/11
Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz exhibition celebrates Françoise Gilot on her 90th birthday Art Daily 12/02/11
A Connoisseurs Take: 10 Enchanting Works of Art on View at Art Basel Miami Beach Artinfo 12/02/11
A happy medium: Why painting is all over the floor at this years fair The Art Newspaper 12/02/11
Nazi Loot Claim Fails to Hinder Planned Cologne Auction of Kandinsky Work Bloomberg 12/02/11
Is Art Really a Better Bet Than Stocks?: A Q&A With the Founders of Artvest Partners Artinfo 12/01/11
Collecting grows among Wests wealthy The Art Newspaper 12/01/11
Diddy and Eli Broad Buy Sophisticated Fare at a Workmanlike Art Basel Miami Beach VIP Vernissage Artinfo 12/01/11
Bordeaux, Ming Demand Cools as Hong Kong Sale Tops $370 Million Bloomberg 12/01/11
Asian art demand mixed in $367 million Christie's sale Reuters 12/01/11
Full list of German forgeries: much longer list of 53 fakes by master forger Wolfgang Beltracchi and his gang The Art Newspaper 11/30/11
Bungling French Art Thieves Say an American Supersleuth Tricked Them Into a $29 Million Museum Heist Artinfo 11/30/11
Koons the museum patron The Art Newspaper 11/30/11
Grogan to offer fine collection of classic Chinese furniture Art Daily 11/30/11
The Ashmolean's State-of-the-Art New Galleries Allow Visitors to Commune With Mummies in the Afterlife Artinfo 11/30/11
Satyrs Pursue Nymphs in Paris Show on Life in Pompeii: Review Bloomberg 11/30/11
Asia's premier contemporary art fair, Art Stage Singapore, announces its 2nd edition Art Daily 11/30/11
Dethroned Emperor Outshined Jeff Koons as Contemporary Art Struggled at Christies's HK & Seoul Auctions Artinfo 11/30/11
Art on shifting sands The Art Newspaper 11/30/11
Chinese scroll paintings and Diamonds dominate Christie's Hong Kong Sale Bloomberg 11/30/11
Bonhams in Hong Kong sells world record Chinese snuff bottle for US$3,328,400 Art Daily 11/29/11
The Select View-Leonardo in London: an unrepeatable opportunity missed The Art Newspaper 11/29/11
Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh opens following £17.6 million transformation Art Daily 11/29/11
Broad, Gagosian, Qatar Sheikha, Ai Weiwei Make Art Power List Bloomberg 11/29/11
The Venice Biennale Wraps Up Its 54th Edition With a Referendum on Biennalehood Artinfo 11/29/11
Rodin's Head of Pierre de Wissant fetched HK$ 64,900,000 at Tiancheng International Auctioneer Ltd. Art Daily 11/29/11
"I Would Be Very Happy in China": Provocateur Wim Delvoye on Why Ai Weiwei Should Stop Complaining Artinfo 11/29/11
Velazquez, Goya Works Star in London Old Masters Auctions Bloomberg 11/29/11
24 Questions for Art Collectors Don and Mera Rubell Artinfo 11/28/11
November New York Art Auctions Confuse Market Art Market Blog 11/28/11
Montreal's Cerebral Art Scene Gets Its Due at the Quebec Triennial Artinfo 11/28/11
Prized works by Czech painter Emil Filla stolen The Art Newspaper 11/27/11
Two trial proofs for Andy Warhol's iconic image of a dollar sign for sale at Bonhams Art Daily 11/27/11
Lemieux is Canada's latest $2 million man The Art Newspaper 11/27/11
World record for a De Chirico "Muse inquietanti" series, brilliant results for Morandi, Savinio and Severini Art Daily 11/26/11
Gregor Muir takes over London's Troubled ICA Bloomberg 11/26/11
Home Alone! Sender Collection's 1st Miami Show Imagines How Art Misbehaves When Collector Is Away Artinfo 11/26/11
Historic 17th century items from rulers of Southern China for sale at Bonhams in Hong Kong Art Daily 11/26/11 11/26/11
Slovenia gets a second taste of national art The Art Newspaper 11/26/11
A rich offering of rare and rediscovered Russian works of art at Christie's in London Art Daily 11/26/11
Expanded museum gives boost to Tel Aviv art scene Reuters 11/26/11
Autum sales at Koller Geneva: Auctions with solid values for sought-after works Art Daily 11/26/11
Six Art-Market Trends to Watch in China's Fall Auction Season Artinfo 11/25/11
Exhibition of the Golden Age of China: The Tang Dynasty on view at the reopened Drents Museum Art Daily 11/25/11
China cracks down on rogue exchanges Financial Times 11/25/11
Edinburgh festivals bat eyes at London Olympic fans Reuters 11/25/11
Living with Art: A private European collection for sale at Christie's in London Art Daily 11/25/11
Haut-Brion 1945 Tests China Luxury Demand at $334 Million Sale Bloomberg 11/25/11
Does art need bankers? The Art Newspaper 11/24/11
Feast Your Eyes on 10 Scrumptious, Over-the-Top Food Artworks for Thanksgiving Artinfo 11/24/11
Sotheby's London presents its forthcoming important Russian art sales series Art Daily 11/24/11
Gallery crackdown on Leonardo da Vinci show tickets Reuters 11/24/11
Degas on show at Royal Academy of Arts has government indemnity withdrawn The Art Newspaper 11/24/11
Quinn's Fine Art auction spans Old Masters to Modern, with a premier of French paintings as its centerpiece Art Daily 11/23/11
Renoir's Le Bouquet, 1910, brings $657,250 in Heritage Auctions fine art sale Art Daily 11/23/11
Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh receives six architectural design awards Art Daily 11/23/11
Christie's to offer American masterworks from the Philadelphia Museum of Art Art Daily 11/23/11
"There Is No Place Like London": Dealer Iwan Wirth on the Intricacies of the World's 2nd Biggest Art Market Artinfo 11/23/11
Metropolitan's new exhibition of Islamic art will have "major impact" on antique carpet market Art Daily 11/22/11
Happy Birthday, Arman! The Artist's Widow Unveils Plans For a Museum Dedicated to Him in Nice Artinfo 11/22/11
One of the greatest collections of Yixing stoneware for sale at Bonhams Hong Kong Art Daily 11/22/11
Radical Braque Painting Boosts Acquavella Galleries Attendance to 16,000 Bloomberg 11/22/11
United States University returns stolen "Flagellation of Christ" to museum in Germany Art Daily 11/22/11
Architect Richard Meier's Shenzhen "Clubhouse" Merges an Art Gallery With a Fitness Center Artinfo 11/22/11
Columbia Museum of Art hosts exhibition of unsurpassed collection of Hudson River School paintings Art Daily 11/21/11
Casanova, Love Rat, Card Cheat, Shows $9.8 Million Manuscript Bloomberg 11/21/11
More than 125 art dealers, antique dealers and gallery owners present at PAN Amsterdam Art Daily 11/21/11
Buy Richter, China Art: Investment Tips From Collector Olbricht Bloomberg 11/21/11
Chinese oil painting sells for $23.6 million (at a Beijing auction house) China Daily 11/20/11
Abstract Expressionist Made Whole New York Times 11/20/11
Collection of 300 drawings made during Rodin's last thirty years on view at the Musée Rodin Art Daily 11/20/11
A Quiet Expansion for the Tel Aviv Museum Puts the Focus on the Art, Beginning With Anselm Kiefer Artinfo 11/20/11
Egyptomania! Blockbuster antiquities sale at Christie's New York includes 5 lots at over $1 million each Art Daily 11/19/11
The Male "Mona Lisa"?: Art Historian Martin Kemp on Leonardo da Vinci's Mysterious "Salvator Mundi" Artinfo 11/19/11
Sotheby's to sell one of the most important works by Vilhelm Hammershøi at auction Art Daily 11/19/11
Property from American museums highlight Asian decorative arts auction at Bonhams Art Daily 11/19/11
Miami Art Museum presents rare opportunity to see works by Marcel Duchamp Art Daily 11/18/11
Connecting the Dots Between the Record $43 Million Lichtenstein & the $431 Comic Strip Was Copied From Artinfo 11/18/11
Previously unknown large-scale porcelain farnese expected to make £500,000 at Bonhams Art Daily 11/18/11
Frieze reveals exhibitors for New York fair The Art Newspaper 11/18/11
Bronze artifact believed to be about 1,000 years old found on Alaska's Seward Peninsula Art Daily 11/18/11
Nazi Loot Panel Urges Berlin to Return Paintings to Jewish Heir Bloomberg  
Famous self-portrait by Leonardo da Vinci on display for the first time at exhibition in Turin Art Daily 11/18/11
Getty Museum denies interest in Leonardo da Vinci painting L.A. Times 11/18/11
Tamayo tops Latam auction, kinetic art sales strong Reuters 11/18/11
MoMA Cooks Up Spicy Rehang of Contemporary Collection; Rirkrit Tiravanija's Thai Curry on Center Stage Artinfo 11/17/11
Auction house Ketterer Kunst in Munich announces sale of Modern and Post-War Art Art Daily 11/17/11
Henri Cartier-Bresson's Parisian Puddle-Hopper Sets a New Record at Christie's Artinfo 11/17/11
What should we do with our antiquities? The Art Newspaper 11/17/11
Lowrys Painting of Piccadilly Circus Sells for $8.8 Million at Christies Bloomberg 11/17/11
Peru requests return of Paracas from Sweden The Art Newspaper 11/17/11
Christie's Hong Kong announces sales of important Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art Art Daily 11/17/11
Botero bronze, Brazil artists hit auction records Reuters 11/17/11
Rare, unusual, sought-after Swiss Art to be offered at Koller Art Daily 11/16/11
Museum quality pieces and royal connections in Bonhams Russian sale in London Art Daily 11/16/11
21er Haus: Museum of the 21st century opens in Vienna with Great Prospects! exhibition Art Daily 11/16/11
Crusader inscription in Arabic bearing the name of Frederick II, "King of Jerusalem" found Art Daily 11/16/11
Artist Zefrey Throwell Uses Strip Poker to Prove the Superiority of Socialism Artinfo 11/16/11
Medieval to Modern: Sotheby's sale of European sculpture and works of art spans 800 years Art Daily 11/16/11
What We've Learned About Russian Megacollector Roman Abramovich From His Epic Oligarch Lawsuit Artinfo 11/16/11
Berthe Morisot: An Impressionist woman at the Museo Thyssen Bornemisza in Madrid Art Daily 11/16/11
Paris positions itself as photo capital The Art Newspaper 11/16/11
Exhibition of masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris on view in Sydney Art Daily 11/16/11
Abu Dhabi Art 2011 Brings International Emerging Art to the Middle East Artinfo 11/16/11
David Hockney Bests Damien Hirst With IPhone Doodles From Remote Yorkshire Bloomberg 11/16/11
Cultural Klondike exposed The Art Newspaper 11/15/11
Dutch Landscapes: Paintings from the Royal Collection on view at the Bowes Museum Art Daily 11/15/11
Botero sculpture, Tamayo painting lead Latam sales Reuters 11/15/11
When in Miami... for Art Basel Miami Beach Artinfo 11/15/11
Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin's Journey on view at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa Art Daily 11/15/11
Turner ancestor condemns 'abysmal' treatment of artist's estate The Guardian 11/15/11
At large in London: the public Rodin that nobody owns The Art Newspaper 11/15/11
China Guardian Auctions Co, Ltd. presents its anticipated 2011 Autumn sale Art Daily 11/14/11
Munchs Demons Drove Early Genius, Paris Exhibit Reveals: Jorg von Uthmann Bloomberg 11/14/11
Ancient Chinese bronzes exhibited at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens this Fall Art Daily 11/13/11
Unpopular choice for Biennale president withdraws The Art Newspaper 11/13/11
Hans Ulrich Obrist on His New Art Movement, "Posthastism" Artinfo 11/12/11
The Collection of Will Fisher, founder of Jamb, to be offered at Christie's London in February 2012 Art Daily 11/12/11
Diego Rivera murals reunited after 80 years Reuters 11/12/11
Qianlong Vase Pushes Auctions of Asian Art to Record $92 Million in London Bloomberg 11/12/11
Impressionism Stripped Bare: See Works From the MFA Boston's Racy "Degas and the Nude" Exhibition Artinfo 11/12/11
Sotheby's London auction of fine Chinese ceramics and works of art brings £12.3 million Art Daily 11/11/11
Archeologists Find Central Europe's Oldest Painting Spiegel 11/11/11
Exhibition at Vienna's Albertina presents an extensive tribute to René Magritte Art Daily 11/11/11
Pushkin accused of displaying a fake Bloomberg 11/11/11
Modern and Contemporary art from an important private collection at Sotheby's Milan Art Daily 11/11/11
Auctioneers were over-optimistic Artprice 11/11/11
Clyfford Still Painting Fetches Record $61.7 Million for Museum in Denver Bloomberg 11/10/11
Xu Hong Fei Sculpture: A Refreshingly Fun Take on Contemporary Life PR Log 11/09/11
Royal Castle in Warsaw shows Rembrandt paintings from the Lanckoronski Collection Art Daily 11/09/11
The Art Newspaper 11/09/11
Dinosaur Market Thrives on Jurassic Ribs, Luxury T-Rex Molars Bloomberg 11/09/11
Third-Party Guarantees Carry Phillips de Pury to an Unremarkable $71.3 Million Contemporary Art Sale Artinfo 11/09/11
Wal-Mart heiress' museum brings art to Middle America Reuters 11/09/11
New Report Shows Chinese Contemporary Art Market Confidence Higher Than US & Europe Jing Daily 11/09/11
Tommy Hilfiger Buys Hirst at Phillips de Pury $71 Million Sale Bloomberg 11/08/11
China Tries to Add Cultural Clout to Economic Muscle New York Times 11/08/11
Sothebys Third-Quarter Loss Widens With Declining Revenue, Rising Costs Bloomberg 11/08/11
Silk road luxuries glitter at the Smithsonian's Freer in newly renovated Gallery Art Daily 11/08/11
Imperial Seal, Qianlong Vase Boost Record $60 Million Chinese Sale in U.K. Bloomberg 11/08/11
Antico's rare Renaissance sculpture goes on view at National Gallery of Art, Washington Art Daily 11/07/11
Center for Chinese Studies at University of Michigan rediscovers rare Chinese art collection Art Daily 11/07/11
Amon Carter presents dynamic visions of city and sea in John Marin: Modernism at Midcentury Art Daily 11/06/11
LACMA presents a groundbreaking exhibition of Spanish colonial art and its pre-Columbian origins Art Daily 11/06/11
Spain's Prado Museum has the rare opportunity of hosting a large Hermitage exhibition Art Daily 11/06/11
19th Century European Art brings $19.4 Million at Sotheby's New York Art Daily 11/05/11
'Islamic' Culture: A Groundless Myth New York Times 11/05/11
First retrospective of Maurizio Cattelan opens at the Guggenheim Museum in New York Art Daily 11/05/11
Turins Artissima Fair Supplies Contemporary Art Addicts With New Discoveries Artinfo 11/05/11
Germany: Ostwall Museum cleaning woman damages sculpture by Martin Kippenberger Art Daily 11/05/11
U.S. agents seize painting believed stolen by Nazis Reuters 11/05/11
Police recover 2 stolen paintings by Dutch masters & return them to Hofje van Mevrouw van Aerden museum Art Daily 11/04/11
Bonhams to sell Imperial Chinese jar recalling Emperor with 99 sons who adopted one more to make 100 Art Daily 11/04/11
Psychology, biology and religion collide at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art Art Daily 11/04/11
Will China's Luxury Labels Ever Rival Dior and Louis Vuitton? Artinfo 11/03/11
Asian Art in London hosted by leading UK dealers and auction houses goes international Art Daily 11/03/11
Artist Sterling Ruby on Why Beijing Is the New L.A. Artinfo 11/03/11
Stolen Klimt Fetches $40.4 Million at Sothebys Sale Bloomberg 11/03/11
The Art Newspaper 11/02/11
Pritzker Star Koolhaas Frets Over EU, Tops Giant Beijing Tower Bloomberg 11/02/11
New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art opens new galleries for the art of the Arab Lands Art Daily 11/02/11
Top lots go unsold at Christie's New York auction Reuters 11/02/11
Fourth Moscow Biennale shows fewer political works The Art Newspaper 11/02/11
Seattle Art Museum is the only U.S. venue for Gauguin and Polynesia: An Elusive Paradise Art Daily 11/02/11
Degas Ballerina Fails to Sell at Christies Auction Amid Sinking Markets Bloomberg 11/02/11
Rare 14th century time-telling instrument, marked with badge of Richard II, to sell at Bonhams Art Daily 11/02/11
NY exhibit pays homage to documentary photographers Reuters 11/02/11
5 Can't-Miss Attractions at Art Toronto Artinfo 11/01/11
The Art Newpaper 11/01/11
The Museo del Prado is increasing its activities by opening every day of the week Art Daily 11/01/11
Shows Around the World: 11 Art Picks From Robert Rauschenberg to David Hockney Artinfo 11/01/11
Tate Britain announces Picasso and Modern British Art exhibition for February 2012 Art Daily 11/01/11
The Art Newspaper 11/01/11
Chinese vase "discovered" in Shropshire is expected to fetch £500,000 at auction in London Art Dailhy 11/01/11
The Art Newspaper 11/01/11
Masterpieces from the Musée d'Orsay on view at the National Museum of Singapore Art Daily 11/01/11
The Art Newspaper 11/01/11
How Early Scandinavian Modernism Lit a Fire Under America's Avant-Garde Artinfo 11/01/11
Discover the grandeur and mystery of China at the Denver Art Museum this Fall Art Daily 10/31/11
Kluge, Wasserman Trophies Test Art Market in $1.1 Billion Auction Sales Bloomberg 10/31/11
N.C. Museum of Art presents largest collection of authentic Rembrandts for U.S. audience Art Daily 10/31/11
The Art Newspaper 10/30/11
Surrealist masterwork by Ed Ruscha, Strange Catch for a Fresh Water Fish, to be offered at Christie's Art Daily 10/30/11
Lafite 1986 Fetches $21,300 at Auction as Bordeaux Prices Cool Bloomberg 10/29/11
Museum collections at serious risk, a new survey by ICCROM and UNESCO shows Art Daily 10/29/11
Christie's Strengthens Grip on Middle East Market With Two-Day Contemporary Art Sale in Dubai Artinfo 10/28/11
Numerous collectors from the four corners of the world attend this year's FIAC in Paris Art Daily 10/28/11
J. Paul Getty Museum announces acquisition of rare Francesco Primaticcio bronze Art Daily 10/28/11
VIP Art Fair Adds Tech Clout With New CEO, Former VP of $500 Million E-Commerce Site Artinfo 10/28/11
Exhibition of masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age at Pinacothèque de Paris Art Daily 10/28/11
Meryl Streep, Eric Fischl, and Alice Waters Join Cultural Mission to Beijing as China Cracks Down on the Arts Artinfo 10/28/11
German Gang Jailed 15 Years Total for $14 Million Forged Ernsts, Derains Bloomberg 10/28/11
Take a Virtual Tour of Victorian Artist John Martin's Otherworldly "Apocalypse" Exhibition at Tate Britain Artinfo 10/27/11
artnet auctions announces artnet DesignTV Art Daily 10/27/11
The Art Newspaper 10/27/11
New York Sales Preview: Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby's and Christie's Artinfo 10/27/11
Christie's in Hong Kong announces Asian 20th Century and Contemporary art sales Art Daily 10/27/11
Ferrari Fetches $3.6 Million as Lamborghini, Aston Martin Stall at Auction Bloomberg 10/27/11
The Art Newspaper 10/27/11
Serbian Police Recover Stolen Picasso Paintings, Tanjug Reports Bloomberg 10/26/11
Chinese works of art from an important European collection to be offered at Christie's Hong Kong Art Daily 10/26/11
Private Sales Go Public: Why Christie's and Sotheby's Are Embracing Galleries Like Never Before Artinfo 10/26/11
Paintings from El Greco to Rippl-Ronai on view at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest Art Daily 10/26/11
Great Drunk Alexander Gets Louvre Exhibit of Treasures: Jorg von Uthmann Bloomberg 10/26/11
Christie's Middle East sale hopes to encourage a new, younger group of buyers Art Daily 10/25
Strangers Sleep Together for $108 at Rubin Museums 13-Hour Dream-Over Bloomberg 10/25/11
China Guardian's Director on What the Auction House Hopes to Learn From Christie's and Sotheby's Artinfo 10/25/11
Will Chinese buyers acquire a taste for Western art? The Economist 10/25/11
V&As New German Boss Shuns Titles, Drives Fast Car: Interview Bloomberg 10/25/11
The Art Newspaper 10/24/11
Take a Virtual Tour of Philadelphia's Revolutionary "Half The Sky: Women in the New Art of China" Artinfo 10/24/11
Gerhard Richters Somber Past, Zen Clouds Intrigue at Tate: Martin Gayford Bloomberg 10/24/11
Wallraf-Richartz-Museum celebrates sesquicentennial with exhibition of hidden treasures Art Daily 10/24/11
Rosamond Bernier Ponders Penguins, Matisse, Lagerfeld Couture: Interview Bloomberg 10/24/11
Jing Daily 10/23/11
The 10 Best Booths of FIAC 2011 Artinfo 10/22/11
How to Spend a Million Dollars at Paris's FIAC Art Fair Artinfo 10/22/11
Amon Carter Museum announces major acquisition of an important painting by Mary Cassatt Art Daily 10/22/11
The Art Newspaper 10/22/11
Klimt painting expected to sell for $25 million Reuters 10/22/11
Imprinting the Divine: Byzantine and Russian icons from Houston's Menil Collection Art Daily 10/21/11
Hedge Fund Manager Adam Sender Shows Art Collection, Blasts Fairfax Suit Bloomberg 10/21/11
Dallas Museum Hires Pioneering Technocrat Anderson as Its New Director, Poaching Him From Indianapolis Artinfo 10/21/11
Ming emperor's carpet and imperial artefacts provide serious Chinese collecting interest at Bonhams Art Daily 10/21/11
Short on shocks, Turner art prize leaves London Reuters 10/21/11
St. John Sculpture Returned to Jewish Heirs by German Museum Bloomberg 10/21/11
The Art Newspaper 10/20/11
Sotheby's displays top Russian lots in Moscow Reuters 10/20/11
The Art Newspaper 10/20/11
National Gallery of Art to reopen newly renovated 19th-century French galleries in West Building in January Art Daily 10/20/11
Warhol Authentication Board to Dissolve Due to Millions of Dollars in Legal Fees Artinfo 10/20/11
The Art Newspaper 10/20/11
A Hirst Fetches $2.8M as Pinault, Arnault Browse Bloomberg 10/20/11
In China's Red-Hot Art Market, Fraud Abounds NPR 10/20/11
Archaeologists find Viking burial site in Scotland, believed to be more than 1,000 years old Art Daily 10/20/11
Christies, Sothebys Accused of Cheating Artists on Royalties Bloomberg 10/20/11
Wilderness stars in UK show of revered Canadian art Reuters 10/20/11
Architect Frank Gehry explains Eisenhower Memorial idea to group at Corcoran Gallery of Art Washington Post 10/19/11
Museum to conserve rare Alutiiq Warrior Kayak in Gallery Art Daily  
Van Gogh Was Shot by Teen Tease in Boozy Mishap, Book Says: Martin Gayford Bloomberg 10/19/11
Huanghuali furniture and Chinese porcelains headline Asian decorative arts auction at Bonhams Art Daily 10/19/11
In his first ever interview, Helly Nahmad reveals details about collection, which goes on show in Zurich The Art Newspaper 10/19/11
Picasso, Hirst Paintings Boost Paris Fightback as Fairs Compete for Sales Bloomberg 10/19/11
Christie's presents exceptional works by the masters of Chinese classical and modern paintings and calligraphy Art Daily 10/19/11
Museum to tell tales of forgotten war horses Reuters 10/19/11
Steinhardt Pledging Picassos for Stock Exchange Shows Appeal of Art Loans Bloomberg 10/19/11
Tamayo watermelon painting to lead Latam art sale Reuters 10/19/11
The most important pair of Russian vases to appear on the market this Autumn Art Daily 10/18/11
Versailles will stay contemporary, promises Pégard The Art Newspaper 10/18/11
Restored citadel, dating back to the days of Alexander the Great, is symbol of hope in Afghanistan Art Daily 10/18/11
Billionaire Safras Commodes May Fetch $40 Million at Sothebys Bloomberg 10/18/11
Renoir's Le Bouquet expected to bring $500,000 in Heritage Auctions' American & European Fine Art event Art Daily 10/18/11
Critics Declare War on Daniel Libeskind's Violent Addition to Dresden's Military Museum Artinfo 10/18/11
Alberto Giacometti, a retrospective exhibition opens at the Museo Picasso in Malaga Art Daily 10/18/11
The Art Newspaper 10/17/11
居委会公开征求意见,新河浦一带渐成旧东山艺术圈 Nandu Daily 10/17/11
The Ten Best (and One Worst) Booths at Frieze Artinfo 10/17/11
Major Caravaggio exhibition at the Kimbell Art Museum, the only U.S. venue Art Daily 10/17/11
Picasso, Matisse Paintings Dazzle in Paris Stein Exhibit: Jorg von Uthmann Bloomberg 10/17/11
Most comprehensive exhibition of Joan Miró's work ever seen in Spain opens in Barcelona Art Daily 10/17/11
Take a Virtual Tour of the Frick's Luscious Show of Picasso's Drawings Artinfo 10/17/11
Milwaukee Art Museum premieres groundbreaking Impressionism exhibition Art Daily 10/16/11
Major exhibition of Norwegian pioneer of modern art Edvard Munch at Kunsthalle Bremen Art Daily 10/16/11
British Art Teacher Convicted of Selling Fake Picassos Had an "Art Forger's Handbook" Artinfo 10/15/11
The Art Newspaper 10/15/11
Gobekli Tepe: The world's oldest temple under conservation by the Global Heritage Fund Art Daily 10/15/11
Richter, Gormley records fall at Christie's art sale Reuters 10/15/11
Thge Art Newspaper 10/14/11
Phillips de Pury's Tepid $12.9 Million Sale Opens the London Contemporary Art Auctions on a Shaky Note Artinfo 10/14/11
100,000-Year-Old Art Studio Illuminates Early Human Intelligence Bloomberg 10/14/11
Collectors find the accent on colour and art historical references as dealers seek to banish economic blues The Art Newspaper 10/14/11
Sotheby's auctions hits target thanks to Italian art Reuters 10/14/11
4 Reasons to Be Wary About the Chinese Auction Market Artinfo 10/13/11
Peering into the art market's parallel universe Reuters 10/13/11
Sotheby's New York to offer four monumental bronze sculptures by Henri Matisse Art Daily 10/12/11
The Art Newspaper 10/12/11
Art Historian Martin Kemp on Rediscovering Leonardo's Tragic Portrait of a Renaissance Princess Artinfo 10/12/11
Exhibition of 5,000 Years of Chinese Jade on view at the San Antonio Museum of Art Art Daily 10/11/11
Edinburgh show explores real Master and Commander Reuters 10/11/11
Billionaires Lured by $350 Million Art as Frieze Fights Investors Concern Bloomberg 10/11/11
Tiancheng International to offer Rodin's Monumental Head of Pierre de Wissant Art Daily 10/11/11
Dragons, Virgins Beguile in Paris Fra Angelico Exhibit: Review Bloomberg 10/11/11
Art world fears "big chill" as Frieze Week begins Reuters 10/10/11
Magnificent Vision: two centuries of European masterworks from the Speed Art Museum Art Daily 10/10/11
London Calling: Frieze Art Fair 2011 Preview Artinfo 10/10/11
The Valencian Institute for Modern Art shows the recent works of Chinese artist Mou Huang Art Daily 10/10/11
Richter, Freud, Koons Top $500 Million Art-Market Test in U.K. Frieze Week Bloomberg 10/10/11
SOFA Chicago 2011 to feature more than 60 international art galleries and dealers Art Daily 10/09/11
Car Collectors Push 37 MPH Steam-Power De Dion to Record $4.6 Million Sale Bloomberg 10/09/11
Pan He's sculpture, Tough Times, sells for Y10 million at Beijing auction China Nat'l Art Webnews 10/08/11
Speak Chinese? Need a Job? The Auction World Is Hiring in a Race to Capture the Booming Asian Market Artinfo 10/08/11
Christie's New York announces sale of selected works from the Herbert Collection this November Art Daily 10/08/11
The Art Newspaper 10/08/11
9 Lessons About the Chinese Art Market From the Sotheby's Hong Kong Fall Sales Artinfo 10/08/11
Christie's shows off star New York lots in London Reuters 10/08/11
The Art Newspaper 10/07/11
Booming Asian art market shows signs of stalling Art Daily 10/07/11
Peeping Tom by Lichtenstein May Sell for $45 Million Christies Bloomberg 10/07/11
South Indian Jewelery and Iznik outperform estimates at Bonhams Indian and Islamic sale Art Daily 10/06/11
The Art Newspaper 10/06/11
Islamic Art and Ceramics Failed to Catch Fire at Sotheby's London Sales Artinfo 10/06/11
Centuries-Old Safety of Ming and Bling Push Hong Kong Auction to Records Bloomberg 10/06/11
Anselm Kiefer: Selected Works from the Grothe Collection at the Museum Frieder Burda Art Daily 10/06/11
The Art Newspaper 10/06/11
Ming Vase Fetches Record HK$169 Million at Sothebys Art Sale Bloomberg 10/06/11
Cern: where art and science collide
The Art Nespaper 10/05/11
LA puts "PST" time stamp on art world Reuters 10/05/11
Highlights from Fine Art Asia 2011 Asia Tatler 10/05/11
Not Gaudy, But Gaudi: Le Meridien Creates a Refined Art Hotel in Barcelona Artinfo 10/05/11
Picasso Nude Lovers May Fetch Record $25 Million at Sothebys in New York Bloomberg 10/05/11
"Picasso's Drawings, 1890-1921: Reinventing Tradition" traveling exhibition at The Frick Collection Art Daily 10/05/11
Contemporary Asian Art Sale Disappoints at Sotheby's Hong Kong in Wake of Stock-Market Dip Artinfo 10/05/11
Marathon Art Sale Raises Record $94.8 Million Bloomberg 10/05/11
Prized painter Richter calls art market "daft" Reuters 10/5/11
Fortes Lowry Paintings May Sell for $26.2 Million at Auction Bloomberg 10/4/11
Sotheby's fine Chinese painting sale bucks rocky markets Reuters 10/4/11
The Art Newspaper 10/04/11
Sotheby's Hong Kong Modern & Contemporary Southeast Asian paintings sale achieves 10.6 million Art Daily 10/04/11
Second Ullens Collection Sale at Sotheby's Hong Kong Finds a Robust But Not Fevered Market Artinfo 10/04/11
Major retrospective of the work of Alighiero Boetti opens at Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid Art Daily 10/04/11
When In London... for the Frieze Art Fair Artinfo 10/04/11
Chinese Bidders, Zao Record Boost $83 Million Sothebys Hong Kong Auction Bloomberg 10/04/11
27 Questions for Artist Xu Bing Artinfo 10/04/11
Gagosian Store on Madison Avenue Suddenly Closes, a Rare Retreat for the Uber Gallery Artinfo 10/03/11
Take a Virtual Tour of Don Bachardy's Intimate "Portraits of L.A. Artists" Series Artinfo 10/03/11
For the first time in 30 years, Saint Louis Art Museum reunites Monet's Water Lilies Art Daily 10/03/11
An Abandoned Office Tower in a Troubled Paris Suburb to Become a Hub for Artists Artinfo 10/03/11
Lafite Fails to Find Buyer for First Time in 17 Sothebys Hong Kong Sales Bloomberg 10/03/11
Exhibition shows the backbone of Moderna Museet's Marcel Duchamp collection Art Daily 10/03/11
PoMos in Paradise: 6 Views of Postmodernism From the V&A's New Show Artinfo 10/02/11
Aphrodite and the Gods of Love at Boston Museum of Fine Art The Art Newspaper 10/02/11
Phillips de Pury & Company announces highlights from its October contemporary art auctions Art Daliy 10/02/11
Petrus, Latour Top Sellout $3.5 Million Sothebys Auction on Asian Demand Bloomberg 10/02/11
Columbus Museum of Art celebrates the Bicentennial of the City of Columbus with exhibition Art Daily 10/02/11
Zaha Hadid Wins Stirling Prize a Second Time, Beats 2012 Olympic Velodrome Bloomberg 10/02/11
J. Paul Getty Museum explores the birth of the Los Angeles art scene with a historic survey Art Daily 10/02/11
Art Platform Los Angeles Looks to Capitalize on L.A. Buzz, But a Few Local Power Galleries Steer Clear Artinfo 10/02/11
Joan Miró's Triptych "Mural Painting I-III" Installed at National Gallery of Art, Washington Art Daily 10/01/11
The Art Newspaper 10/01/11
First exhibition in Switzerland devoted to Surrealism opens at Fondation Beyeler in Basel Art Daily 10/01/11
California's Bowers Museum opens tombs of China Reuters 10/01/11
Phillips de Pury & Co. and the Guggenheim Museum announce auction of contemporary works Art Daily 09/30/11
The Art Newspaper 09/30/11
Art at the End of the World: MOCAs Survey of '70s California Shows Artists With Their Minds on the Button Artinfo 09/30/11
Rothschilds Lafite Leads $347 Million Hong Kong Sale Amid Volatile Stocks Bloomberg 09/30/11
Exhibition Celebrating Late Renaissance Master Perino del Vaga at Metropolitan Museum Art Daily 09/30/11
Pulse Director Cornell DeWitt On What It Takes to Make a New Fair Work in Los Angeles Artinfo 09/30/11
The Peredvizhniki: Pioneers of Russian painting exhibition opens at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm Art Daily 09/30/11
The Art Newspaper 09/30/11
"Max Liebermann: Trailblazer of Modernism" exhibition at Hamburger Kunsthalle Art Daily 09/30/11
Oddball Aristocrats Art Sells; 37 MPH Car Priced $2.5 Million Bloomberg 09/30/11
Vasili Vasilievich Vereshchagin painting to highlight Sotheby's auction of important Russian art Art Daily 09/30/11
When in Morocco for ... The Marrakech Art Fair Artinfo 09/30/11
Founder eyes tough economy as Frieze art fair nears Reuters 09/30/11
"You Have to Make a Choice": A Q&A With Richard Serra on His New Sculptures at Gagosian Artinfo 09/29/11
For the first time on the German auction market: A rare painting by Willem I van de Velde Art Daily 09/29/11
The Art Newspaper 09/29/11
Invention of the Picture, early Italian masters through Botticelli at Bucerius Kunstforum Art Daily 09/29/11
Multimillion-Dollar Hoard of Renaissance and Modern Art Found in Polish Outhouse Artinfo 09/29/11
Is this portrait a lost Leonardo?
The Guardian 09/28/11
The Art Newspaper 09/28/11
Insight: How to borrow $10 million Reuters 09/28/11
In the British Countryside, Artistic Masterpieces Mate With Institutional Critique Artinfo 09/28/11
Chinese Red Sculptor Pan He: Red on the Outside, Contemporary on the Inside PR Log 09/28/11
The Art Newspaper 09/28/11
New paintings by Philadelphia-born artist Lisa Yuskavage on view at David Zwirner Art Daily 09/28/11
The Art Newspaper 09/28/11
Chinese Sculptor, Pan He: Red on the Outside; Contemporary on the Inside MMD Newswire 09/28/11
Tha Art Newspaper 09/28/11
Exhibition of painting and sculpture by Robert Rauschenberg at Gagosian Gallery in Paris Art Daily 09/28/11
VIP Art Fair Reboots for February 2012 With Ramped-Up Tech Support and Museum Participation Artinfo 09/28/11
Sotheby's London presents its strongest ever sale of 20th century Italian art Art Daily 09/28/11
Auction Houses Open the Fall Art Season With Affordable Contemporary Art Sales Artinfo 09/28/11
Fra Angelico and the Masters of the Light at the Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris Art Daily 09/28/11
The Art Newspaper 09/28/11
Tapping Turkey's Energy: Former London Dealer Suzanne Egeran Why She Opened New Gallery in Istanbul Artinfo 09/28/11
Vancouver Art Gallery presents the work of three notable contemporary artists Art Daily 09/28/11
Did Bob Dylan Rip Off Classic Photos for His Gagosian Show? See the Evidence Artinfo 09/28/11
Mexican archaeologists find human footprints in Chihuahua that may be 25,000 years old Art Daily 009/28/11
Teutonic Knights Meet Shipyard Heroes in Show of German-Polish Friendship Bloomberg 09/28/11
Mexican archaeologists find human footprints in Chihuahua that may be 25,000 years old Art Daily 09/28/11
See Contemporary Art Lay Siege to a French Medieval Fortress in a New Outdoor Sculpture Show Artinfo 09/27/11
The Art Newspaper 09/27/11
Metropolitan Museum launches expanded and redesigned website with more than 340,000 works of art Art Daily 09/27/11
High Hopes and Modest Prices Mark D.C.'s Inaugural (e)merge Art Fair Artinfo 09/27/11
High presents exhibition showcasing the distinguished Huber Family collection of American art Art Daily 09/27/11
Art Miami Buys the LA Art Show Art Daily 09/27/11
The Art Newspaper 09/27/11
Historian accused in theft case seeks to sell art Art Daily 09/27/11
Turkish Galleries Bask in the Glow of the Istanbul Biennial Artinfo 09/27/11
Dead Sea Scrolls Go Online as Google Joins Israel Museum to Help Scholars Bloomberg 09/27/11
With over one hundred loans "Picasso 1905 in Paris" exhibition at Kunsthalle Bielefeld Art Daily 09/26/11
Andy Warhol's headline works presented by the National Gallery of Art, Washington Art Daily 09/26/11
MFA Houston announces major Stella acquisition: "Palmito Ranch" (1961), landmark in American painting Art Daily 09/25/11
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Presents "Andy Warhol: Shadows" Art Daily 09/25/11
The Art Newspaper 09/25/11
Restoration work to begin on Joan Miró mural in Wichita State University's Ulrich Museum of Art Art Daily 09/25/11
Nation's largest pinball museum to open in Baltimore Art Daily 09/25/11
Pacific Standard Time: Sam Maloof and his communal 'House' LA Times 09/25/11
Lehmbruck Museum's most extensive exhibition celebrates its 100th anniversary Art Daily 09/25/11
5 Highlights From D.C.'s Scrappy New (e)merge Art Fair Artinfo 09/24/11
Richard Serra: Two new sculptures, Junction and Cycle, on view at the Gagosian Gallery Art Daily 09/24/11
Event Watch: Fine Art Asia 2011 (Hong Kong, October 3-7) Jing Daily 09/24/11
New chief has big plans for Museum of Latin American Art LA Times 09/24/11
Discovering Alina Szapocznikow, Who Subverted Orthodoxies From Communist Poland to '60s France Artinfo 09/23/11

Chinese cup sells for $230,000 in Geneseo auction

Democrat & Chronicle 09/23/11
The Moscow Biennale Maps Art's Global Migration Towards New Media Artinfo 09/23/11
India Art Sales Make $14 Million; Mehta, Sabavala Beat Estimate Bloomberg 09/23/11
World's oldest running motor car to be auctioned at RM's Hershey sale Art Daily 09/23/11
Saatchi Gallery's Kitschy "Indonesian Eye" Exhibition Fails to Impress Artinfo 09/23/11
Chinese Gilt-Bronze Bell achieves $482,500 at Doyle New York's Asian works of art sale Art Daily 09/23/11
"MemyselfandI: Photo portraits of Picasso" opens at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne Art Daily 09/23/11
Assurance Policies: Third-Party Guarantees May Reduce Risk and Yield Rewards Artinfo 09/23/11
Faces of the New China: Christie's announces the evening sale of an important private collection Art Daily 09/23/11
U.S. returns paintings looted by Nazis to Polish Reuters 09/23/11
Phil Tinari Takes Over From Jérôme Sans at Beijing's Ullens Center, Signaling New Direction Artinfo 09/23/11
Picasso and Braque: first exhibition to unite works from pivotal years at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art Art Daily 09/22/11
The Art Newspaper 09/22/11
Sotheby's to sell the BAT Artventure Collection formerly known as the Peter Stuyvesant Collection Part III Art Daily 09/22/11
Tate Britain unveils John Martin's lost masterpiece for the first time in almost a century Art Daily 09/22/11
The Art Newspaper 09/22/11
Zaha Hadid Takes Design for a Whirl: See Highlights From the Starchitects New Philadelphia Exhibition Artinfo 09/22/11
Argentine Artist Sticks a Massive Extraterrestrial Toothpick Into Paris's Tuileries Gardens Artinfo 09/21/11
See Highlights from Latin American Photography Fair SP-Arte / Foto Artinfo 09/21/11
Nelson-Atkins Museum Major Lender in Pan-Asian Buddhist Art Exhibition at Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts Art Daily 09/21/11
The Art Newspaper 09/21/11
Art Moscow welcomes over forty national and international Contemporary art galleries Art Daily 09/21/11
Four Clyfford Still Paintings Could Raise $70 Million at Sothebys Auction Bloomberg 09/21/11
China Institute Gallery presents Blooming in the Shadows: Unofficial Chinese Art, 1974-1985 Art Daily 09/21/11
Turkish Entrepreneurs Create Buzz With C24, a New Emerging Art Gallery on Chelsea's Toniest Block Artinfo 9/21/11
The Art Newspaper 09/21/11
Rothko's Little-Known British Connection Comes Into Focus at the Whitechapel Gallery Artinfo 09/21/11
The Excavator: "De Kooning" Curator John Elderfield on Lost Themes, Misunderstood Late Work, and ,,, Artinfo 09/20/11
Gallery to hold major Freud show including last work Reuters 09/20/11
Marina's LA MoCA bash The Art Newspaper 09/20/11
Russian modern art gets younger, less politicized Reuters 09/20/11
How Chinas Princeling Backlash Could Impact Its Luxury Market Jing Daily 09/20/11
Art School Exercise Mistaken for Classic Chinese Painting Sells for $11.4 Million at Auction Artinfo 09/20/11
Bonhams expands Chinese and Japanese art departments in Europe, Asia and Australia Art Daily 09/20/11
The Art Newspaper 09/20/11
Stolen 17th century paintings returned to Bolivia Art Daily 09/20/11
See 9 Highlights From Paris's Fall Gallery Season Artinfo 09/20/11
Pompidou exhibition throws new light on the work of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch Art Daily 09/20/11
John Martin, "master of apocalypse," gets rare show Reuters 09/20/11
Christie's Dominates New York's Fall Asia Week Sales, Bringing in $75.8 Million Artinfo 09/19/11
Romanee-Conti 1990 Burgundy Sells for Record $297,400 at Hong Kong Auction Bloomberg 09/19/11
Photorealism Champion Louis Meisel on Bringing His Preeminent Collection to New Jersey Artinfo 09/19/11
Warhol painting among $2.8 million Irish bad bank auction Reuters 09/19/11
Christie's in New York to offer two exceptional photograph sales this October Art Daily 09/19/11
How to Tell the Collectors Theyve Hung It Upside Down Art Market Monitor 09/19/11
Gothic tapestries from Spain, recently restored, on view together for first time at the National Gallery of Art Art Daily 09/19/11
Sotheby's in Hong Kong announces 20th century Chinese art autumn auction Art Daily 09/19/11
Why Secretive Degas Obsessed Over Dancers, Snubbed Movie Maker Bloomberg 09/19/11
Fine American paintings, drawings and sculpture at Christie's New York this September Art Daily 09/18/11
Exhibition of work by Agnes Martin from the 1980s on view at the Pace Gallery Art Daily 09/18/11
The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center presents an exhibition of European drawings Art Daliy 09/18/11
Why The Upcoming Ullens Auction Is Important For Chinese Collectors Jing Daily 09/18/11
Unknown portrait discovered under Goya's masterpiece in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum Art Daily 09/18/11
Richard Prince to Appeal "Canal Zone" Copyright Infringement Verdict Artinfo 09/18/11
Degas and the Ballet: Picturing Movement at the Royal Academy of Arts Art Daily 09/18/11
Jing Daily 09/18/11
Like Painted Silk: Large-scale exhibition of Pierre-Auguste Renoir's work opens in Chemnitz Art Daily 09/18/11
Jing Daily 09/18/11
Exhibition of German portraiture around 1500 opens at the Hypo Cultural Foundation Art Daily 09/17/11
Gagosian welcomes himself to Paris with Twombly and Prouvé Artinfo 09/17/11
Minneapolis Institute of Arts to transfer 5th century B.C. Greek volute krater to Italy Art Daily 09/17/11
See Diller Scofidio + Renfro's Zinc-Coated Design for the New Berkeley Art Museum Artinfo 09/17/11
Philadelphia Museum of Art appoints Hiromi Kinoshita associate curator of Chinese Art Art Daily 09/17/11
Ferrari Daytona Beats Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts to Top $11.8 Million Sales Bloomberg 09/17/11
Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art totals $2.3 million at Sotheby's New York Art Daily 09/17/11
The Istanbul Biennial's Curators Explain This Year's Theme: Felix Gonzalez-Torres Artinfo 09/16/11
SeaFair, the Floating Art Marketplace, Weighs Anchor in Connecticut for Art Greenwich Artinfo 09/16/11
Preview the London Design Festival's Cutting-Edge Architectural Installations Artinfo 09/16/11
Indian Paintings Fetch $9.7 Million, Demand Rises at Christies, Sothebys Bloomberg 09/16/11
Sotheby's Expands Beyond the Auction Floor With Its New S2 Art Gallery Artinfo 09/16/11
Scene Last Night at MoMA: Lithgow, Rosenquist, Lucy de Kooning, $3 Billion Bloomberg 09/16/11

FBI arrests Florida man over L.A. art scam

Reuters 09/16/11
High-Tech Hunt for Da Vinci's Lost "Battle of Anghiari" to Become a Hollywood Movie - Starring Vin Diesel? Artinfo 09/16/11
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen announces new findings on Van Meegeren's forgeries Art Daily 09/16/11
Jaguar Leads $18 Million Auction; Pearson Family Sale: Art Buzz Bloomberg 09/16/11
Masterpieces by the giants of the Antwerp School on view at the Hermitage Amsterdam Art Daily 09/16/11
NEA Head Rocco Landesman Launches ArtPlace, a Venture Capital Fund for Small Arts Groups Artinfo 09/16/11
The Art Newspaper 09/15/11
EU Trade Chief De Gucht Reveals a Passion for Art: Interview Bloomberg 09/15/11
The Art Newspaper 09/15/11
Introducing Artconnect, the Would-Be LinkedIn of the Berlin Art Community Artinfo 09/15/11
Chinese porcelain stars at Kaminski Auctions' August Fine Asian Art and Antiques sale Art Daily 09/15/11
The Art Newspaper 09/15/11
Sotheby's New York Classical Chinese Paintings auction more than doubles pre-sale expectations Art Daily 09/15/11
Sotheby's to hold Fine Chinese paintings sale and exhibition of Zhang Daqian paintings Art Daily 09/15/11
Beijing: a taste for tradition  Art Price 09/15/11
The Art Newspaper 09/15/11
Take a Virtual Tour of MoMA's Radical De Kooning Retrospective Artinfo 09/14/11
Trunk Show: Artist Miquel Barcelo's Agile Elephant Comes to Play in Union Square Artinfo 09/14/11
Lost Banksy mural uncovered on Berlin gallery wall Reuters 09/14/11
Leslie Hindman Auctioneers fine art auction realizes 2.7 million Art Daily 09/14/11
Bullish on Istanbul: Art Beat Director Arhan Kayar on the Turkish City's New Upstart Fair Artinfo 09/14/11
The Art Newspaper 09/14/11
Freeman's sells $3.5 million Qing Dynasty Jade Seal, Asian Art auction realizes $8.1 million Art Daily 09/14/11
Divided and Conquered: How I Learned to Love the Museum of Mathematics Artinfo 09/14/11
A host of dragons, buffalo, lions and horses, lead caravan of Chinese art at Bonhams Art Daily 09/14/11
"Father of pop art" Richard Hamilton dies aged 89 Reuters 09/14/11
Fall Asia Week Preview 2011 Artinfo 09/13/11
5 Reasons the Chinese Art Boom May Not Buoy the Global Art Market After All Artinfo 09/13/11
San Francisco hopes graffiti vandals will go virtual Reuters 09/13/11
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